Chasing the Sun

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  • Published: 22 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 20 Jun 2013
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COMPLETED. Alira Somers. A 19 year old girl who isn't that much of a fan of One Direction. But her best friend, Jenna, won tickets to a little 'promo' about One Direction. Little did they know, One Direction was performing. That's where they lay eyes on both of them for the first time. That's when Alira changed her views on them. That's when 2/5 will fall for her. That's when all hell breaks loose in her life.

**Blurb is misleading, it isn't as good as I thought it would be. Personally, it's not my best but by all means, if you want to read it go ahead! Just let me warn you, it's not as good as the blurb says.


22. Chapter 22: louira date


Chapter 22: Louira date.


Alira’s POV


We all walked through the door, each one of us carrying about 5 or more bags each. We dropped Georgia off at her house and we all exchanged numbers with her. 

‘Hey, Lou. What time are we leaving?’ I asked Louis once we all got to the sitting room.

‘Around 7:30 ish.’ He replied. I looked at the time on my phone and my eyes widened.

‘It’s 6:00!’ I screamed and I grabbed Jenna’s hand and we both bolted for our room. I dropped my bags on the bed and grabbed a towel.

‘I’m gonna go have a shower.’ I say, over my shoulder.

‘Try and not take long.’ Jenna pleaded.

‘I’m not gonna wash my hair so it’s okay.’ I smiled and I stripped off my clothes and hopped in. 5 minutes later I got out and wrapped a towel around my body.

‘Okay, I already took out your underwear for you. I’ll take a shower while you get your clothes on.’ Jenna instructed.

‘Okay, thanks babe.’ I smiled at her. She nodded and she walked into the bathroom.

I unwrapped the towel and slipped on my underwear. I put the dress I bought on. It was a nude-white dress with a brown velvet collar. I decided not to put my shoes on yet and I wrapped a robe over my dress to put on my make up. I didn’t put any on until Jenna was out. I took out the underwear she needed and put it on her bed and I sat at the vanity picking out which colours I wanted.

‘Okay, I’m done putting my shit on. Let’s do this.’ Jenna had a smile plastered on her face.

‘Ohmygod. You swore! You’re really excited aren’t you?’ I winked at her.

‘Of course I’m excited! Jake is like the perfect guy!’ She sounded really dreamy. She wrapped a robe over her dress and she walked over to me. 

‘I’ll do your stuff first then you do mine, yeah?’ I said and she nodded. ‘I’ll start. I already know what to do!’ I chirped.

I started with her make up. I did a blue and white smokey eye on her eyelids. It brought out her sapphire blue eyes. I applied pinkish lip stick and I glossed it up. I put on rose blush on her cheeks. I didn’t bother putting on foundation because she’s practically albino. I stared at her hair wondering what to do with it, then I got the perfect look. I curled her caramel brown hair and put it on one shoulder. I clipped one side back and hid the bobby pins by putting some of her hair on top. I curled her hair so it looked like it was in ringlets. When I was done I took a step back and admired my masterpiece.

‘You’re done!’ I smiled and she looked at herself in the mirror.

‘Wow.’ she breathed out. ‘Your turn!’ she chirped and we swapped places.

I closed my eyes as I feel all these brushes wipe across my face. I feel the mascara pulling at my eyelashes. I feel the brush as it wipes across my eyelids and my cheeks bones. I feel the sticky gloss as it goes over my lips. I keep my eyes closed as she does my hair. She touches it really lightly and she didn’t use the straightener/curler that much. 

‘Done!’ She said happily and I open my eyes and look in the mirror. 

‘Wow.’ I gasped.

She used brown for my eyes and it sort of tones down. It’s dark on top and as it reaches my lashes it turns to light brown. She used rose blush for my cheeks and it sort of complimented my chocolate brown eyes. My lips were a bright pink and it shone with the light. My strawberry blonde hair was wavy at the ends and both sides of my hair was in a barrette style.

‘This is beautiful, Jenna.’ I smiled. I looked at the time and it was 7:15. 

‘We better finish getting ready.’ I say and I hop off the chair.

I grabbed my nude white coloured flats and slipped them on. Louis said to not wear 5 inch heels but I found no pretty small ones so I just decided on flats. I hooked in my gold tiered earrings and slipped on my bracelets. I grabbed all the essentials into my bag- my phone, lipgloss and some money. I looked at my reflection again and I nodded to myself. I turned to Jenna and she was ready as well.

‘Let’s go.’ She smiled and we linked our arms. 

We walked down the stairs with our arms linked and we both had big smiles on our faces. We watched as Louis and Jake stood up from their seats and we watched as their jaws drop to the core of the world.  I looked at Jenna and we both giggled. I let go of her and walked over to Louis.

‘Close your mouth before something flies in.’ I laugh and smiled at him.

‘You look beautiful, Ali.’ Louis whispered after he recovered.

