Why Me?

I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now, and live in it forever.

Lost in a strange city. Only comfort is with a total stranger. He's famous.

Ariel Stillwell must fight her fears about letting people in, living life and falling in love. Can snobby, pig-headed, selfish and annoying Harry Styles really help with that? London is a big city that Harry is very familiar with but when Ariel catches the wrong train as a mistake and ends up in London instead of Manchester, with no more money to get to her destination, is she prepared to accept a stranger’s assistance?

Can she find any reason to stay? Can he move on from the past?


3. Chapter 3

Ariel's P.O.V
'Do you think we should wake her?' 'No! She looks so peaceful.' 'How about I make the final decision?' I hear a familiar husky voice say to the other unfamiliar voices and suddenly I feel cold water dumped on my head. 'WHAT THE HELL??' I scream jumping up and turning around to glare at a certain someone with a smug smile on his lips. 'Why did you do that Harry??' a blonde boy with a strong Irish.. accent I think? exclaims but obviously trying to hold back his laughter. 'I thought she needed a bath 'cause she smells plus I want to use the couch to watch TV' 'I DO NOT SMELL!' 'Yes you do, like fish really.' I feel my face flush bright red as I look at his smug face and I storm out of the room to go take a shower. What an ass! How dare he dump cold water on me! Who does he think he is? I'm soo getting him back for that and what was with that snide remark? Almost as if he... Suddenly I feel my blood turn cold, I start to feel nauseous and my heart starts beating faster. Did he... he couldn't have heard me last night? Could he? Shit, shit, shit! How humiliating. Okay Ariel when you go back out there act cool, pretend like you don't care and it's no big deal. I peel Harry's T-shirt over my head and drop it on the floor, quickly glancing in the mirror to check myself out, What? everyone does it.. then I hop into the shower. The warm water is relaxing on my back and I take my time using the soap to wash myself. After I'm done I step out of the shower and look for a towel. Crap! I forgot to grab one.. I crack the bathroom door open and peak out, I hear lots of talking and laughing coming from the lounge. As embarrassing as it is, I can't really walk out naked incase someone sees me and I don't want to wet the floor so I decide to call out. I hear feet padding up the hall and through my crack I see an extremely sexy dark skinned guy with black hair going up in a quiff appear in front of the door. 'Hey, um did you call?' he asks giving me a smile, feeling the heat go up my neck and flooding into my cheeks I return the smile, still hiding my naked body behind the door. 'Yeah I did, could you possibly grab me a towel?' 'Sure' he says then quickly trotts off and returns with a rather small white towel. 'Cheers' I say grabbing it through the crack, 'no problem' he replies with a wink before walking back to the lounge. I quickly dry myself and decide to put my make-up on now while I'm in the bathroom. I grab my nude make-up from my make-up bag and apply it all over my face, then put on some nude bronzer then blush and lastly I put on some mascara. All in all my face doesn't looked caked in make-up, just natural. I flash a grin in the mirror thinking about the dark sexy guy before opening the bathroom door holding my towel tight around myself incase anyone tries to jump me like yesterday. I make my way towards the room accross from when suddenly I remember something. Crap! My bag with my clothes is in the lounge.. there is like a million boys in the lounge at the moment! Okay I might be over exaggerating but I didn't exactly count them when I was rudely woken earlier this morning. Sighing to myself I put on a face of confidence and walk into the loungeroom to find five extremely hot boys all sitting either on the lounge, the floor or on top of each other, laughing and acting like... well boys. As I walk in all eyes turn to me and I feel myself blush. 'Um hey, I kinda left my bag in here with my clothes..' I turn to look at a boy I haven't seen before with short brown hair and quite a muscular body 'and your sitting on it..' 'Oh sorry!' he quickly jumps up and picks it up off the ground handing it to me and I giggle. 'I'm Liam by the way and over there' he points to the blondie 'is Niall' Niall gives me a cheeky grin and waves which makes me grin back and nod 'and this is Zayn' he says patting McQuiff on the back. I laugh to myself at the nickname I gave him and everyone looks at me quizzically except Harry who looks at me still with that stupid smirk on his face. 'Something funny Ari?' Louis calls out to me from underneath Harry who is sitting on top of him, 'oh and by the way I nicknamed you Ari, hope you don't mind.' 'Oh nothing and yeah thats chill' I say quickly before retreating towards Harry's room to change. I don't know why I chose Harry's room, probably 'cause it's the closest. I slip on some red knickers with a matching bra and then choose my favourite pair of white mini shorts and a thin caramel coloured see-through jumper. I look in his mirror, satisfied with my appearance and then walk out into the kitchen. Just as I walk in I feel someone lift me up and sling me over their shoulder 'put me down Louis!!' I squeal, giggling and swatting his bum playfully 'NEVER!' he shouts running into the lounge room and dropping me on the couch, then jumping on top of me. Laughing I try to push him off but he's too heavy, 'your arm is squishing my boob' I complain and try to move it 'sorry' he replies and quickly moves it. Suddenly I feel someone else jump on top of Louis, I groan 'you guys are killing me' 'that was a hot noise you made Ari, would love to hear it again' I heard Zayn say cheekly from on top of Louis then suddenly someone else jumps on top of Zayn which makes me groan again and we all laugh. Not being able to take the weight anymore I start to tickle Louis who starts laughing which makes him along with the other boys all fall off onto the floor in a heap. Finally being able to breathe I gulp down some deep breaths. Then I push myself off the couch and walk back into the kitchen to find none other then curly himself leaning against the bench deep in thought. I decide to tease him by walking past, overly swaying my hips as I do and leaning against the bench in front of him reaching up to the top shelf to grab a cup, which makes my jumper ride up my stomach showing my belly button. Suddenly I feel two hands on my hips pinning me against someones body, then suddenly I'm being turned around to find Harry's face inches from mine. 'Are you purposely doing that love?' Harry murmurs his mouth so close to mine, 'doing what?' I reply innocently 'you know what' he snaps moving his face closer. 'Why, is it making you horny?' I reply with a smirk plastered on my face, 'well we both know you were pretty horny last night, or should I say this morning?' he replies with a cheeky grin, I feel my face burning put can't pull my eyes away from his. 'Must admit though, it sounded kinda... hot' he admits suddenly before I can reply looking down at his feet then back at my face again to study my reaction. I feel my lips curl up into a smile and before I know whats happening his lips connect with mine and I feel him snake his arms around my waist while I put mine around his kneck pulling him closer and crushing my lips against his. I feel his tongue trying to gain access to my mouth which I finally give into and I feel it skim accross my bottom lip and I moan into his mouth. Suddenly we're interupted by someone clearing their throat and we both jump away from each other and look sheepishly at a very smug Louis.

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