heroes dont exist

Josh. Robyn's life revolves around her boyfriend. That is, until he dumps her. now, there are no such things as heroes. Untill, Robyn meets this mystery boy in a Starbucks near her home town of Bel-Air, California. He starts to pull her out of her pit, but takes it too far, too fast. Robyn goes back down and gives up on everything she has ever held close. Will she get back up? Or will she quit?
Ali and Nicole enter Robyn on the x-factor in an attempt to pull her out of her darkness, yet again. Robyn's life starts changing for the better unroll she learns that a close friend has terminal leukaemia. Robyn's boyfriend let's her leave(so he thinks), and he can't stand being without her. Robyn's bandaged heart shatters again, leaving her hopeless. Will she get back up? Or will she just go with the motions numb the rest of her life?


3. Mystery cutie

I walk into Starbucks. "the coffee", I take a deep breath, a smile fading as I exhale,"this is the one Josh I used to go to!". I sit at the table alone and start crying. "are you alright, babe?", an accented voice says. I can't see the features to well; my vision being blurred by tears. "yeah, I'm ok. I'll be ok.", I say as I wipe away my tears. From what I could see he was blonde, short and Irish sounding. "ok, here's my number if you ever need someone to talk to.", he said as he slides the note over on the table to me. "what is your na-", I start then look back noticing that he is gone. "I have to get the drinks and snacks. Text him tonight with friends.", I remind myself. "what can I get you, sweetheart?", the 20 yr old or so man asks me. "umm... A venti salted caramel mocha frappuchino. A venti strawberries and créme and a venti mocha cookie crumble. Then", I say picking up 3 packs of each cookie then,"6 cake pops". "would you like a bag?", he says smiling. "yes please", I reply. I read his apron, 'Shane, ok that's his name', I think to myself. He hands me the bag of cake pops. "oh. Thanks.", I say and smile. "anytime, dear.", he says. I set the packaged cookies in the bag & walk over to the counter and wait. 

"so, how's Josh?", Ali asks while we eat our cookies. "he is doing a lot better now", I start making my 'Robyn's about to lose it' face. "now that he can see other girls", and I lose it. "ohmygod. Robyn I'm so incredibly sorry. How can I make it up to you?", Ali says making a distressed face. "Make me feel happy, please. I- It- it is like this hole in me; this huge pit, a-and I just can't get rid of it. It hurts so bad, just so damn bad!", I scream punching the fluffed bed. "why does it hurt? Ali. Nicole. I don't understand!!!", I yell collapsing into Nicole's lap. She runs her fingers through my hair. "that's how the first always goes. I'm sorry. Sweetie, you are just so pure, it will be tough", Nicole says as I shudder in her lap. I reach for Ali's hand and I clutch it. She gives a reassuring squeeze. "where is your phone? We'll delete his number.", Ali exclaims, desperately trying to make me laugh. "Number? Number! His number!!", I say jumping off the bed and running to my shoulder bag. "what...?", Ali and Nicole say in unison. "This guy at Starbucks, he said that if I want to talk that I could text/call him. Ima do it", i say grabbing for my phone. "woah woah woah.  Hold up. This random dude told you to talk to him if you wanted to?", Nicole asks. I nod, confused about the sudden interrogation. "no. You are not doing that. Nope!", she says. "what? Why not?", I ask. "Robyn. This could be a petifile.", she tries to explain. "Nicole.", I say as she looks into my eyes, "I don't have anything to lose. If he's a petifile, we can call the cops. Ok?". "fine", Nicole says reluctantly. I pick up my phone, hesitating a second. Then I pick up his number and type it in the 'recipient' box. "hey, you gave me your number at Starbucks today. Figured I'd text you(:", I type and hit send before I can change my mind. I let out a long breath. "god, I need a drink.", I say. Ali hands me my frappuccino. "thanks", I say to her. She nods. I feel buzzing. I look at my phone which is black. Nicole holds up her finger signalling for us to be quiet. "hello?", she answers. "yeah...?", she says. "bitch, don't get me started.", then she hangs up the phone. I wrinkle my eyebrows at her. "Ally Putman", she says. "oh god, what did she want?", Ali asks. "she wanted to see why I'm still upset with her.", Nicole says, hatred and anger burning in her eyes. "please let's talk about her some other time.", I say as my phone vibrates. I pick it up instantly. "cool. Why were you crying?", he asks. "my first boyfriend just broke up with me today. We used to go to that s-bux", I reply, then lock my phone and toss it to the side of my leg. "so... What happened?", Ali asks. 

I'm laughing like an idiot. "I swear I'm high... On like... Oxygen.", I say and we all giggle like little school girls. "me too", Ali says. "oh my god, y'all are just hyper!", Nicole says. "you have to read the convo out loud!", Ali says and Nicole nods. "ok, one sec...", I say as I type out a text. "cool. Why were you crying?", I begin reading. 

Me: my first boyfriend just broke up with me today. We used to go to that s-bux
Him: oh, I'm sorry. 
Me: it's fine, he's a bitch
Him: so you are single?
Me: yep
Him: me too(:
Me: fancy(: lol
Him: yeah, what are you doing 
Me: hanging with friends
Him: sweet
Me: yeah! I love them... A lot
Him: lol its what friends are for
Me: lol yeah
Him: where do you live? Like what city?
Me: bel- air
Him: cool, I'm from Ireland. 
Me: ohmygod! Thats sooo cool
Him: lol yeah buddie
Me: you are really cool
Him: yeah... Lol thanks
Me: ha you're welcome
Him: so what do you like to do?
Me: read, draw, sing. And hang with friends
Him: I like to sing too!
Me: cool
Him: yeah that's why I'm here, for the x-factor. 
Me: ohmygod legit
Him: we should hang sometime
Me: ok, what about tomorrow?
Him: sure 
Me: where?
Him: let's go to s-bux
Me: ok, I gtg- big tear fest about to start! ������bye irish kid
Him: lol, bye bel-air beauty ;)

I finish and Ali looks like our convo was purely romantic, Nicole on the other hand, looked doubtful. "what?", I ask. Ali says,"that was so sweet! And y'all texted all of that before our talk about Josh?". I nod. "I'm going to rest, ok?", I say laying down while Ali tackles to her spot next to my head to play with my hair. I'm asleep within seconds. 
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