Chasing the Sun

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  • Published: 22 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 20 Jun 2013
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COMPLETED. Alira Somers. A 19 year old girl who isn't that much of a fan of One Direction. But her best friend, Jenna, won tickets to a little 'promo' about One Direction. Little did they know, One Direction was performing. That's where they lay eyes on both of them for the first time. That's when Alira changed her views on them. That's when 2/5 will fall for her. That's when all hell breaks loose in her life.

**Blurb is misleading, it isn't as good as I thought it would be. Personally, it's not my best but by all means, if you want to read it go ahead! Just let me warn you, it's not as good as the blurb says.


29. Chapter 29: Louis and Alira


Alira’s outfit:


Chapter 29: Louis and Alira


Ali’s POV


‘Did that just really happen?’ I whispered.

‘I think so.’ Matt gasped, still staring at the door where Janelle escaped to.

‘I never thought she’d ever say sorry.’ Jenna sounded slightly shocked.

‘I kind of saw it coming.’ Liam shrugged. We all looked at him, our heads tilted at the same side.

‘You guys look like the three musketeers. or the three stooges.’ Zayn commented and I rolled my eyes.

The kitchen door banged open and Georgia was dragging along a depressed, tear-streaked, disheveled Niall.

‘Come here.’ I murmured to him, ushering him to the spot next to me. He sat down on the couch and he put his head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around his head and he started to cry on my orange lace top. 

‘Shh, shh. It’s going to be okay, Niall. She’ll come back for you. I know it.’ I murmured in his ear. I was entirely saying the truth because I don’t know if she would come back. But he needed to hear it. He just cried harder.

‘Niall, come with me. You need a nap.’ I whispered and he just nodded. I grabbed his hand and led him up the stairs. I pulled him into my room and he crawled into the duvet. I tucked him in.

‘Ali.’ He whispered, grabbing my hand as I turned to walk away. I spun around to face him.

‘What’s wrong?’ I asked.

‘Would it be weird to say that I think I love her?’ He murmured, a tear rolling down his cheek. I sat down on the bed next to him and ran fingers through his hair.

‘Love has no time limit. It doesn’t matter if you met her two days ago if you love her, you love her. But only you can really decide if you do.’ I answered him. I leaned in and whispered in his ear. ‘Just listen to your heart, Niall.’ He smiled with his eyes closed.

‘Thank you, Alira.’ He whispered. I kissed his forehead, like a mother would, and walked out of my room.

I looked back at him and he had some tears rolling down his cheek. I feel so sorry for the kid. He looked so broken and hurt. I turned around, closing the door behind me and made my way down the stairs. What happened between them? To make Janelle say sorry and Niall to cry his heart out must have taken a lot. I know I felt like a mother when I tried soothing him. But I just had to. He needed it. When I walked into the room everyone’s heads snapped up.

‘Where is he?’ Liam asked me.

‘He’s in my room, he’s sleeping right now.’ I answered him then I turned to Georgia. ‘Do you know what happened?’ I asked her and she nodded.

‘She called it off because she was falling for him. And that wasn’t allowed to happen because technically she only used him for revenge on you two.’ She pointed to me and Jenna. I was shocked. She must have really liked him to call it off. 

‘Oh. Wow.’ I whispered.

‘Why would she want revenge?’ Georgia asked me and Jenna. Her eyebrows were knitted together and she looked really confused.

‘Well, when we were in year 11, some rumours were going around about us using her for popularity. They were no where near true. But she found out and believe them and yelled and hit us and broke Jenna’s arm. And ever since she wanted to get us back.’ I explained to her.

‘She sort of took that too far. Like, yeah, I’d be upset if that happened but i wouldn’t hold it against you for this long.’ Georgia shrugged her shoulders.

‘Yeah, but she’s Janelle.’ Matt said it as if it was answer enough.

‘I never guessed, you know. She was always nice.’ Georgia thought out loud. I just shrugged my shoulders.

We all sat in silence for a bit. It wasn’t awkward at all it was a deep in thought kind of silence. Louis stood up and walked over to me. He grabbed my hand and reeled me to the back of the room.

‘Don’t hate me when I say this.’ He said, seriously. My heart was pounding. Was he going to end it? But then I realised, we aren’t even together. I just chose Louis but we’re not even dating.

‘We’re going out on a date tonight at 7. Wear something pretty.’ He smirked and winked. I stood there, paralysed with relief. When I unfroze, I slapped him on the arm.

