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  • Published: 22 Sep 2012
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COMPLETED. Alira Somers. A 19 year old girl who isn't that much of a fan of One Direction. But her best friend, Jenna, won tickets to a little 'promo' about One Direction. Little did they know, One Direction was performing. That's where they lay eyes on both of them for the first time. That's when Alira changed her views on them. That's when 2/5 will fall for her. That's when all hell breaks loose in her life.

**Blurb is misleading, it isn't as good as I thought it would be. Personally, it's not my best but by all means, if you want to read it go ahead! Just let me warn you, it's not as good as the blurb says.


52. Chapter 52: the ending


Chapter 52: the ending


I started to shake my head. I shook my head until i saw was black spots and I went dizzy. I shook my head until the truth set in. I didn’t know how to react to this. i thought we were friends, I never expected that they would do this to me. I thought they were on my side. Why?

‘Surprised, Ali?’ She asked, her smirk growing.

‘Why?’ was all I managed to get out.

‘Why I did this? Honey, it’s all about the money in this world.’ She said.

‘You think money is all that important!? You were dating Liam for god sakes!’ I yelled at her. Elise laughed sarcastically.

‘Liam wouldn’t give me the amount of money I needed. besides his famous it doesn’t really mean that he’s rich.’ She snorted.

‘How could you, Elise.’ I whispered.

‘Ali, dear, we get you’re in shock. But get over it.’ Sam laughed. 

I didn’t know what to do. I trusted Elise with my life. I thought she was genuinely there for me. I thought that Liam found a girl that was almost as good as Danielle Peazer. 

‘What about Liam?’ I asked.

‘Liam? I never liked him, dearie.’ Elise smiled but it didn’t quite reach her eyes.

‘Not even a tiny bit? Elise! He treated you like a queen! Why couldn’t you back out this deal and be with Liam! Liam would’ve given you the world.’ I tried to tell her, to show her that i know she likes him.

‘There would’ve been an end to that relationship!’ Elise countered back.

‘But not for another three or five years. When Liam likes a girl, he does everything in his power to keep her. By then your greediness would be gone. Liam is the most selfless person I know, he could’ve helped you.’ Elise started to back up, as though she doesn’t want to be part of it.

‘Come on, Elise. You know that Liam would do that. You know that you would’ve ended up liking Liam as well. You know.’ I continued.

‘Enough!’ Sam shouted and Elise got back to her villain self. I took a deep breath, how am I supposed to get out of this labyrinth?

‘Where’s Louis?’ I asked. Sam smirked.

‘Why do you even care about him?’ She said. ‘Does wittle Awi still wub boobear?’ She pouted before laughing maniacally.

‘You’re sick.’ I shook my head in disbelief. ‘Just show me where Louis is.’ 

‘Sure thing, Ali.’ She sneered my name before grabbing my hair and yanking me towards a door. I could feel some of my hair ripping out of my scalp. i bit my lip to stop from screaming out. I saw Elise walk over and slump herself on the ugly couch in the room.

She pushed me into a wall when she walked through the door and my head banged against the wooden wall. I crumbled down the wall and felt my head. My hand pulled away with some blood. 

‘Ali!’ I heard a voice shout my name. I looked over to see Louis tied up in a chair in the corner of the dim empty room.

‘Louis!’ I ran to him but I was pushed before I took two steps. The left side of my body crushed right into the wall. My ribs started to hurt with each breath. 

‘Why did you do that!?’ I heard Louis shout over the ringing in my ears. I could feel the blood rushing out of my head. 

‘Felt like it.’ I heard Sam sneer. I brought a hand up to my head and pressed it in to apply pressure. I was starting to feel dizzy.

‘You’re a psycho, Sam. Did you seriously have to do this?’ Louis pleaded.

‘You’re in no position to call me things like that and question my motives, Tomlinson.’ I breathed in and out, trying to regain stability in my head. 

‘Ali, are you okay?’ Louis asked me as I stood back up. I nodded my head slowly.

‘Yeah, I’m fine.’ I breathed. 

‘What I don’t get is why you’re keeping us here?’ Louis spoke up after a minutes’ silence.

‘Oh, it’s easy. Ali, here, will be tied up across from you so it’s easy to see you. Then while she’s there she can watch you slowly die. She’ll get to hear every cry of agony, every tear or pain and every drop of blood shed and she can’t do anything about it.’ She grinned like a cheshire cat as though this happens every day. My eyes widened. I locked eyes with Louis, my fear clearly reflected in my eyes. i could see how he was trying to calm his horror at her malicious words however his face remained impassive.

‘Why are you doing this?’ I whispered.

‘You sent Blake to prison! Twice!’ She screamed.

