Help Me...Someone...Anyone

Ally Carter is just a normal girl, she loves One Direction, but she has alot of problems...When she meets one special boy, will her life turn around? Or will it be worse?


3. Chapter Three

Zayn's POV:
"So, Ally, tell us about yourself." Liam said after we all finished eating...except Niall. "Well im seventeen and i really love your music. And my favorite animal is well...nevermind you'll think im weird." She says. "Oh come on Ally, we wouldnt think your weird because of this animal you love, now please tell us?" I asked. "Okay okay, my favorite animal is a Lion. a white lion to be exact." She says and smiles. "Well, have you ever had one?" Harry asked. "No. My mum would never come visit me." She says and laughs. "Well wanna come over tonight and watch some movies with us?" Liam asks. "Sure!" She smiles.
Ally's POV:
After we ate the boys went home and i walked across the street to my house. "Mom im going over to my friends' house okay?" I say. "Sure love have fun!" She says. I watch tv and after a while its three. I texted Louis' saying id be there at four. I forgot to mention we had all switched numbers. Oops!...And no you cant have them. I walked downstairs to my room and went to my closet. I put on a yellow spaghetti strap, skinny jeans, light yellow VANS, a blue charm bracelet and a black ancklelet. I walked to the boys' house and I knocked on the door. A pretty girl with brown hair and brown eyes answered the door. "Hi love! You must be Ally!" She smiled. "Yeah thats me." I smiled.
Eleanor's POV:
"Yeah thats me." She smiled. "Im Eleanor!" I said. She smiled really big. "Your so much prettier in person!" She said. Aw the boys were right. She is very sweet! "Aw your beautiful too!" i said with a smile and we walked into the livingroom smiling and talking and laughing. "Ah so Ally, you've met El, and El, you've met Ally." Louis smiles. "Yes, i have met Ally and you guys were right. She is really sweet!" I say. Ally smiled and went sit down on the floor. "Come sit on the couch love." Harry said. "No there isnt any room and im fine with sitting on the floor." She said. "Oh come on. Come sit with me." I said patting the little space next to me. She smiled and came sit my me. "So, Ally, what do you do for fun?" I asked after the movie ended. "Well i like to do pretty weird things for fun.." She said shyly. "Tell us." Niall said. Ally smiled.
Ally's POV:
I smiled. "Well, I like to go to the zoo and play with the animals." I said. "Thats cute, now seriously, what do you like to do for fun?" Eleanor asked a bit scared. "See, i freaked you guys out." I said and got up and left.
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