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  • Published: 22 Sep 2012
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COMPLETED. Alira Somers. A 19 year old girl who isn't that much of a fan of One Direction. But her best friend, Jenna, won tickets to a little 'promo' about One Direction. Little did they know, One Direction was performing. That's where they lay eyes on both of them for the first time. That's when Alira changed her views on them. That's when 2/5 will fall for her. That's when all hell breaks loose in her life.

**Blurb is misleading, it isn't as good as I thought it would be. Personally, it's not my best but by all means, if you want to read it go ahead! Just let me warn you, it's not as good as the blurb says.


26. Chapter 26: heartbreaks and torments


Chapter 26: heartbreaks and torments.


Harry’s POV


How could anyone hurt a girl like Ali? How could they watch her cry? How could they threaten her? How could anyone be a sick as Blake? Now there’s someone else as well? I hate watching her cry. Seeing the tears pour down her face breaks my heart. I hugged her around the waist tightly. I saw her nod her head but I wasn’t exactly sure why.

‘Harry, I need to talk to you.’ She says through her tears. I was worried. What does she need to tell me? She looks like she can break any moment. I looked around to Louis and he looked scared. We walked out onto the deck and I got even more worried.

‘I’m sorry, Harry. I like you. I like you so much but I’ve chosen Louis. Maybe sometime in the future, I don’t know. I’m sorry for this. I’m so sorry.’ Her voice broke at the end and she sobbed. I felt the tears fill up my eyes and spill over down my cheeks. I felt my heart shatter. 

‘Like I said, I’ll respect your decision. I love you, Ali. I already know that. I love you enough to let you go. I’ll be your friend, I’ll be your brother, I’ll be anything. Just as long as I’m still near you. I do love you, Ali. And yeah, maybe sometime in the future.’ My voice broke at the end. It hurt me to let her go. It hurt me to just be her friend. It hurt me to hear her say she chose someone else. My heart was fractured into a million pieces. I cried. I watched her cry. She pulled me in for a hug and I watched as her eyes said sorry.

‘I’m so sorry, Harry.’ She whispered in my ear and she kissed me on the cheek. How mush i wished she could do that to me everyday.

‘I love you, Ali.’ I whispered back.

‘I’m going to kiss you. For the last time.’ And my heart breaks again into more pieces. For the last time. That broke me. it broke every bit in me. I felt the blood drain from my face as my heart shattered. I nodded and she leaned in.

Our mouths moved in sync. I felt the sparks and the fireworks. I’m sure she felt it too. Maybe it was stronger with Louis, I don’t know. But at least I know that there could be a chance between us. When you feel fireworks in a kiss, there’s something special there. I love you, Alira Jane Somers, I whispered in my head. We pulled away and she turned around before I got to look at her. 

I sat down on one of the deck chairs as the tears really poured down my face. I felt a little mad at Louis. That night where he saved her life ruined any chances for me. But then I'm grateful he saved her because then how would I have got to know her? No. I'm not mad at Louis. I'm hurt and I'm broken. I love her. I will love her for forever. I used to be a player. I used to have one night stands, drink, do drugs. I used to flirt with every girl I met. But when I met Ali. I don't know. Something just clicked. Something switched all that off and brought the good out of me. That's why I love her. She made me be a better person. And I can't let a girl like that slip away. It's why I've agreed to be her friend even though I love her. 

I can't believe I fell in love in less than a week. And it hurts to know that she chose someone else. I say there and the tears didn't stop pouring. I heard footsteps on the deck and I looked up to find Jenna. 

'Harry. I'm so sorry.' Jenna whispered. I opened my mouth but I closed it again. I'm afraid if I say something my voice will crack. 

'Harry, don't pull yourself down. One day you might get her.' She reassured me.

'Like one day, Zayn will get a chance with you too.' I muttered quietly. 

'What?' Jenna asked. 

'Like one day, Zayn will get a chance with you too.' I said louder. I looked at her face and she looked so shocked. 

'What do you mean?' She whispered. 

'Zayn likes you, you know. If I can get Ali then he can get you.' I explained. 

'But I love Jake.' She whispered. It was my turn to be shocked. I felt the tears stop. How can she love him in two days? How does Zayn stand a chance now?

'Love?' I asked. 

'Yes.' She replied. 'One day, Harry. You'll get her.' She said and she walked away. 

I teared up again. No. I can't cry anymore. I've got to be strong now. I've got to be strong for Ali. She needs to know that I can be her friend without me trying to pull a move. 