‘Ow!’ He grunted. ‘What was that for? You know, I expected an excited squeal or a really big smile but I ended up getting a slap.’ He retorted, sarcastically. I rolled my eyes at him.

‘That slap was for scaring me! I thought you were going to-’ i cut myself off. 

‘I was going to what?’ He asked, raising an eyebrow.

‘You were going to say, um.’ My cheeks flushed. How the hell am I supposed to explain this?

‘Don’t worry, love. I know what you were going to say.’ He winked and kissed me on the cheek. 

He walked away, chuckling to himself. I refrained myself from chasing after him and hitting him again. I walked back into the living room to find everyone sprawled on the floor watching Shrek the Third. I sat somewhere far from Louis to pretend I’m angry at him.  I sat beside Liam who was heavily engrossed in the movie. I checked the time and it was only 4:30. Halfway through the movie we could all hear Niall’s snores shaking the house and every now and then we would all chuckle at the sound of it. I stood up and went to the kitchen. I grabbed 2 tubs of ice cream, I popped some popcorn and I grabbed the three boxes of maltesers. I walked back into the living room and spread out the food in groups. I sat back in my spot beside Liam and started to eat from the tub.

‘Do you want some?’ I whispered to Liam, offering my spoon.

‘I don’t eat with spoons.’ He whispered back and I giggled slightly.

‘Why not?’ I asked him.

‘I just have this weird phobia with them. Now shush and watch the movie.’ He silenced me. I started to giggle again and I just continued eating my ice cream alone. I felt my phone vibrate from my pocket and I took it out. 

From: Louboo;)

Why are you so far from meeee? :(

My head snapped up and I caught Louis' eye. I just smirked and looked backed down at my phone to reply. 

To: Louboo;)

Because you're too sexy to be around ;)

I heard his phone buzz and him chuckle a bit. 

From: Louboo;)

But we can share my sexiness?

To: Louboo;)

Idk, man. I think I've got plenty sexy on me. 

From: Louboo;)

Tbh, you are pretty sexy ;)

My head snapped up and I glare at him. He answered with a playful smirk. I rolled my eyes at him and went to reply back. 

To: Louboo;)

I would say the same about you but my mummy told me not to lie :L

From: Louboo;)

I'm hurt. :'(

To: Louboo;)

Awww, poor baby! I'd come kiss you better but you're too far away. 

From: Louboo;)

Get off your lazy ass and come kiss me! 

To: Louboo;)

I'm fine, thanks bby. 

From: Louboo;)

Fine, be like that. -.-

To: Louboo;)

Look up, weirdo. 

I watched as his head looked up and I sent him kissy faces. 

From: Louboo;)

I caught your kisses baby. 

To: Louboo;)

Oh good. Cause it would be awkward if the just flew around in the air :L

From: Louboo;)

*rolls my eyes*

To: Louboo;)

*giggles a bit*

From: Louboo;)

You're beautiful. 

I felt my cheeks go red at the text. And I smiled at it. 

To: Louboo;)

That came out of no where, hahaha. 

From: Louboo;)

You deserve to know. 

I'm all giddy inside. This boy really does know what to say. 

To: Louboo;)

Awww. By the way, what do I wear tonight?

From: Louboo;)

Nothing. Just go naked. 

I looked up and glared at him. He just chuckled at the sight of my face. I rolled my eyes at him. 

To: Louboo;)

I go naked if you go naked ;)

From: Louboo;)

Sure, why not.

To: Louboo;)

You dirty ass kid. 

From: Louboo;)

I’m quite clean thank you.

To: Louboo;)


From: Louboo;)

Shut up, I’m not lame! 

To: Louboo;)

You wish, jellyfish.

From: Louboo;)

Jellyfish? Who’s the lame one now?

To: Louboo;)


From: Louboo;)

Pfft, The swag master from doncaster is never lame.

To: Louboo;)

Swag master, my ass!

From: Louboo;)

What about your ass?

To: Louboo;)

Nothing. My ass is none of your business! Now, what do I wear tonight?

From: Louboo;)

I told you. Wear nothing.

To: Louboo;)

If you don’t tell me what to wear then I’m not going.

From: Louboo;)

Fine! Wear something beautiful.

To: Louboo;)

That answered nothing.

From: Louboo;)

Wear something fancy. Happy?

To: Louboo;)


I checked the time on the phone to find that it was 6:00. I jumped up from my spot and everyone stared at me in alarm. 

