Help Me...Someone...Anyone

Ally Carter is just a normal girl, she loves One Direction, but she has alot of problems...When she meets one special boy, will her life turn around? Or will it be worse?


4. Chapter Four

Ally's POV:
Its been a few years since ive talked to the boys, its just because my Dad has taken away my phone and locked me away in my room...I hate him. Im leaving to tonight. I hope..I took out my new phone and decided it was finally time to text the boys again..I decided i'd text Harry. 'Hey Haz..Its Ally..' i sent the text and waited for a reply. I was quite nervous, who wouldnt be?
'hi Ally! :D ' He sent back. i smiled.
' :D You remember me!' I sent.
'Of course i do!' He sent me. Oh i missed him so much!!

Sorry for the shortest chapter i ever written! I have a new movella idea and i wanna start before i forget my idea D:
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