Chasing the Sun

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  • Published: 22 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 20 Jun 2013
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COMPLETED. Alira Somers. A 19 year old girl who isn't that much of a fan of One Direction. But her best friend, Jenna, won tickets to a little 'promo' about One Direction. Little did they know, One Direction was performing. That's where they lay eyes on both of them for the first time. That's when Alira changed her views on them. That's when 2/5 will fall for her. That's when all hell breaks loose in her life.

**Blurb is misleading, it isn't as good as I thought it would be. Personally, it's not my best but by all means, if you want to read it go ahead! Just let me warn you, it's not as good as the blurb says.


40. Chapter 40: we're in Paris!


Chapter 40: we're in Paris!


1 week later


‘Everything all ready?’ My mum called from the bottom floor.

‘Yeah, hang on a minute.’ I called back and I heard Jenna say something similar.

I looked around my room. It was weird to see my bed stripped from my favourite bedsheets. The walls naked from all the photos, lyrics and fairy lights that used to cling to the wall. The drawers and my closet empty of all the things I stashed in them. My vanity empty from jewelry and make up and pieces of paper with messages on them. It looked different. It didn’t look like my room. But I guess that’s what I had to do, right? I had to leave absolutely everything and take absolutely everything to move. 

‘Ali, hurry up! They’re all at the airport already!’ I heard Jenna’s voice call to me, breaking my trance.

‘I’m coming.’ I said and I pulled my suitcase behind me. 

I looked back over my shoulder to my room. Goodbye 19 years of living in that room. Sighing, I closed the door behind me and trudged down the staircase.

‘Got everything?’ My dad asked and I nodded my head. 

We drove down to the airport, reminiscing of all the memories we had. It’s weird moving away. I never really thought I would be halfway across the world to have my own place. But I am and I don’t know whether to be thrilled, scared or second-guessing. 

Once we pulled up to the airport, we grabbed our trolleys and stuff and walked up to the counter. We got our tickets that were pre-ordered and I turned around to face my parents.

‘Bye, mum.’ I said quietly while squeezing her tightly. She squeezed me back and I can feel her tears on my shirt.

‘I love you, sweetie. Take care.’ She said back. She gave one final squeeze and let go, moving on to Jenna. I walked up to my dad and pulled him into a hug.

‘Bye, daddy.’ I said into his ear. He gave me another bone-crushing hug before letting go. 

‘Bye, baby. I’ll miss you.’ He said quietly and stepped back

‘We’ll call you once we land. Love you both.’ Jenna told them and i just nodded, unable to say anything.

‘Okay, bye guys.’ My mum waved to us as we walked away. My dad nodded as well because, like me, we hate goodbyes and we hate watching other people leave.

Jenna grabbed my hand and we walked through the airport to our gate in silence. She knows I’m going to most likely have a hard time adjusting. I love my parents more than anything and leaving them is the most hardest thing I could ever do. We finally made it to the gate and I immediately saw my friends.

‘Hey, guys.’ Jenna smiled and walked over to Jake. I smiled to all of them and sat down on one of the chairs.

‘Hey, Ali, it’s okay. We can come back any time and they can come here whenever they want. It’s not goodbye at all.’ Georgia whispered in my ear and I smiled at her gratefully.

‘Flight JQ245 to Paris is now boarding.’ A lady on an intercom announced, I stood up and walked over to the desk.

Once all that was done I walked slowly onto the plane. Jenna caught up to me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

‘Honey, we’re going to Paris. Your parents are coming up in a few months remember? Don’t sweat it, okay? Just enjoy the moment. We’ll be with them sooner than you know it.’ She said soothingly. 

I nodded. ‘Yeah, you’re right.’

‘Of course I am. Let’s get on the plane. We’re going to Paris!’ She squealed the last part and i just laughed lightly.


*22 hours later*


‘Long plane rides suck balls.’ I groaned as I lazily walked through the airport.

‘You got that right, I hate riding planes for more than three hours.’ Jenna complained along with me.

‘Suck it up, princess.’ Jake rolled his eyes and Jenna slapped his arm playfully. He laughed and lazily slung his arm around her shoulders, kissing her hair. I faked gag noises as I watched them. Jenna looked over to me and lightly punched me on the arm.

‘You need a boyfriend, man.’ She laughed and walked away with Jake, leaving me behind them. I sighed and turned my head to look for Georgia and Elise.

As I was craning my neck, I accidentally ran into someone. Our heads bumped against each others’ and our bodies crushed into each other.

‘Ow!’ I groaned, putting my hand on my forehead. 

‘I’m so sorry.’ A person with an accent said and I turned my head to find a familiar blond.

‘I’ve seen you from somewhere.’ I said, looking at him curiously with my head tilted a bit to the side.

‘Ali?’ He asked and it all clicked.

‘Niall?’ I said incredulously.

‘Georgia never said anything about you being here.’ I wondered aloud.

‘She told me you were.’ He said and then an awkward silence fell upon us.

‘I’m going to go...’ I said awkwardly and turned to walk away. 

I finally spotted the two girls that I was frantically searching for. I grabbed both their arms and pulled them to the side. The looked at me, eyes widened in shock but then recognition was put on their faces.

‘God, Ali. I thought you were some rapist out to kill me or something.’ Georgia gasped.

‘If I was a rapist, I would’ve grabbed one person not two.’ I rolled my eyes.

‘Truuuue.’ She said as she thought it out. 

‘So, why did you pull us to the side in a very conspicuous way?’ Elise asked me.

‘Why didn’t any of you tell me Niall was here? I bumped into Niall a few minutes ago. And please, for the love of God, tell me that it’s only him here in Paris.’ I said urgently, half throwing my hands in the air.

‘I was going to tell you at the airport in Australia but you looked so bummed out and sad, I couldn’t.’ Elise defended herself. She had a valid reason so I dismissed her and turned on Georgia.

‘I was going to tell you once we got off the plane but I sort of lost you and to be really honest, I was looking for Niall...’ She trailed off as she saw the expression on my face.

‘I’m sorry!’ She said immediately.

‘Seriously, they better not be within 100 metres of me, okay? Tell Niall or Liam or something. I honestly don’t need them in my life right now. Remember, I’m starting over?’ I told them and they nodded their head.

‘Yeah, now let’s go find my brother and Jenna before we lose them and lose any hope of finding your apartment. Jenna’s the one with the directions, right?’ Georgia said and i nodded my head and we walked towards the front entrance.

‘Come on, girlies. It’s time to explore and live a Parisian life!’ Elise sang happily and we walked out of the airport to find Jenna and Jake with a car in front of them.

‘We have a car?’ I asked, a little shocked. 

‘Yup!’ Jenna nodded happily and hopped into the passenger seat while Jake went around to the drivers’.

‘Wait! Jake doesn’t have a license here and I do. So I should drive.’ I said, making my way to the drivers’ seat. Jake groaned but moved to the back nonetheless.

‘We’re in Paris, bitches!’ I yelled as we drove down the winding road to the highway. They all cheered along with me and I grinned as we went deeper and deeper into the city.





Shocked to hear about One Direction in Paris? Who knew, aye? Also, this is sort of a filler so don't judge, k? xoxo.


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