River of Red Lies and Betrayal


1. River of Red Lies and Betrayal

I dig through my bag 

looking for my little friend. 

He's hiding, still hiding. 

I dump out the contents 

and they're spread out. 

Out of the corner of my 

eye, I see the metal shine. 

I reach for it and run 

my fingers across the smooth 

front, careful not to touch 

the edges. I slowly bring it toward my 

wrist, feeling my heartbeat 

quicken as it nears my 

bare skin. I softly lay the blade 

down. I can feel the coolness. 

I gently apply pressure and 

feel the blade go down. 

I run it across my skin 

and pull away. It stings, but only for a 

second. The pain is gone 

and all that's left is 

a river of red lies and 



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