Help Me...Someone...Anyone

Ally Carter is just a normal girl, she loves One Direction, but she has alot of problems...When she meets one special boy, will her life turn around? Or will it be worse?


1. Chapter One

Ally Pov:
I walked downstairs and sat at the table. "Good morning sweetheart!" My mother said with a smile. I smiled and she slided me a plate of food. "Mm looks really good mom." I say and eat. "Thank you love." She says. After eating i get ready for school today. I put on some jean shorts and a white spaghetti strap and a sweatshirt. I put my pocket knife in my pocket and grabbed my ipod and blasted One Direction music. Im not obsessed if thats what you think. I just like their music. Im not saying i dont like them, i just dont know them.
I walked into class and took my seat. Mrs Flintine clapped her hands together and we all looked at her. I sat way in the back, so i was hardly ever really seen. We dont have desks here, we have tables. And i sat by myself. "Class, today we have some new students. Five to be exact." She says an i see the five most gorgeous boys walk in. But my eyes landed on the one with blueish eyes and brown hair. His name?..Louis Tomlinson. "You boys can sit with...Ally." She smiled. I got really nervous, im not used to being around many people, thats why i stay in the back. The five boys walked over and sat at the table. "Hi love." Liam smiled. I shyly smiled back and my breathing got slower. You see, i cant be in small spaces or just feel that im closed in a small space. Im really claustraphobic..."Love are you okay?" Zayn asked. I nodded and raised my hand. "Yes Ally?" Mrs Flintine asked. "Can i be excused?" I ask and she nods. i get up and run out the classroom. Its very scary for me..just life is plain scary. I have so many problems.. my abusive dad died three weeks ago, my mum has cancer but she refuses to do chemo, and i have no friends.
Louis Pov:
"Did we do something wrong?" I ask. A pretty girl with blonde hair and brown eyes walks up. "Hi im Rebeckah. You boys can come sit with me. Im pretty sure that Ally doesnt like you boys, probably the reason she left." She says. "Um okay.." Zayn says and we get up a switch to her table. I feel bad leaving Ally all by herself at that table..theres something about her. I need to know i in love?...No!! Im in love with Eleanor Jane Calder! No one else!
Ally Pov:
I walk back in after ten minuets and sit back down. I noticed the boys with Rebeckah..i hate her. She used to be my best friend but she stole my boyfriend and they had a baby together! i dont trust anyone anymore..I felt really upset that the boys went with Rebeckah, even though i couldnt stand being crowded, i was very lonely at this table all by myself...
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