He Knows I'm Unfaithful

Kelsey is just a normal girl with a normal life. She's been dating Ronan for two years now. She goes on a vaccation to London for two weeks and runs into five guys she wasn't planning on meeting and she might just fall in love.


4. Rejecting One Direction

"I'm so sorry!" A strangely farmiliar Irish accent said. I looked up at a guy wearing a hoodie and glasses, trying to be hidden. It didn't work for me though. I knew exactly who it was. "Niall Horen?" I whipered, knowing he's trying to be hidden. He sighed and said, "Yeah." Great. Where there's Niall, there's the rest of One Direction. Just because I was singing one of their songs doesn't mean I like them. "I'm sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going." He appologized again. "Same here." I said and turned around to walk in the opposite direction. I didn't want to be with them. Pretty much any other girl in the world would talk to him, but I just turned around and walked the other way.

It looks like Jenna and Lori didn't realize I ran into someone. I texted them to go ahead and go on it because I didn;t feel like going on iy anymore. After I sent it, I ran into someone else. What is my problem? I'm not usually this clumsy. "Sorry, love." He said. "Sorry, I shouldn't text and walk at the same time," I apologized, looking up and groaning. The smile he had faded. "What?" He asked. I'm an idiot. I keep doing that. "Sorry, I got to go, I'm just really tired." I used the same lame excuse again. "Could I have your number befor you go?" he asked with a cheeky grin. "No I'm sorry." He then took off his sunglasses, revealing those beautiful green eyes, as if I would suddenly give him my number because he's Harry Styles. I already knew who he was though. "Sorry, Harry." I said pushing away from him. He looked so shocked as I walked away.

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