Chasing the Sun

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  • Published: 22 Sep 2012
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COMPLETED. Alira Somers. A 19 year old girl who isn't that much of a fan of One Direction. But her best friend, Jenna, won tickets to a little 'promo' about One Direction. Little did they know, One Direction was performing. That's where they lay eyes on both of them for the first time. That's when Alira changed her views on them. That's when 2/5 will fall for her. That's when all hell breaks loose in her life.

**Blurb is misleading, it isn't as good as I thought it would be. Personally, it's not my best but by all means, if you want to read it go ahead! Just let me warn you, it's not as good as the blurb says.


27. Chapter 27: reunions


Chapter 27: reunions 


Ali’s POV


As we stepped off the jetty we made our way over to the Kombi that was still parked there after 2 days. We stood there as we waited for Zayn and Niall to hop off. I jumped into the car as I waited for them and I sat there while everyone put the bags into the back.

‘Planning on helping?’ Harry asks. He still had pain in his eyes but at least he’s trying to get better and be my friend, like he promised.

‘Nah, looks like the 3 of you has got it under control.’ I shrug my shoulders and took out my phone and began scrolling through my mentions on twitter.

‘Babe, don’t be such a lazy ass.’ Louis chuckled. 

‘I’m not lazy, I’m just relaxing.’ I smiled sheepishly. He just shook his head, chuckled and continued doing what he was doing. When Zayn and Niall walked towards the Kombi the boys finished doing what they were doing.

‘Let’s go home. I miss home.’ I say and practically pushed everyone into the car.

‘You’re so persistent, Ali.’ Niall said, laughing.

‘Cool story, bro.’ I say.

‘Never say that again.’ He stopped laughing abruptly.

‘Whatever.’ I shrug. 

By the way everyone was acting, it was clear they were trying to take my mind off the events of this morning. Somehow, Liam, Niall and Zayn found out I chose Louis. They’re all understanding but they still feel sorry for Harry. I feel sorry for Harry. I will always feel sorry for Harry. But I can’t ignore the fact that I’m sure I like Louis more. Louis was driving, I sat in the passenger and everyone was everywhere in the back. We all laughed and played ‘I spy’. I won that game. I’m the bomb at I spy. Once we pulled up at my house everyone piled into the lounge room. 

‘I’ll be in my room for a bit.’ I say, half yelling. I walked up the stairs and into my room. As soon as i closed the door, it burst open. I watched them curiously as they looked at everything on my walls.

‘Wow.’ Liam gasps out.

‘This is amazing.’ Louis whispers.

‘Pure talent.’ Niall says, mesmerised.

‘Beautiful.’ Zayn says.

‘I told you so.’ Harry smiled, smugly.

‘What are you doing?’ I finally ask.

‘I told them about your photography skills. And I told them that I wanted you as our photographer.’ Harry says, lounging on my bed.

‘I want you too! This amazeballs!’ Louis screams running over to the wall filled with photos.

‘Amazeballs? What the hell?’ I laugh at him.

‘It’s a cool word, okay.’ He shrugged and I just giggled.

‘It’s official. I told our manager we wanted you as our photographer. I sent them photos and all. They want you too. So, you’re a photographer!’ Liam says, proudly and happily.

‘No way.’ My eyes widened at the news.

‘Yes way.’ Louis says, all feminine.

‘My first real photography job!’ I squeal.

‘I told you you were good.’ Jenna said with a smug tone.

‘If I’m good at photography then you’re good at designing. And styling.’ I said with a pointed look.

‘We need a new stylist too...’ Liam’s voice trailed off.

‘Then follow me boys.’ I say, walking out the door.

‘What are you doing?’ Jenna asks, staring at me suspiciously.

‘Nothing.’ I say, shrugging. I lead the boys to Jenna’s room.

‘No, Ali!’ Jenna screams trying to stop me but she was too late. I already opened the door.

Her room and three mannequins, a desk with clothes she’s designed on the wall against it and she had fabric on her bedside table. I walk over to her desk and grab her one direction sketchbook. I know this is a bit weird and all but she’s a fan and she designed some clothes for them. I walk over to the boys and hand them the book.

‘Is that...? No! That’s so embarrassing!’ Jenna said with embarrassment clear on her face. I watched as the boys flipped through the pages and I watched as their faces were amazed with her work.

‘Told you you were good.’ I say, repeating her words.

‘They haven’t said anything yet. Oh my god. I’m terrible. Why did you have to show them this one? They’re going to think I’m a crazed fan. Ali, I hate you.’ She grumbled and i just chuckled. She can thank me later.