I love you, Ali. 


Zayn's POV


I walked past the door that leads to the deck. I was on my way to the kitchen. My mind was blown from what happened to Ali. How the hell could you do that to someone who is the sweetest person ever? These people are so flacking weird and stupid. And fucking psycho. 

'... Zayn will get a chance with you.' Someone was saying. I stopped dead in my tracks and moved to the deck door. I listened in. 

'What do you mean?' Someone whispered quietly. I peaked outside the door and I found Harry and Jenna sitting on the deck chairs. Harry had tear streaks on his face and Jenna's back was to me. 

'Zayn likes you, you know. If I can get Ali then he can get you.' Harry said. I put my head back inside. I was shocked. Harry's telling Jenna how I feel. I should be mad, right? But I'm not. I'm glad she finally knows. But I was shocked. What will she say? Does she feel the same way? I'm nervous about what she might say. 

'But I love jake.' She whispered and my heart stopped. Love? No. This can't be happening. The girl I like, possibly love, is in love with someone else. 

'Love?' I heard Harry ask. 

'Yes.' Jenna confirmed. No. I can't believe this. 

'One day, Harry. You'll get her.' Jenna said and I heard her walking towards the door and I ran for the kitchen. 

I locked the kitchen door and I slid down it. I know I should be expecting her to love him one day. But I didn't expect it so soon. I didn't expect her to fall in love in two days. I felt a tear go down my face and I quickly wiped it away. I can't show her what I feel. I have to be her friend. I have to act like I don't know she loves him. I have to act normal. I breathed in and tried to relax. I need to act normal. 

Someone banged on the door and I jumped in shock. 

'Hello? Who locked this door? Why would you ever lock the kitchen door? What are you? You monster!' Niall started yelling. I started to chuckle. 

'Open this door before I die in starvation!' Niall yelled again. 

'Dude, you ate less than 20 minutes ago.' I shot back. 

'Zayn? Open the door!' He started to kick it. 

'Chill, Niall.' I chuckled and opened the door. He was in the middle of a kick and it hit me right in the balls. I groaned in pain and fell to the floor. I looked up to see if Niall showed any remorse but all he did was shrug and go to the fridge. 

'Fine, i'll just just stay here in pain while you engulf yourself in food.' I said sarcastically. 

'Meh, I love food more than I love food.' He shrugged again and dug a spoon into the ice cream tub. 

'Dude. Use a bowl or something.' I say, standing up. My balls still hurt so I had to sort of limp. 

'Who cares. I'll demolish it before we get off anyway.' He shrugged and I shook my head in disbelief. 

'We're getting off in like 10 minutes.' I tried to reason with him. 

'Three quarters done.' He showed me the tub and it was indeed almost done. 

'You eat so much. How the hell do you stay skinny?' I asked with pure disbelief. 

'Fast matabolism, gym and all.' He shrugged. 'Done!' He says and he chucked the tub away. 

'You're so amusing, Niall.' I chuckled. 

Niall's the only person who can take my mind off anything just by being himself. He's such an amusement. I love the kid. 

'Guys, we're at the jetty.' Jenna said, poking her head in the doorway. I looked at her blue eyes and almost burst out crying. I calmed myself down and put on a fake smile. 

'We'll be out soon.' I say as calmly as I could. 

'Okay.' She smiled a breathtaking smile and my heart broke. 

Why does she have to love someone else? Why couldn't she love me? Why didn't I ask we out when I had the chance? If only I did. 

'Come on, Nialler.' I say, grabbing his arm. 

'Zayn, are you okay?' Niall looks at me in the eye. I put on another fake smile. 

'Yeah, I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?' I laugh a bit. 

'Zayn, you're eyes are teary.' He pointed out. That's when I felt it. 

'No, they're not.' I laughed it off and quickly walked out. 

Only Harry knows and can know about my feelings for Jenna. He’s in somewhat the same position, only he knows how it feels, to be in love with someone who loves someone else. I don’t want the rest of the boys to find out. They’ll think i’m stupid or something. They’ll assume that I’ll do anything to break them up. But I won’t. Yes, I’ll try to make her know I like her and try to make her know that she likes me. But no, I’m not heartless. If she’s happy with Jake then I’ll let her be with Jake. But I will win her over, without doing much to them.






I know it’s stupid but i cried over this chapter. I’m such a terrible person. I can’t believe i did that to Harry. I’m such a lame person. *smh*


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