‘That’s not a valid reason to just terrorise us like this. Yes, I sent Blake to prison but I had to. He was threatening innocent lives! Mine included. Blake isn’t a good person, Sam.’ I yelled. My head whiplashed to the left and I could feel my right cheek stinging but numb from the blow. I looked at her in shock.

‘He loved me, okay. He loved me enough to help me escape from prison.’ She shrieked, inches from my face. Her eyes were glassy with the tears threatening to spill. She turned away from me and faced the door, neither Louis nor I could see the expressions on her face. 

‘Elise!’ Her voice shakily called. 

‘Elise?’ Louis’ voice sounded shocked. I turned my head to him and nodded, confirming the questions I could see piling in his head. Elise walked into the room and huffed. 

‘Tie up Ali in a chair.’ Sam commanded. Louis’ eyes widened even more.

‘Elise? You’re on Sam’s side?’ Louis asked.

‘Well duh. I’m obviously not here to save you.’ She snorted sarcastically.

‘How could you?’ Louis’ voice was still rendered shocked.

‘I’ve already been through this Louis. How could I? I’m a selfish bitch and I really don’t care. How can I do this to Liam? Money is better anyway. You can give me that i thought you were my friend speech but I seriously don’t give two fucks so save your breath.’ She grabbed the wooden chair and set it across from Louis against the opposite wall. She pulled my hair and kicked the back of my knees so I fell on to the chair. She yanked my hands back and tied a tight knot with a thin rope around my wrists. She then tied another part of the rope around my waist and around the chair. 

‘I thought you were so innocent.’ Louis said abruptly.

‘Yeah, well, sorry to disappoint you, kiddo.’ Elise laughed sarcastically then walked out of the room.

‘That’s it for the day, I’m quite bored right now.’ Sam made her way to the door but then she turned back around. ‘Oh, by the way, I have men at every door of this wretched house so don’t try escaping.’ She started to walk again but then she turned back around. ‘One more thing.’

Sam walked over to Louis while reaching into her sleeve. Once she was a few inches away from Louis, she yanked out a swiss army knife and dove it into his thigh. I watched in horror as Louis threw his hand back in torment and watched as the blood ooze out. I began to yank at the ropes, screaming for her to take it out, to stop his terrifying screams. But she only grinned evilly and watched for a few more seconds before yanking it out again.

She walked out of the room with the tortured screams of Louis and a trail of his blood that led to the door.


Harry’s POV (one week later)

‘What do you mean!?’ I yelled as I slammed my fist down on the hardwood desk. I leaned on my hands until my face was inches away from the man behind the desk who seemed to be cowering in terror.

‘Mr Styles, we...uh, we can’t find... Ms Somers and Mr Tomlinson.’ He stuttered. I slammed my fist again and paced the small office we were cramped up in.

‘It’s been about a week! How can you not have found them! Can’t you trace her phone or something? I thought you were the police!’ I yelled, still pacing and throwing accusatory glares at them. 

‘Mr S-styles, w-we can’t t-trace the c-call unless she c-calls first.’ The man shook with fear. I growled at him. I was fuming. I want my girlfriend and my best friend back.

‘Are you serious!?’ I shouted. I was about to run forward when someone caught my shoulders.

‘Harry, calm down. They’re doing everything they can.’ Jenna whispered in my ear as she rubbed my shoulders. I sighed aloud and shut my eyes, pinching the bridge of my nose to calm down.

‘Sir, has she called you?’ The man asked. 

‘N-’ I was about to say but then I remembered that first day. ‘I called her and she answered.’ Jenna’s eyes lit up with hope and the man regained his profession. 

‘May I ask what she said?’ He asked with confidence, turning on his computer.

‘All she said was rue brenté.’ I said confused.

‘What does that mean?’ Jenna asked. The man didn’t answer but typed away with his nimble fingers. 

‘I don’t know.’ I answered her.

‘Sir, could she possibly have meant Rue Brenté the street?’ He looked at me. 

‘Possibly, i don’t know. All I know it’s got something to do with Paris!’ I answered, throwing my hands up in the air.

‘We’ll look further into it.’ His tone was dismissive. I sighed.

‘You better. It’s been two weeks.’ I narrowed my eyes at him before leaving the room with Jenna behind me.

We walked into the silent foyer of the building. Everyone was sat there on the chairs, not a noise was heard apart from Eleanor’s sobbing. All their heads shot up when they heard our footsteps.

‘Have they found them yet?’ Elise asked me. Her eyes were filled with unshed tears and her hands were clasped together in her lap. Liam’s arm was wrapped around her shoulders hugging her tight to his body. I couldn’t answer her. All i could do was sat in a chair and put my head in my hands.

‘They might have a lead.’ Jenna answered for me.

‘They do?’ Elise sounded surprised and shocked.

‘Yes, they do but that’s all they’ll tell us.’ I told them, not lifting my head.

‘When will they bring them back?’ Georgia asked.

