Something is not right

A poem about how a young girl feels that something is out of place and wrong, and find out the deadly reason why.


1. Something is not right

Have you ever had that feel?
That feeling that something is out of place, but you don't know what?
You look high, and you look low,
But you can find nothing wrong,
You check here, and you check there, you search for oh so long,
Have you ever had that feeling, that stomach churning feeling,
that something is terribly wrong?

Well I have that feeling now,
That one of pure! Un-ending dread.
Like before a test or a majour event, like a close, love one is dead?
That one that's like butterflies, but not the good kind,
This feeling of dread that just will not leave my mind...

I've searched here there and everywhere! But still there is nothing to find...
Is it possible, that maybe, just maybe I could be loosing my mind?
No, it is not possible! I know that something's wrong...
But the feeling that something is not right, is growing ever so strong.

And then I SEE IT! The thing that has worried me so!
And when I see I wish I had not, for it makes me quiver so...

I see the being in the corner of my eye, that tall, long limed figure,
It stands so still, so Un-humanly still, and that's why I begin to shiver.

It is cloaked in black, from head to toe, with a dress as black as night,
It arms all long, it's hair so matted, it gives me quite the fright,
It's legs, EVEN LONGER! Than it's arms are (and that's long)
And the smell of meat, long rotten meat, is so very, very strong.

I stand still as a statue, refusing to move, (not that I could if I wanted to)
it starts moving towards me, ever faster, ever faster,
Then I am in a trance, the dark figure is now my master,
My body is no longer my own, my brain no longer mine,
My master makes me walk to a window, jump out, and snap my spine.

I now right to you thought the body of another, as mine is six feet under ground,
I possessed his young body, so he could write my story, I done it without a sound.

He will be safe, I assure you that, no harm will come to him,
But for me to be able to write my story, I had to push my way in.

My killer was a long dead governess who lost her child to the flue,
She wants no child to live in my house, they remind her to much of Lue,
Her young, deceased boy, who died long ago,
And with this, I. Bit you 'adué'
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