‘Jenna, Georgia. My room. Now.’ I said, ushering them up. They looked at me weirdly but followed my instructions. All the boys on the floor stared at me like I had another head growing.

‘Don’t stare at me like that.’ I snapped and I spun on my heel, walking towards my room. When I opened the door, I found Niall awake on the bed.

‘Hey, sleepyhead.’ i greeted him.

‘Hey. What are you three doing?’ He looked at us, suspiciously.

‘You can’t know. Go downstairs, there’s food in the living room.’ I said and jumped up, running down to the room.

‘Okay, what are we doing?’ Georgia asked me.

‘I have a date. And it’s at 7. And it’s 6. And i need help.’ I informed them.

‘Okay, attire?’ Jenna had her stylist face on.

‘Fancy.’ I answered.

‘Colour in mind?’ Georgia asked, walking towards my closet.

‘White.’ I answered.

‘Really high but uncomfortable heels or a little short but comfortable heels?’ Jenna asked, in front of my shoes.

‘A little short but comfortable.’ I replied.

‘Natural make up or all out?’ Georgia said.

‘Depends on the dress.’ I answered and they all nodded.

They came back to my bed with a dress, shoes, jewelry, make up bag and all these hair products. The dress was a cream lace that went up to my collarbone and mid thigh. I had gray/cream wedges that I bought when we went shopping. They took gold bangles, golden/rose circular earrings and a gold cross necklace. They had waving spray and hairspray on the bed. And they had a gold clutch with everything else.

‘Put on the dress then wrap this robe around you.’ Jenna instructed, putting the robe on where there was space on my bed. 

I did as I was told, wrapping the robe around my body. They pushed me to sit in front of the vanity and they began working on me. Georgia did my hair while Jenna did my make up. They spent a while, Georgia taking a while as she worked on my strawberry blonde hair. Jenna didn’t let my open my eyes while i waited for Georgia to finish. 

‘Done!’ Georgia chirped and I opened my eyes slowly. They spun me around to show my reflection in the mirror.

I had bright red lipstick on my lips and my eyeshadow was a rosy pink. My eyelashes were thick with mascara and i had brown eyeliner on. My face was foundation free. My straight hair was turned into waves that looked natural.

‘Wow. This is beautiful! Thanks girls!’ I thanked them and they answered with big smiles. 

I looked up to the time and it was 6:55. Time flies really fast for me. I hurried to get my grey/cream wedges on and all my jewelry. I looked into the mirror and I began touching up on my dress. I grabbed my gold clutch and began putting things into it- phone, lipstick and some money. I turned to the girls and smiled.

‘You look wonderful!’ They said at the same time and i laughed a bit.

‘It’s 7:00!’ Jenna practically screamed.

‘Wait, for a bit. Make the man wait for you.’ Georgia winked. 

We waited for about three seconds before Georgia got over excited and pushed me out the door. I laughed and i fixed myself up before proceeding down the stairs. I walked down and Louis stood up. He wore a gray sweater over a blue button up shirt. The shirt was buttoned up all the way to the top. His hair was his signature messy hair and he was wearing black skinnies that was rolled a bit, showing off his ankles. He wore all this with baby blue toms. He looked at me up and down with his jaw to the floor. I rolled my eyes at him and I walked up to him.

‘One day, your jaw will just fall off and you’d be walking around without a jaw.’ I said sarcastically. He snapped it close.

‘You look beautiful.’ He whispered with mesmerised eyes.

‘I would say the same about you but..’ I looked him up and down with a judging look.

‘What’s wrong with what i’m wearing?’ He scoffed.

‘Nothing. You look amazing.’ I laughed and kissed him on the cheek.

‘Let’s go, my lady.’ He held out his arm and I linked my arm with his.

‘No sex tonight!’ Harry screamed and I rolled my eyes at him. He can really be my best friend.

‘Home before 9.’ Jenna scolded, pointing at the two of us.

‘9?’ I scoffed.

‘Okay, fine. 11. Happy?’ She rolled her eyes and I just laughed.

‘Leave.’ Georgia pushed us towards the door. We walked out, chuckling to ourselves.

‘How are we getting there?’ I asked him. In answer, he pointed to across the street where a limo was waiting.

‘Wow.’ I breathed. He smiled at me.

‘Anything for you.’ He opened the door and I slid in. He got in beside me. ‘This should be the most magical experience for you.’ His eyes showed nothing but promise.

‘I’ll hold you to that.’ I replied, winking. 






Yay! Another date! I hope you’re all excited ;)


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