Something About Them .

I am a regular girl ... I guess , i would do anything to meet , and or see One direction oh Duhh my name is Katie Hehe.


2. Uno !!

Katie's POV.

Whew! finally finished High School Now i get to go with my career in the Olympics.My dad had trained me when  i was about 6 years old, Then when i was 11 my mom and dad died in a car crash almost a week before my 5 th grade graduation.Now i'm 18 and i live with Allison (Ally) My Best friend .I practice with one of my high school trainers with lots of girls from high schools all over.

I wake up to the smell of bacon and the fire alarm going off. Oh Ally , I raised from my bed and got ready for  practice.I washed my long brown hair and my not too skinny body.I brushed my teeth then curled up my hair and put on a short sleeved striped shirt the colors white and blue.I placed on red  skinny jeans and a pair of red toms.I walked down the wooden polished stairs leading me to our dining room .... And yes we are somewhat rich . I see a dirty blonde haired girl staring at a plate.

"Morin' Ally" I said

She turned around and her blonde hair reached to her shoulders and her dark brown eyes. "OMG OMG I BURNED MY FOOD!" She yelled Ally wasn't the best cook but hey i loved her anyways . "Come on we will grab a bite on the way to practice." I said. "Sure" She replied.

Ally was wearing a summer dress with black flip flops with jewls on the side of it.We hoped into my purple fiat and drove towards the gymnasium where we practiced at , Luckily  there was a Starbucks right at the corner. I asked Ally what she wanted and i walked to Starbucks.I saw a crowd of girls so many i couldn't even see what they were surrounding i just shook it off and walked towards my destination. I waited in the line and ordered my food. I unlocked my I-Phone and checked my twitter , I was confused when i saw the now trending button.

Now Trending #OneDirectionInTown.

One direction .... the name is fimliar but i don't know "Order 54" I looked down at my receipt and walked over to the pick up line and thanked the worker.I was walking out when i bumped into someone.

"Im sorry love." Thank goodness i didnt spill the things in the bag

"Oh No its okay." I scanned him  from head to toe and we looked exactly alike we were basically wearing the same thing but the stranger was a  boy a cute one too.

I walked away as fast as i could. I got to the gym where i saw everyone chatting i gave Ally her things and i munched down on my crosiant and drank my small coffee and changed into my practice gear. I walked out and started to get on with my practicing then coach walked in. 


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