Why Me?

I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now, and live in it forever.

Lost in a strange city. Only comfort is with a total stranger. He's famous.

Ariel Stillwell must fight her fears about letting people in, living life and falling in love. Can snobby, pig-headed, selfish and annoying Harry Styles really help with that? London is a big city that Harry is very familiar with but when Ariel catches the wrong train as a mistake and ends up in London instead of Manchester, with no more money to get to her destination, is she prepared to accept a stranger’s assistance?

Can she find any reason to stay? Can he move on from the past?


1. Chapter 1

You know those times when your heart seems to stop, your palms become sweaty and you feel like you've just been on a really fast ride that spins you all around, and you've just eaten something? Yeah thats how I felt as I stepped off a train in a totally different city. Don't get me wrong I was heading towards a totally differen't city in the first place, just.. not this totally different city. Okay I'm sure I've got your brain all confused so I'll start from the start. A couple weeks ago I decided that I had, had enough of living a small town girl's life so I started renting a house in Manchester and packed up my things, said my goodbyes to my family and left. Of course this happened over a couple of weeks not all gung-ho. But anyway, I was running late to catch the train and I asked a man with a long grey beard and wrinkly tattoos on his arms which train was going to Manchester. Have you seen the movie 'Chasing Liberty' with Mandy Moore and Matthew Goode? Well if you have, the incident was a bit like when she hopped on the wrong train except she had an agent with her, of course I didn't realise any of this until I stepped off the train and onto a platform in London not Manchester. I'd be lying if I said I didn't panic, I recieved quite a few weird looks from people going about doing there business, probably wondering if I was on drugs since my face was all red and I looked like I was going to collapse. Anyway, not having enough money to catch a train to Manchester I decided to walk around and maybe ask for some help from someone. As I was crossing a very busy road some idiot wasn't looking where he was driving and nearly ran me over! Luckly he only nipped my suitcase, pulling over the owner of the car got out. 'You scratched it' he said trying to rub the scratch off but failing miserably. 'Um, hello? You nearly killed me but its okay keep fussing over your car I'm fine.' 'This isn't just any car! This is an Audi R8 Coupe, and you should have been watching where you were walking anyway,' he exclaims looking at me in disbelief. 'Excuse me?? You were the one on your phone while driving! Whatever. I'm going now, have fun picking up chicks in your scratched, what was it? Oh yes, Audi R8 Coupe. What a turn on.' 'I have no problem picking up chicks believe me.' 'Yeah right, do you use your obvious wealth or your natural pig-headness to charm the ladies? 'Cause believe me the only thing you have going for you is your wealth.' 'You obviously don't know me and I am quite the catch, to prove it to you I'll even give you a lift to your hotel or cardboard box or wherever it is your staying,' he says smiling sarcasticly and showing me his dimples. I look at the ground and shuffle my feet awkwardly 'um, I don't actually have anywhere to stay..' Just as he was about to answer a black porshe pulled up behing the Audi and out jumped a happy looking young guy wearing suspenders and ankle freezers. 'Harry! Fancy seeing you here, and who's this your talking to?' he says while looking at me appreciatively and I like him already. 'Hey Louis' Harry says looking a bit annoyed to see his friend, although I don't know why, 'this is..' Harry turns to look at me questionatively. 'Ariel,' I say holding out my hand which he takes and plants a kiss on making me giggle. 'I was planning on giving Ariel a lift to her hotel, but she seems to have not booked in anywhere. Any ideas of where she should stay?' 'The Dukes Hotel is nice.' 'Yeah I was thinking that or the Langham?' I clear my throat, which brings two pairs of eyes to look at me, one pair interested in what I have to say and the other looking at me like a bug that needs to be squashed. 'I don't exactly have any money..' I say feeling a blush creeping up my kneck and I look down at the ground. Louis gasps 'A beautiful girl like you with nowhere to stay and no money in a big city like this! I insist you stay with us.' 'What?!' Harry and I exclaim at the same time, then glance at each other and look away again quickly. 'Why not? We have a pullout couch where either me or Harry can sleep on and you can take one of our beds,' Louis says while giving Harry a warning stare which makes Harry shut his mouth in a hard line. My face is now on fire as I look at the two faces in front of me, 'well maybe just until I earn enough money to survive on my own. But only if I sleep on the couch.' 'Deal!' Louis exclaims clapping his hands, then holds his arm out to me, 'this way milady' making me giggle and Harry roll his eyes as Louis leads me to his porshe.

'Woah,' the apartment was huge, very classy and seemed to be pretty neat as far as I could see. 'Okay well I have to go do some errands, so I'll leave you two here to become better acquainted,' Louis calls while racing out the door not giving us a chance to complain. We stand there awkwardly for a second then Harry walks off to his room leaving me standing in the middle of the loungeroom not knowing what to do. How the hell do I set up this pullout couch? I wonder looking at it curiously. After a long struggle I finally work it out, then decide to ask Harry where I can find some sheets and a pillow. Without thinking I barge into his room to find him shirtless and lifting weights, I swear my ovaries just exploded. I blush and quickly look anywhere but at him. 'Yeah don't worry about knocking just come straight in,' he says while smirking, obviously noticing my discomfort. Feeling more confident I roll my eyes 'where are some sheets and a pillow?' sighing he gets up, 'should be some in this cupboard, and you can borrow one of my pillows' he says chucking a brown pillow at me. Catching it before it hits my face I glare at him, 'thank you, do you mind if I have a shower?' 'Go ahead' he says looking a bit uneasy.

He thinks he's so good. Seriously how full of yourself can you get? He's so irritating! I think to myself while shaving my legs. I rub my coconut moisturisng cream on my legs then wrap a towel that only just covers my bum around me before leaving the bathroom. That's a pretty picture I think distractively looking at a painting of a beach hanging on the wall when suddenly I'm knocked over finding Harry, still shirtless, on top of me!

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