A summer love story

Max and Lucy have known each other for ages, and they both had a crush on each other but never knew or brought it up. It wasn't until Vicky met Harry that Max thought that maybe love wasn't impossible after all, this is Max and Lucy, and this is their story.
PS: This is not a sequel to With Just One Look! I just thought it would be cute to tell Max's and Lucy's story :)


1. Prologue

*Max's POV* I had always had a crush on Lucy, with her glorious blonde hair and shiny blue eyes, she was petite and small. She  was kind and funny and I secretly loved it when she came over to visit my sister, Vicky. She was a year older than me and I kind of knew she'd never like me, with my jet black hair and hazel eyes, I was fit but I was also younger, and she had all the guys in her year to fancy, why would she ever like me? So I kept it secret, making sure not even Vicky knew, I mostly stayed away, but everyone knew we were great friends, we had our secret code and many inside jokes, but I always guessed that she treated me like a brother, since she didn't have one. I never had the guts to tell her how I felt, so I had to stand it when she had boyfriends and when she flirted, not I didn't do those things myself, but I ended up coming back to Lucy. It wasn't until my sister met Harry, when I saw what love was like, that I thought I would give it a try. It was Wednesday afternoon and Vicky had come back home and found out she was going on tour, she was going to call Lucy but I asked her if I could do it instead and she agreed. I took the phone to my room and sat on my bed, I dialled Lucy's number and waited to hear that pretty voice I was so used to. "Hello?" she said. "Hey Lucy" I replied "Oh hey Max! How are you?" "I'm great what about you?" "Wonderful" "Lucy, Vicky is going on tour with One Direction." I said "She WHAT?! Where is she?" "She's having a shower, and she will be busy for quite a while, she's leaving Friday morning." I informed her. "That means tomorrow is her last day! So many things to do! I hope I have enough time." I laughed "Oh, Lucy, you caring soul. Vicky will be fine, she can take care of herself, you need a break, would you, um, like to go on a picnic with me?" I let out a sigh and waited for her. "Alone? Are you asking me out?" she asked, I was shaking. "Um, yes, no, un, maybe, if you want to..." I stumbled. "Of course! I would love to go Max! Where and where are we going?" I smiled, she said yes. "Where is a surprise and when I was thinking maybe after my sis leaves, since we'll miss school anyway..." "Sounds great! See you tomorrow at school." "Bye" I hung up and put the phone on the bedside table, I did it, I asked her out.

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