heroes dont exist

Josh. Robyn's life revolves around her boyfriend. That is, until he dumps her. now, there are no such things as heroes. Untill, Robyn meets this mystery boy in a Starbucks near her home town of Bel-Air, California. He starts to pull her out of her pit, but takes it too far, too fast. Robyn goes back down and gives up on everything she has ever held close. Will she get back up? Or will she quit?
Ali and Nicole enter Robyn on the x-factor in an attempt to pull her out of her darkness, yet again. Robyn's life starts changing for the better unroll she learns that a close friend has terminal leukaemia. Robyn's boyfriend let's her leave(so he thinks), and he can't stand being without her. Robyn's bandaged heart shatters again, leaving her hopeless. Will she get back up? Or will she just go with the motions numb the rest of her life?


4. So his name's Niall?

I wake up at 1 o'clock am. "why did I-? Oh. That's why!!!", I whisper heading straight to the bathroom. I finish peeing and I wash my hands. I grab my brush which has been neatly set out with my other things. I brush through my chocolate hair taking deep relaxing breaths. "I'm moving on", I promise myself. I walk out of the bathroom and back to Nicole's room. I grab my phone. I make sure everyone is asleep before I unlock it. I have two messages. 

-Dad: hey baby girl. I just wanted to remind you that I'm here. Love you sooo much������
-Him: I dont think I told you, but my name is Niall. 

I decide to reply to both of them. 

To dad: thank you I love you too(: can't wait till I'm feeling better. ��
To him(aka Niall): I love your name omygod(: can't wait to talk today! Btw wat time?

 I sit there for a little while. I just breath. I talk to my sister, "Rebecca? Why did you leave? My big sister should be here helping me through this. Not just my friends. Please help me out". "hey babe whats going on?", Nikki says sitting up. "nothing just talking with Rebecca", I reply. "it will be ok. I promise", she says laying back down. 
Niall: wat about 2? That should be enough time. I think. Lol(:
Me: yeah. Lol. 
Niall: why are you up so late?
Me: insomnia. :/
Niall: oh. I'm up cuz I'm nervous. 
Me: I'm sorry 
Niall: it's ok. I just don't want up screw up my dreams
Me: I can understand that babe
Niall: thanks a relatable girl
Me: I don't know my dreams anymore. 
Niall: why?
Me: my dreams were to move in with josh after we ended up married. Then he left... 
Niall: I can marry you
Me: ok(:
Niall: will you marry me, Robyn?
Me: of course!!!!! ����������
Niall: cool. So how r u, dear?
Me: quite well, husband(:
Niall: we should hang out a lot... Since we are married and all
Me: we are a terrible couple...
Niall: yeah, we should catch up...
Me: yeah(: *blows kiss*
Niall: I love you wifey(:

I fell asleep before I read the last text. "I'm so tired", I say as I toss my phone to the ground. I dream. I dream about love, marriage, and Niall. It's fantastic. 
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