‘Wow.’ Liam gasps out.

‘This is amazing.’ Louis whispers.

‘Pure talent.’ Niall says, mesmerised.

‘Beautiful.’ Zayn says.

‘Shit.’ Harry said, amazed.

They all repeated what they said earlier. I look at Jenna with a sheepish smile. 

'What did I tell you?' I winked at her. She just shook her head and pried the book away from them. 

'Thats nothing. I was just being a crazed fan.' She put it back on her desk. 

'Nothing, my ass. You're our stylist now. I just texted our manager.' Liam smiled at her. She frowns and her eyebrows furrowed. 

'I don't know if I'm ready.' She whispers and looks down on the ground. I walked over to her and wrapped my arm around her shoulders. 

'If you're not doing it then I'm not either. Like i'll go without you.' I murmur in her ear. 

'But you should go, Ali. You're born for this, I'm not.' She muttered. 

'Im not taking your bullshit this time. If they want you, they want you. You're not going to miss out on this opportunity.' I say, making her look at me in the eyes. 

'Fine, i'll do it.' She says with a small smile. The boys erupted into applause. 

'A photographer and stylist!' Niall says excitedly. His phone beeps and he looks down at it. Same with Jenna. 

'They're here!' They both exclaim and they run for the door. 

Jenna and Jake come up first, their arms wrapped around each other. When Jake caught sight of me, he came over and pulled me into a hug. I hugged him back. 

'That Blake kid is sick.' He whispers in my ear and I smiled. 

We both pulled away just as Niall and Janelle walk up, hand in hand. Her eyes looked a bit down but she gave me a small smile. I smiled at her back, glad to know she's at least being nice to me. Then we hear the door slam. And it was quiet downstairs. I started to panic. 

'Bitches, I'm home! Make me a sandwich.' A familiar voice booms from downstairs.

Jenna and I exchanged an excited look as everyone looked confused. We both push through everyone and run downstairs. When we walked into the living room, we saw a blonde head lounging on the couch. His duffel bag and suitcase near the front door. Me and Jenna exchanged another excited look and we both jumped over the couch and landed on him. We were lying on top of him when everyone came down the stairs and they all have us confused looks. But neither of us cared. We were so happy he was back. I looked up into his eyes and everything came rushing back. I miss his eyes, his smile and his laugh. All three of us started to laugh our heads off, Jenna ended up falling off the couch in the process. Which made us laugh even more. We all went into our traditional 1 minute group hug. When we all pulled away, I pulled him in for an individual hug. 

'I missed you so much, bowl of punch!' I say in his ear. 

'I missed you too, pikachu!' He says back and we both laughed. 

When I pulled away, I plopped down on the seat beside him and watched their reunion. Someone cleared their throat from behind us and we all turned. 

'Oops, guys, this is Matt. Our best friend.' I grinned at them as Matt turned around. 

'What is that bitch doing here?' I turned to look at Matt and he had his eyes fixed on Janelle with such an angry expression. 

'Matt.' Jenna whispers but he wasn't focused on either of us. He just stared Janelle down. 

'What the fuck is she doing here? She accused you guys of doing shit you never did and hit both of you. Jenna, you broke your leg because of her! And Ali, she practically made you get together with that psycho. So, what is she doing here?' He practically yells. I had tears forming in my eyes. 

'W-we made up.' I said quietly. 

'Bullshit you guys made up. She's probably thinking of some revenge that you don't fucking deserve.' He said, angrily. I stared at him in shock. 

'Matt? Are you okay?' Jenna whispers. 

She and I both know Matt wouldn't get so worked up about this. I looked at everyone else and try we're cowering in terror. Niall had an arm wrapped around Janelle and she had some tears pouring down. Liam and Zayn were a few steps back from where they started. Louis and Harry stood there, exchanging glances and their bodies were frozen. I looked back to Matt and he had tears. 

'Matt. What's wrong?' I demanded and I watched as the tears spilt. 

'Dad's in a coma.' He whispered and he sat back down on the couch. 

'What?' I say. 

'Since when?' Jenna asked at the same time I did. 

'Since yesterday. H-he was in car crash. It's why I came back early.' Matt spoke with his head in his hands. I sat on the back and I hugged him from behind. 

'Matt, he's going to be okay. He'll wake up soon. I promise.' I whisper in his ear. 

'Yeah, I hope so.' He looked up and he calmed down. 

'So. What's going on here? Who are all these-' he cut himself off. 'Is that One Direction?' Realisation hit him and he stared at them. 

