He Knows I'm Unfaithful

Kelsey is just a normal girl with a normal life. She's been dating Ronan for two years now. She goes on a vaccation to London for two weeks and runs into five guys she wasn't planning on meeting and she might just fall in love.


1. Goodbyes and plane rides

"I'm going to miss you so much!" I tell my boyfriend, Ronan. "I'm going to miss you to," Ronan said, "But it is only two weeks. I think we can live through texts." He winked at me while he said that. I laughed and hugged him one last time for two weeks. "I love you." "I love you too," I said and lightly kissed him on the lips before leaving for my plane.

I'm Kelsey, an eighteen-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia. I just finished collage and I'm going to London for two weeks as a graduating present. My parents are paying for the flight and hotel, but I'm on my own after that. Of course they left me money though. Just not a lot. I've been saving up for this for four years so I have plenty on my own.

Ronan has been my boyfriend for two years. This is going to be the longest we've ever been apart. I'm going to miss him so much. He would be going, too, if he didn't have soccer summer camp. He trusts me, though, not to cheat on him. Just like I trust him.

After going through security, I have to wait for the plane for about thirty minutes. I sit down to wait and hear two girls around the age of sixteen screaming about One Direction. It was the LONGEST thirty minutes of my life! I was so happy once a woman called for the plane to start boarding. I walked onto the plane and sat in my chair. Then two girls sat next to me. Not just any girls. The directioners. As they sat down I goaned and they just stared at me. "Oh sorry I'm just really tired," I said, faking a smile, trying not to reveal the fact I think they are really anoying. This is going to be a long flight.


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