He Knows I'm Unfaithful

Kelsey is just a normal girl with a normal life. She's been dating Ronan for two years now. She goes on a vaccation to London for two weeks and runs into five guys she wasn't planning on meeting and she might just fall in love.


5. One Direction is stalking me

I kept walking. I didn't go on the Big Red Bus. I didn't go on any bus. I didn't get a taxi. I just walked. I needed time to thimk. I just walked away from two fifths of the most popular boyband in the world. Harry Freaking Styles just asked me for my number, and I said no. Imagine how sad Jenna and Lori will be when they find out. That's why they're not going to find out.  

As I'm walking I trip over somone's foot. "Oh my gosh is One Direction stalking me or something?" I screamed out of frustration. The guy who accidentaly tripped me wasn't from One Direction. Everyone looked at me like I was an idiot. "Sorry," I said to the man and ran off in embaresment. I ran to a park and sat down on a bench, frustrated. Why did I see Niall and Harry?

I wish Ronan was here. He would know how to calm me down. I miss him so much and it's been only a day. Just thinking about him made me smile. The smile quickly faded when I remembered I'm staying here for two weeks. I started crying into my hands. 

"Are you okay, love?" Apperently, I wasn't the only one sitting on the bench. I looked up to him and just looked back down. "Yes, Louis, I'm just peachy," I snapped at him sarcastically. "How'd you know it was me?" He asked. "Isn't it obvious?" I snapped again. He frowned and took off his sunglasses and beanie. "I think you need some cheering up," Louis stated. I rolled my eyes. "You don't like One Direction, do you?" I didn't want to say I hate One Direction, so I said, "I'm not crazy about them." He just laughed. "You can be honest. I don't mind." I gave him a questioning look and shrugged. "Okay, fine. I didn't like you or know much about any of you until I met your two biggest fans. They told me everything about you guys. And I mean EVERYTHING! And today I ran into Niall, Harry, and now you." I finished explaining and he laughed. "By the way, I heard One Direction is stalking you," he told me laughing. "You heard that?" I asked. He nodded as he continued to laugh.

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