'Yes, it's One Direction.' Jenna confirmed with a smile. 

'We have a lot of talking to do.' Matt looked at us with a pointed look. 

'Yeah, yeah. Introductions first!' I say. But then someone knocked on the door and I made my way over. A familiar golden brown head stood in the doorway.

'Georgia!' I say, a bit surprised. 

'Hey, Ali.' She smiled and I let her in. 

'Hey, boys. Hey, Jenna. Hey, Janelle. And hello, hot guy I've never met before.' She greeted everyone and Jenna and I giggled when she said hi to Matt.

'Okay. Let me start again, introductions!' I clapped my hands together. 

'Okay, Matt this is Georgia, Niall, Janelle, Zayn, Jake, Liam, Harry and Louis. Guys, this is Matt.' I pointed everyone out. 

'And now that I know all of them, what is Janelle doing here? I thought she hated you?' Matt asked with confusion clear on his face. 

'Janelle is Niall's girlfriend. And we sort of made up.' Jenna answered. 

'And just to clarify, I'm gay. Sorry, Georgia.' Matt chuckled. I watched as the boys took half a step back. And I giggled. 

'Oh yeah, I have the best news.' Matt looked at us with his blue eyes glistening and shining. He looked so happy. 

'And are you going to wait for Christmas to tell us or...?' I replied sarcastically. 

'I found a boyfriend!' He had the biggest smile on his face. Mine and Jenna's faces broke into a grin. This his third boyfriend. 

'No way! Details, mate!' I grabbed his arm and dragged him to the couch. 

'Oh and guys, instead of standing there awkwardly, come sit down.' I ushered them into the room and they all filed in silently. They just watched our reunion. 

'So, first things first. Name?' Jenna asked. 

'Chase.' He smiled widely. 

'Okay, hot sexy name. How old?' I said, nodding my head. 

'My age.' He was glowing at this point. 

'20. Okay, what does he do?' Jenna continued. 

'He's a model and a surfer. We met at the photo shoot.' He replied. 

'Where is he now?' I asked. 

'He's with his family right now.' He answered. 

'Here in Sydney?' Jenna asked. 

'Yup.' He smiled happily. 

'This is so cute, awwww Matty!' I pinched his cheeks and he rolled his eyes. 

'So, how'd you guys meet?' Matt said pointing to the boys with a smile on his face. The boys sat there uncomfortably and I rolled my eyes at them. 

'Guys, chill. Yes, he's gay but he has a boyfriend.' I giggle and all the boys relaxed a bit. 

'That's racist.' Matt muttered and he looked hurt. But Jenna and I know Matt more than anyone and we both know he's joking. 

'Oh no... We didn't mean it like that. We're just... um.' Liam said uncomfortably and us three laughed. Everyone looked at us weirdly. 

'Relax, mate. I don't mind. I'm not ashamed of who I am.' He smiled proudly. Everyone relaxed. 

'Niall, can I talk to you in the kitchen?' Janelle whispered. Niall looked at her confused but followed her to the kitchen. We all stared after them. 

'You still haven't told me how you guys met.' Matt gave us all pointed look. 

'Well, we were doing a go show at a diner thing in darling harbour. And these girls were in front of us and well we just gave them our number and told them to give us a call.' Zayn shrugged his shoulders. 

'So you guys thought they were hot and all.' Matt said. 

'No. Not hot. Just crazy beautiful.' Louis said, staring at me. I blushed and looked down at my lap. 

'Oooh.' Matt whispered in my ear and I slapped his arm. 

'So what about Jake and Georgia?' Matt continued. 

'I met Jenna in the beach and that night I asked her to be my girlfriend. And Georgia's my sister.' Jake said. He was grinning like mad when he talked about Jenna. 

'You better not hurt her. If you do i'll kill you. Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I can't bash up a guy.' Matt said seriously. I giggled at how stupid he's being. 

Then the kitchen door burst open and Janelle stood there in tears. She looked directly at us three. 

'I'm such a terrible person. I know that. I'm so sorry for absolutely everything. I'm sorry for breaking your arm, Jenna. I'll admit I took that too far. I'm so sorry for absolutely everything.' And with that she walked out of the house. 

'I'll go check up on Niall.' Georgia whispered. And she went off to the kitchen. 

'What was that.' Matt gasped out. 

'I honestly don't know.' I whispered. 

'Wow.' Jenna breathed. 






Ugh, I haven’t updated in so long. I feel so terrible, I’m not even kidding. I’ll try to update more often, I promise.


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