He Knows I'm Unfaithful

Kelsey is just a normal girl with a normal life. She's been dating Ronan for two years now. She goes on a vaccation to London for two weeks and runs into five guys she wasn't planning on meeting and she might just fall in love.



"SLEEPOVER!" Lou screamed at the top of his lungs. "Is he going to be like this all night?" I asked Niall. "We gave him coffee. He's going to be hyper for days," He replied. I am going to die. "Hey, Louis, have you ever tried being quiet?" "No, he hasn't," Liam answered for him. Well this is going to be fun. We walked to a car and was driving to their house.


"Why do the British drive on the wrong side of the road?" I asked them. "We don't!" Louis said. "The British came before the Americans," Liam said. "We're here!" Harry said, who was driving. Louis was in the front with him and I was between Liam and Niall with Zayn on the other side of him. He hasn't said a word to me yet. I guess he's shy?


We got out of the car and my jaw dropped. I swear it hit the floor. Their house... HUGE! We walked in and again... HUGE! "Where am I sleepimg?" I ask. "SLEEP?! You don't sleep at a sleep over! We party! All day, all night!" Louis screamed. I gave Liam a questioning look. He seams like the only sensible one. "You gotta do what the Tommo says. "Fine! Up All Night!" They start laughing. "You guys actually laugh at that? You guys are a bunch of fangirls," I told them and laid down on their couch. "Yepp," Louis said, popping the 'p' and sat on me. "Louis! You're crushing me! Get off you fat lard!" I say. He gets up,laughing with the rest of the lads. I just stuck my tounge out at them.



***A/N*** I'm sooooo sorry for not updating!!!! I'm going to try to update more :) thanks for all the read, favorites and likes! Keep commenting! It really makes my day :D Love ya!

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