heroes dont exist

Josh. Robyn's life revolves around her boyfriend. That is, until he dumps her. now, there are no such things as heroes. Untill, Robyn meets this mystery boy in a Starbucks near her home town of Bel-Air, California. He starts to pull her out of her pit, but takes it too far, too fast. Robyn goes back down and gives up on everything she has ever held close. Will she get back up? Or will she quit?
Ali and Nicole enter Robyn on the x-factor in an attempt to pull her out of her darkness, yet again. Robyn's life starts changing for the better unroll she learns that a close friend has terminal leukaemia. Robyn's boyfriend let's her leave(so he thinks), and he can't stand being without her. Robyn's bandaged heart shatters again, leaving her hopeless. Will she get back up? Or will she just go with the motions numb the rest of her life?


5. Before the date

I wake up to,"Robyn! Get up!". 
Obviously the best way to get me up. "shut the fuck up I'm sleeping... Or at least trying to", I say turning over. "no!", Nicole says as she rolls me over. I punch her in the thigh. "we went thru your texts!", Ali squeals. "WHAT?!?!?", I yell. "Robyn calm down. We didn't do anything with YOUR phone", Nicole responds. "what did you do then?", I ask sharply. "we sent him my address.", Nicole whispers. "ohmygod why?", I ask. I fall back on the bed and sigh. "he's coming over in an hour and a half", Ali says skipping out of the room. "ohmygod. I'm going to kill y'all. ", I moan at them. "well do it later when your thanking us for it.", Nicole says, starting to fix the bed. I slide off,"ok". "what are we going to do when he comes over?", I ask. "well, it is 12:30 now. I think he is going to come over to take you to Starbucks", she replies. "what are you going to wear?", Ali asks skipping back in the room. "are my clothes still in my bags?", I ask Nicole. "no Ali and I organised them all in the guest room's closet and chest-of-drawers. So it's down the hall", she explains. "oh", I say half-heartedly. "I'll go with you, Robyn", Ali says following me out the door. "ok. Come on", I say with a smile. Ali sits on the guest bed and I toss her a pair of blue cotton capris,"are those cute?". "yeah, I like them", Ali confirms. I smile. I find a grey fitted v-neck. I toss it back towards Ali. I grab my grey TOMS®. "yes", Ali says. I quickly slide off my pj shorts and slide my capris on. Then, I open my chest-of-drawers and find a bra; i grab a salmon pink underwire. I go in the closet and take off my shirt sliding on my bra quickly. I clasp it and walk out to grab my shirt. I slide it on over my head and then open the drawer again to grab some socks that cover my toes and the side/back of my heel. I set them inside my shoes and I pick them up,"come on, let's go back in there". Ali gets up and follows me to Nicole's room. She isn't there, "Nicole?", I call. "making lunch.". "oh", Ali says. "ok, we'll be in in a sec", I call. "be sweet, be safe!", she calls. "Nicole you sound like my mommy", Ali says. I laugh. I fall on the bed and put my shoes on. I jump up and go in the bathroom. Ali follows me and we brush our teeth. I grab my brush and Ali takes it from me and gets it sopping wet. "what are you going to do?", I ask as she brushes it. "French braid down the front. Right here", she points at where she plans for it to be. "cool", I reply as she grabs my bangs and tosses them in my face. She continues brushing and wetting my hair. I just let myself drift off. 
 "hey babe", he says and he hugs me. "hey, how are you?", I ask. "much better now that I can see you", he says. "awww", I blush. "I've gotta get ready", he says. "ok, I'll see you soon", I say with a smile. "get all gorgeoused up for me. Wait that isn't possible", He pauses as I frown,"cause you already are", he finishes as he kisses my nose. I smile and blush. He waves and turns out the door. I turn back to my friends and they bring out my wedding dress. "it's perfect", I gasp. 
             *end of daydream*
"ROBYN??? I'm done", Ali says. "sorry, just thinking", I say frowning. She raises an eyebrow. "it's nothing", I say. She shrugs and motions towards the mirror. "it's beautiful", I say to Ali. "well thank you.", she says. I caress my braid so beautifully brought to perfection as Ali did it. I smile. "lunch is ready!", Nicole calls. I smell it. "ooo, smells like some kinda' pasta with Alfredo sauce.", I say. I run to the kitchen. I sit at my usual spot. It has a post it  note on it and I read it. "have a great day sweetheart. Hope you have fun at your date! Xoxo, nicole", it reads. I start tearing up. "what's wrong?", Ali asks. "it's nothing", I say wiping away some stray tears. Ali doesn't look convinced,"I'm fine really. I just remembered some stuff". She nods mouthing 'oh'. Nicole brings us big plates full of food and she sits down. We pray. Then we eat. "Nicole its delicious.", I say with a mouth full of food. "mm. Thank you" she says swallowing her food. I look at the clock; 1:21. "he's going to be here in like 30 minutes. My phone!", I gasp. I run to Nicole's room and grab my phone. I pick it up and go back to the table before I read any of the 3 texts I received. One is from daddy: hey baby girl, I can't either
One is from Niall: hello my beautiful wife 
One is from Josh: hey

I reply to all of them.
Daddy: I'm going on a date today... Sorta
Niall: I like woke up and hour ago:/ I'm ready though(:
Josh: don't talk to me. Ever again. 

I set my phone down next to my plate. And continue eating. I look at the clock every so often. "almost", I anticipate to myself. 
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