Help Me...Someone...Anyone

Ally Carter is just a normal girl, she loves One Direction, but she has alot of problems...When she meets one special boy, will her life turn around? Or will it be worse?


2. Chapter Two

Just a little note before i start this chapter, i might be doing chapters every day i might not, its like 4 am..its weird how i get all me good ideas this early.

Ally's POV:
After a long day it was finally time to go home. I grabbed my stuff and Rebeckah walke up to me. "Hi Ally." She said. "Hi Rebeckah." I replied. "Look, stay away from those boys okay? Stay away from Louis! He's mine!" She said. "He isnt either of ours, he's Eleanor's." I say sadly. "Well shes a bitch." Rebeckah says. I get really fired up. She doesnt even know Eleanor and shes talking bad about her!! "Shutup Rebeckah you dont know anything okay?!" i shouted. I felt something just hit me across the face..She slapped me in the face!!!! I got really angry. Which it takes alot to get me angry. I slapped her back even harder, leaving a big bruise.
Rebeckah's POV:
I slapped Ally across the face and she slapped me back. Thats when i noticed the boys. I fake cried and ran over to them acting all innocent. Louis went over to Ally. I smirked at her knowing Louis would probably be really pissed...he wasnt.
Louis's POV:
I saw everything and heard everything. I walked over to Ally after miss drama queen left. "Ally are you okay?" I ask softly. "Yeah im fine.." She whispers. "Are you sure?" I ask. "Yeah im sure." Se says. "Wanna come over to my house?" I ask smiling. "Yeah! That would be great!" She slaughe which made me laugh. I think shes really sweet and cute and-..What am i thinking?! I love Ally not El- I mean i love Eleanor not Ally! Argh.
Liam's POV:
Me and the boys saw everything. Rebeckah started flirting with me. Shes really getting on my nerves now....I just walked away. I have a girlfriend. I dont cheat! Sure, Rebeckah's pretty, but shes mean! She called El a bitch and slapped Ally in the face, Ally didnt deserve that! I think Rebeckah deserved it. She has no right to call El a bitch, she doesnt even know her!
Harry's POV:
Wow...that was I walked over to Ally and Louis. "Ally are you alright? She slapped you kinda hard." I said referring to the red mark on her right cheek. "Eh, im fine." she said. "Thanks for standing up for El..." Louis said. "Well we're all human, and no one deserves to be hated on, escpecially Eleanor." She smiles. She's so sweet.
Niall's POV:
Wow..That was so awesome! Ally stood up for El, and slapped Rebeckah right back in the face!..Im hungry. I went over to Ally, harry, and Louis. "Im hungry, can we go eat somewhere?" I ask. "I know a little diner down the road, across the street from my house." Ally says with a beautiful smile. "Lets go!" I say. "Come on everyone lets go so Niall doesnt starve to death." Zayn says and we all get in Louis' car.
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