‘I don’t know.’ Jenna answered, sounding hopeless.

I didn’t move from my chair. I can hear Eleanor’s sniffles and quiet sobs. Everyone else was quiet and unmoving. 

‘I-I can’t stay here. i need to get out.’ A nervous voice said. I lifted my head to see Elise standing, her arms flailing everywhere as she paced back and forth.

‘Elise, what’s wrong?’ Liam asked, standing up to wrap an arm around her. She stepped away from him.

‘I just need some time alone.’ Elise answered and walked out of the building. Liam was about to follow when Niall stopped him.

‘Just let her be for a while, mate.’ Niall said sympathetically then sat back down to hold Georgia. 


Next day


‘Sir, I have good news.’ The man smiled a triumphant smile. I felt the hope rise up.

‘You found her?’ I asked.

‘Not the exact house but we do have some idea. What she said to you that first day was a street name, Rue Brenté which is about a ten minute walk just outside Paris.’ He answered. I cheered.

‘That’s great! When can we go?’ I asked eagerly.

‘Er, sir, I advise you that you mustn’t go. Harm can be done to you if you come.’ He suggested. I shook my head.

‘No. I’m coming. They have my best friend and my girlfriend. Do you know how hard it is to know that the two people in the world who mean so much to you is held captive? No, you don’t so I suggest you let me come because I need them.’ I yelled. He sighed.

‘Just this once. It’s not part of our policy but if you must. If you get caught then just say you followed us and that I did nothing to stop you.’ I nodded my head.


I followed the cars onto Rue Brenté. Jenna, Jake, Georgia and Niall were in the car with me. I left Eleanor with Liam and Zayn so she doesn’t have to see anything. Liam stayed just in case Elise came home. She never came back when she left yesterday so he’s really worried. Zayn stayed because there was no more room in the car, he put up a fight though. The cars stopped in front of a skeptical looking house. It looked abandoned and broken down. Everything about the house screamed suspicious. 

I walked up to the man in charge and asked if I could go in first. He didn’t want me to at first but he handed me a gun. He told me just to aim and fire if I see anyone and to just hold on because it has a bit of a kick. He also gave me a silencer for a gun because we need the element of surprise. I proceeded to walk in. 

When I walked in, I saw two men on the couch just through the doorway. I attached the silencer to the gun and shot at the two men. They slumped back in the couch, dead. I felt bad for killing them. I didn’t really mean to. I was aiming for their arm but got their chest instead. I’m going to hell for this.

I continued to walk on silently, not wanting people to appear. I peeped into the hallway to see two men standing guard in front of a door. I shot at them too. I aimed to kill for this one, though. They dropped to the floor with no life. I tip toed to the door and pressed my ear against it to listen in.

‘I’m so glad we stopped with Louis, it’s so much more fun to watch you suffer.’ An evil high pitched voice giggled.

‘Please stop it.’ I heard a voice cry out. Louis’ voice. Then i heard Ali scream out in pain. It made my heart shatter. Ali, sweet innocent Ali, was in pain and I couldn’t do anything about it.

‘I can’t believe you’re letting her do this, Elise! Ali was your friend!’ Louis shouted. My eyes widened. Elise?

I heard footsteps behind me and I turned to see Jenna, Jake, Niall and Georgia behind me. Their eyes were wide as well.

‘Elise?’ Jake mouthed to me. i nodded, still in disbelief. Then another cry out of pain from Ali cut through the air. I wanted so badly to barge into the door. Jenna shook her head at me and gestured for me to stay quiet and listen in.

‘I was playing the whole part, you idiot. I can’t believe you all bought it.’ Elise’s voice rang out. I watched as Georgia took out her phone and put it in the slit under the door to record the conversation.

‘Of course we all bought it. You were so nice to all of us!’ Louis shouted. Another scream from Ali and i clenched my fists and gritted my teeth.

‘It’s called acting, Louis. Try it some time. It’s all for the money.’ Elise sounded so sadistic.

‘Please, please stop.’ I heard Ali beg.

‘Shut up.’ Sam told her and then Ali screamed again. I couldn’t take it anymore. I gripped my gun and barged through the door.

The sight before me was gory. Louis was tied in a chair, his wrists red from the tight rope. Both his thighs were coated in red blood and his arms were all cut up with dried blood making his shirt cling to his body. His chest had two slashes on either side. Opposite him was Ali. Her wrists were bleeding from the rope tied around it. She has two knives in her thighs but she was also bleeding from another spot on both. Her arms had ‘Sam’ engraved everywhere with cuts. Her forehead had dried blood on it. Her whole body was practically covered in gore.

‘Harry!’ Louis cried in relief. Elise turned to stare wide eyed at me whilst Sam huffed like she was impatient.

‘Great, more people to tie up.’ She grumbled.