‘You look dashing yourself.’ I winked and he chuckled. 

‘Let’s go, babe.’ He said, hooking is arm so I could link my arm with his.

‘Let’s go.’ I say and we headed for the door.

As we were walking to the door, Harry and I caught each other’s eye. He smiled and he mouthed “you look beautiful” to me. I winked at him and smiled. From the stories I’ve heard of Harry, I expected him to be the player. The one who would hook up with a girl and leave without a word. The kind of guy who would never allow himself to love someone. But here he is, telling me he’s falling in love and that he wants to be in my life forever.  I smile at the thought of his speech today. 

I looked ahead as we walked down the stairs and out the gate. And then my vision was covered by a blind fold. 

‘Oh my god! Louis, what’s going on?’ I gasp.

‘Chill, Ali. I want it to be a surprise. Now, I know you’re wearing a dress but I’m going to piggyback you so you don’t have to walk.’ He said and I felt him wrap both my arms around his neck. 

‘Jump on three.’ He instructed and I waited until he counted down and I jumped onto his back.

‘This feels weird because I can’t see.’ I laughed as I rested my head on his shoulder.

‘Oh well, at least you get the luxury of getting a ride there.’ And I can imagine him winking.

‘What? You’re walking there with me on your back? Dude, I weigh more than an elephant.’ I scolded. What is with everyone carrying me today? Okay, true, it is romantic but I don’t want to break peoples’ backs.

‘You’re so light. If you didn’t talk I bet I’d forget you’re there.’ He says.

‘Sure, sure, Louis.’ I sighed. Then a thought popped into my head.

‘Lou, why does Harry call you boobear?’ I ask curiously. He sighed a collective sigh.

‘Well, my mum calls me boobear and in an interview they asked me about it and well they sort of caught on.’ I giggled a bit.

‘Awww, boobear! That’s so cute!’ I giggled again.

‘You make it sound better.’ He chuckles. He stops and unclasps my hands. I slid off his back and tried to regain my balance. He grabbed my hand and lead me forward a bit. He ordered for me to stop and he took the blindfold off. 

‘Did the blindfold ruin my make up?’ I ask before looking around.

‘No. You still look beautiful.’ He smiles.

I turned around and I was completely shocked by what I saw. There was a red carpet leading to table on the beach. The waves crashed silently and soothingly. The carpet 

was a plush red and it was sort of stiff. I walked down the carpet with Louis’ hand and it sort of felt like walking down the aisle. Once we reached the table i saw what was on it. There were 3 candles in the middle and plates on either side. There was roses placed all around the table. It was really romantic.

‘This is beautiful, Louis.’ I whisper and I kissed him on the cheek.

‘I’m glad you like it.’ He says in my ear. I blush as his breath tickled my neck. He led me to my seat and took out the chair.

‘Have a seat, ma lady.’ He put on a deep voice.

‘Thank you, sir.’ I nod my head and sat down.

‘You’re welcome, ma’am.’ He tipped his head as if he had a hat.

‘This is so picturesque.’ I say, looking around. I listened to the waves crashing silently. I closed my eyes and relaxed to the sound. I breathed in and out and I let all my stress free. It continued like this for a minute or so until I heard a snap of a camera. i opened my eyes to find Louis smiling.

‘You looked so beautiful and peaceful, I just had to take a picture.’ He defended himself. 

‘Just as long as I look good.’ I tell him.

‘There’s never a second where you’re not.’ He whispered. I smiled at him as the blood rushed to my cheeks.

‘I’ll call for dinner.’ He says and he used his phone to text someone. A man in a suit walked down the carpet holding a large dish covered with a metal lid. He set it on the edge of the table and he took the lid off to reveal what was underneath. I laughed when I saw what was under it. It was just KFC, 10 piece chicken, 2 boxes of chips and 2 gravys. 

‘Okay, I’ll admit, I didn’t want it too fancy so I just ordered chicken.’ He said looking down.

‘And I’ll admit, I’d rather eat this and use my hands than have some fancy dinner and use cutlery. This is perfect, Lou.’ I smiled and touched his hand that was on the table. He looked up and beamed at me.

‘Dig in?’ He suggested and we both lunged for the chicken. We took five pieces, a box of chips and a gravy each. 

‘I declare a match at who can finish their boxes of chips first.’ I said, with a smirk on my face.

‘You’re kidding! No other girl would want to do that with me.’ Louis laughed.

‘I’m not like any girls. I like to be myself.’ I smiled.

‘Okay, let’s do this.’ He said, grabbing his box of chips.

‘Ready? Prepare to be humiliated by a girl, Lou.’ I say, putting my game face on.

‘It’s on like donkey kong.’ He retaliated. I counted down with my fingers and once I put the last finger down we stuffed our faces. I was winning at first then somehow he caught up and won. He finished before I got 3 quarters down.

