Something About Them .

I am a regular girl ... I guess , i would do anything to meet , and or see One direction oh Duhh my name is Katie Hehe.


1. Intro.

Why hello there !!  My name is Katie Hernandez well we can say im not like most girls... I have long curly hair which goes to the middle of my back with bright baby blue eyes.I graduated already not knowing what to do with my future but i guess i will ind out on my way. My best friend is Ally we are really close and probably like sisters i can say.Ally has short wavy hair to her bare shoulders with a few pink streaks in there with dark brown eyes.

^o^We share a flat in United Kingdom in North London.Just us two.We really are confused with our life's , Will someone help us or give us some fun.

I guess we will see throught our new Life in london

Prolouge: I will start the chapters soon 1D forevahh :)

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