‘Harry.’ Ali whimpered. I went to make a move to her but Elise held up a gun to me. I held up my gun in front as well, aiming for Elise.

In all my life I never expected to be doing this to her. She was so innocent and nice before, what the hell happened. I was so sick and tired of this so I aimed my gun at Sam and shot. It got her in her arm which made her drop the knife in her hand. I quickly aimed back at Elise and shot her as well. It got her stomach.

I went to go yank out the knives in Ali’s thighs and untie the roped on her. I heard some shuffling of feet and turned to find Jake untying Louis. 

‘Harry.’ Ali whimpered. I looked at her face and kissed her lips. The lips I missed so much. There were tears leaking down her face so I kissed those away as well. 

‘I’m so glad you’re not hurt.’ I said but then I looked at her body. ‘Or killed I should say.’ 

‘Thank you, Harry.’ She whispered and kissed my lips again. Then I heard a gun shot. I turned to find Jake, the left hand side of his chest gushing out blood. I heard Jenna scream and Ali as well.

I turned to fine Sam with a gun in her left hand and a triumphant smile on her face. I held up my gun and shot her in the chest, killing her. 

Jenna ran up to Jake’s body, screaming and yelling at him to stay awake and not die on her. She kept yelling at how much she loved him. Louis was on the other side of his body, crying and saying sorry. Ali was at his head, weeping and saying how sorry she was and that is was all her fault. 

I couldn’t seem to move my feet. He can’t be dead. I just... I couldn’t believe it.

I’m sorry, Jake. 

Men came in and ushered everyone out. Stretchers started to come in. They put Sam on one, Elise, Jake, Ali and Louis and all we could do was follow. Niall and Georgia were stood immobile in the doorway. They looked shocked and scared. Georgia had silent tears pouring down her face and Niall wouldn’t stop staring at Jake’s body.


When we got to the hospital, Eleanor, Liam and Zayn were waiting for us already. Jenna wouldn’t stop crying, Georgia was sobbing and Liam was yelling at Niall.

‘No! Elise would never do that! Ali was a great friend to her, Elise would never do that! Shut up, Niall! You’re lying!’ He kept screaming at him but eventually he listened to the recording and believed it. He ran out of the hospital and i heard him punch a wall before walking back in. He was breathing heavily and then he dropped to floor and started to cry.

A few hours later we got news. Elise was alive but barely, she’s currently in ICU. Jared’s in a coma, turns out the shot wasn’t close enough to his heart to kill him. Sam was dead, I don’t know whether to be happy about that or scared at the fact that I killed her. Louis and Ali just needs their bodies to heal. They’re both in a medically induced coma to heal and stop them from going ballistic.

It’s still scary to know that what just happened was real.


Ali’s POV


I groaned as I started to wake up. 

‘Harry.’ My lips seemed to whisper. 

‘Ali.’ A voice whispered back. I willed my eyes to open. They started to flutter open. The first thing I saw was Harry’s face. I smiled happily and relieved.

‘Hi, baby.’ Harry smiled.

‘Hi.’ i breathed. ‘What happened?’ I started to sit up.

‘Don’t sit up, just relax a little.’ He pushed my back gently to lie back down. ‘You were in an induced come for 24 hours. Louis’ still out.’ 

‘Why are we in hospital?’ I asked.

‘You don’t remember?’ He asked. I started to shake my head when I suddenly got my memory of the previous events. My eyes widened as I remembered.

‘So you do remember?’ He asked and I nodded.

‘What happened to the rest of them?’ I asked, a little scared to find out.

‘Elise is alive but barely. She’s in ICU. Jake’s in a coma, which is good. We all thought he was dead. But he’s in a coma, Sam missed his heart. And Sam’s gone.’ He answered.

I was relieved to know that Jake’s still alive. I really thought he was dead or dying. 

‘What about me?’ I questioned.

‘Nothing’s broken or fractured. You’re just going to have a lot of scars. Especially on your thighs where the knives were.’ 

‘That’s good news.’

‘That’s as good as it’s going to get.

‘Thank you for saving me.’ I smiled.

‘Anytime. You know, I actually don’t mind chasing the sun for you.’ He shrugged his shoulders and I laughed.

‘You remember my letter.’ I smiled and he grinned.

‘Of course I do.’ He said. ‘And you should know that i love you too.’ 

‘I love you, Harry.’ I told him.

‘I love you, Ali.’ He answered and kissed my lips.






I know it’s a terrible ending but yeah... it’s over now. yay! Thank you so much for read Chasing the Sun. i know it got confusing in the middle and there were too many characters at one point and I lost the plot at so many points but yep. There will be no sequel. I can not be bothered to make a sequel for this.

I hope you enjoyed reading this story! So yeah, it’s over.


Vote, comment, share, fan etcetc.




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