He Knows I'm Unfaithful

Kelsey is just a normal girl with a normal life. She's been dating Ronan for two years now. She goes on a vaccation to London for two weeks and runs into five guys she wasn't planning on meeting and she might just fall in love.


7. Stay With Us

"I have no idea where to go now," I said sadly. "You can stay with us!" Harry said, just a little too happy. "Umm... I'll pass." "Why?" I'm not going to say you're a creep, so I said "I don't want to be a burdun." "Nonsense. No one would mind!" "No one would mind what?" Niall asked, walking up to us with Liam and Zayn. "Hey again," Niall said to me. "You know her?" "I bumped into her earlier." "Right before I bumped into you," I told him. He smirked, "Did you run into Liam and Zayn too?" "No I didn't." "But One Direction is stalking her." Louis told them. "Shut up Lou," I told him. "Hey that's not nice!" He complained. I just laughed.

"So what were you talking about?" Liam asked. "She doesn't know where her hotel is so we offered to let her stay with us." Louis explained." "Sure," Liam said. "No it's fine," I told him. "Where would you stay?" I didn't answer. "Then it's decided. You're coming with us!" Harry said. "Guys I'll be fine." "Let's kidnap her!" Lou screamed. Oh no. I started to run, but I didn't get very far. I'm a sprinter, I don't do long distances. Louis grabbed me and swung me over his shoulder. "STOP!" I screamed. " 'No!' Jimmy protested!" "Please!" "On one condition." "Fine! I'll stay with you if you want me that badly. "YAY!" Louis screams. This is going to be bad.

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