Chasing the Sun

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  • Published: 22 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 20 Jun 2013
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COMPLETED. Alira Somers. A 19 year old girl who isn't that much of a fan of One Direction. But her best friend, Jenna, won tickets to a little 'promo' about One Direction. Little did they know, One Direction was performing. That's where they lay eyes on both of them for the first time. That's when Alira changed her views on them. That's when 2/5 will fall for her. That's when all hell breaks loose in her life.

**Blurb is misleading, it isn't as good as I thought it would be. Personally, it's not my best but by all means, if you want to read it go ahead! Just let me warn you, it's not as good as the blurb says.


48. Chapter 48: twitter blast


Chapter 48: twitter blast


‘That’s good.’ I hear him say as he leaned in.

His lips captured mine. I kissed him back eagerly and happily. When he told me he still liked me... I don’t know if anyone had ever made my heart flutter as much as he did. I don’t know what made me choose Louis. I don’t regret it but I’m also wishing I didn’t. I think I only chose him because I got to him first, because I told him everything first. I didn’t choose him because I felt something stronger. No, I chose him because I wanted someone who understood my past. Now, I know I should’ve chosen someone who understood me.

Kissing Harry made my senses go clearer, yet make everything else go blindingly dizzy. It felt tremendously right to be here with him, to know that now I can choose the right person. 

We both pulled away and his green eyes looked straight into my brown ones. His cheeks were tinted pink and his bottom lip was rolled in between his teeth. I felt my own cheeks warm up and my eyes diverted down. That kiss was unbelievable. This moment was unbelievable. 

‘What does this mean for us?’ I found myself saying. I kept my eyes down, not wanting to look at him, scared that he didn’t want to rush into things. 

‘Do you want to be together?’ He hesitantly asked. I looked back at him.

‘I don’t...’ I started to say but then I really thought over it.

Do I want to jump straight into it? Or do I want to just test the waters? Do I want to risk everything? Or do I want to wait? My heart is yearning to be with Harry but my mind is telling me to wait until I know for sure I want to be with him. 

My heart or my mind?

‘Can I... can I get back to you on that?’ I said quietly, still pondering over my thoughts.

‘Sure, Ali.’ He answered.

Suddenly our phones started to blast and beep on and on and on. Confused we both grabbed our phones and checked it. My phone was flooded with notifications from twitter. 

‘Oh no.’ i gasped.

‘Great.’ I heard Harry mumble.

Is One Direction band member, Harry Styles, falling for his best friend’s ex-girlfriend, Alira Somers?’ I read aloud.

I hear Harry mumble something unintelligibly. I turned to face him with a confused face.

‘What?’ I asked him.

‘Hmm? Oh. nothing.’ He answered, sounding a little distracted. Then something hit home and my eyes widened.

‘Oh, dear god.’ I gasped.

‘What? What’s wrong?’ He asked me, sounding concerned.

‘Eleanor doesn’t know I dated Louis. She can’t know I dated Louis.’ I told him. ‘She’s going to have my head!’ 

‘She won’t take it that bad, you’re just an ex-girlfriend.’ He shrugged.

‘Gee, thanks for making me feel special.’ i said, sarcastically. ‘But this isn’t the case of the ex-girlfriend, this is the case of Louis dumping me in a terrible way and lying to her.’ 

‘Oh, crap. It is. We did lie to her.’ Harry groaned.

One thing about Eleanor: she hates being lied to. Absolutely hates it. Ugh, right now I can imagine her shrieking when finding out about this, having that angry twitch in her eye. I feel bad that I lied to her but it was for her own good... and mine.

Just then the door burst open and for a moment I got scared that it was Eleanor. That she came to decapitate my head. But it was Louis instead.

‘Eleanor is going to kill all of us when she sees this!’ Louis says once he sees us on the couch.

‘Hello to you too.’ I grumbled quietly.

‘We sort of established that...’ Harry answered him.

‘What are we going to do! She’s going to rip our heads off then put it back on to yell at us then rip it off again, along with our other limbs then feed us to crocodiles and then she’s going to use hair from the ground to clone us and start the process all over again!’ I shrieked at them. They both looked at me like I had a third eye and then started to laugh. I whacked them both upside the head.

‘This is not a laughing matter!’ I scolded them. They reluctantly shut up.

‘Okay, okay. Sorry.’ Harry apologised, still chuckling while Louis was still cracking up.

‘Any ideas on how we’re going to survive this?’ I asked them with my eyebrows raised.

‘How about we just say it was another best friend?’ Harry suggested.

‘What!? As if El’s going to believe that.’ Louis shot down that idea.

‘You never know, Lou. it could work.’ Harry droned on.

‘How about we check the tweets first? if it has nothing about Louis and I then we can use your idea, Haz.’ I offered and they both sighed, taking their phones out.

I took mine out too and checked the tweets concerning the matter.


She’s moving through the band fast.

Seriously? two members of one direction? what a slut.

I knew it! She looked better with Harry than Louis.

Yessss! I’ve been Halira since those photos from the park.

She shouldn’t have any of them, they’re mine.

She’s only using them for money.

Yes, yes, yes! Halira, Halira, Halira!!!!


‘Wow... these tweets are... interesting.’ I mused, smiling to myself at all of them.

‘They are. Here’s a funny one: plot twist: Louis was a cover up and Ali and Harry have been together all along.’ Louis chuckled to himself.

‘And there are a lot of rude comments.’ Harry said, a little shocked.

‘What’s so surprising? It’s expected with any celebrity.’ I shrugged.

‘One of them remembers the photos from the park, Harry.’ I said incredulously when I saw the tweet again.

‘They do?’ He asked, surprised.

‘Yeah and it was a century ago.’ I chuckled.

‘Well, there goes your plan, Harry.’ Louis commented.

‘Let’s just tell her the truth. It’s better than coming up with another lie.’ I sighed and they all agreed.

‘What is this!’ A voice came from the door.






Filler chapter! And cliff hanger! Oooooh....


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