‘I won!’ He screamed through a mouthful of food.

‘Whatever, mate. I was winning that though.’ I scolded.

‘Sore loser.’ He muttered when he swallowed what was in his mouth.

‘Am not!’ I retorted.

‘Are too!’ He retaliated.

‘Whatever, man. I’m sort of full now.’ I groaned.

‘I’ll finish your food for you!’ He chirped reaching for my chicken and my gravy. I slapped both of his hands away.

‘You do not touch Alira Jane Somers’ food, peasant.’ I glared at him.

‘Peasant?’ He asked in between laughs.

‘It’s what I get for being on tumblr a lot, okay. Don’t judge me.’ I laugh.

‘You know, we need a photo.’ Louis pointed out.

‘Touché.’ I answer. He got off his seat and walked over to me. I took the camera off him and snapped a photo of us. 

‘I’m putting this on twitter, okay.’ I nodded and my phone beeped from my bag.

@Louis_Tomlinson: Dinner with the beautiful @CallMeAlira she looks beautiful, doesn’t she? xx.

‘That was cheesy, Lou.’ I laughed at his tweet. My phone then beeped a few more times.

@Tommoswifee: @CallMeAlira two dates in one day? What a slag.

@Haarry_Styles: @CallMeAlira what the hell? a date with harry and louis? you slut!

@Daddy_direction: @Louis_Tomlinson @CallMeAlira @Harry_Styles she’s so beautiful! either one of you would be lucky to have her! Alira, i hope you choose the perfect one, good luck. xx.

I smiled at the last tweet and showed it to Louis. His eyes lightened up and he went to follow her. I tweeted her back.

@CallMeAlira: @Daddy_Direction you are by far the sweetest, thank you hun. xx.

‘I miss my camera.’ I whimpered out of no where.

‘Camera?’ Louis cocked his head and raised his eyebrow.

‘Yeah, I do photography.’ I said.

‘Serious?’ He said, he sounded a bit shocked. I laughed a bit.

‘Yep! I love taking photos, it’s amazing. When I get home, I can show you some of the photos. Harry asked me to be your photographer, you know.’ I say.

‘He did? Oh, that’s good! We’ve been needing one.’ He says, he sounded a bit down and I felt a bit guilty for bringing him in.

‘Yeah, he said something like that.’

‘Okay, 21 questions? I’ll ask my questions first and then you can. And we’ll only do 10. And no follow up questions.’ He proposes after we finished eating.

‘Fire ahead.’

‘Okay, favourite movie?’

‘Finding Nemo.’

‘Favourite song?’

‘Small Bump, Ed Sheeran.’

‘Favourite food?’


‘Favourite fruit?’

‘Kiwi fruit.’

‘Ideal guy?’

‘Loves a laugh, always has playful banter, respects my decisions and is a little immature.’

‘If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?’


‘First thing on your bucketlist?’

‘Go skydiving.’

‘Favourite sport?’


‘Favourite colour?’

‘Sunset orange.’

‘Favourite guy out of the band?’

‘Liam.’ I smirked at this. He pouted and I laughed. ‘Sorry, Louboo.’ He laughed anyway.

‘Okay, your turn.’

‘Favourite song?’

‘Look After You, The Fray.’

‘Favourite colour?’



‘My mum’s name is Johannah but she likes to be called Jay, my dad’s name is Mark and they’re separated. I have four sisters, Lottie, Fizzy, Pheobe and Daisy.’

‘Favourite country so far?’

‘Australia by far.’ with that he winked and I blushed.


‘24th December 1991.’


‘Doncaster, England.’





‘Ideal girl?’

‘Confident, good sense of humour and loves playful banter.’

‘Favourite movie?’

‘Forest Gump.’

‘Well, that was interesting.’ I laughed. 

‘Yeah, it was. Why do you want to go to Greece?’ He asks me.

‘Well, I love ancient history and Ancient Greece is by far my favourite.’ 

‘And Liam your favourite? That’s messed up.’ He laughed.

‘I dunno, he’s just so sensible and down to earth and all.’ I shrugged my shoulders. He just nodded his head.

‘Forest Gump?’ I asked, curious.

‘It’s a good move, okay.’ He said in a defending tone.

‘Australia?’ I felt my eyebrow rise.

‘Perfect weather, perfect view, perfect girl.’ He winks at me again and I blush red. ‘It’s almost 10:00, y’know.’

My eyes widened. ‘What? I swear we’ve only been here for half an hour.’

‘It’s funny how time flies when you’re having fun, aye.’ He laughs. He got out of his seat and he walked over to me. He held out his hand and I took it. We both walked back to the house and when we stood outside the door he leaned in for a kiss. I kissed him back and again the sparks flew. I’m still very confused of everything.

‘Good night, beautiful.’ He whispered as we walked in. 






You’ll get Jenna’s date next chapter. Hope you enjoyed this one. 

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