Chasing the Sun

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  • Published: 22 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 20 Jun 2013
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COMPLETED. Alira Somers. A 19 year old girl who isn't that much of a fan of One Direction. But her best friend, Jenna, won tickets to a little 'promo' about One Direction. Little did they know, One Direction was performing. That's where they lay eyes on both of them for the first time. That's when Alira changed her views on them. That's when 2/5 will fall for her. That's when all hell breaks loose in her life.

**Blurb is misleading, it isn't as good as I thought it would be. Personally, it's not my best but by all means, if you want to read it go ahead! Just let me warn you, it's not as good as the blurb says.


21. Chapter 21: needs to be perfect

Chapter 21: needs to be perfect.


We all walked through the door in a line and in slow motion. We walked in like a gang but with all our hairs flying back because of the wind once you walk in. But then someone complained we were walking too slow so we walked faster and started to laugh. 

‘Okay guys, I’m gonna go shopping with Ali. You can come too Janelle if you li-’ Jenna got cut off by Jake.

‘Georgia? Is that you?’ Jake screamed at a girl with golden brown hair turned around and her face instantly broke into a smile. She had the same colour eyes as Jake and she was goddamn beautiful.

‘Jake? Where the hell have you been?’ Emma laughed and she gave Jake a hug.

Me and Jenna shared a look. She looked really jealous.

‘What are you doing here? Are you alone?’ Jake asked her with a bit too much concern.

‘Jake. I’m almost 20, chill your bum. I can shop by myself, y’know.’ She looks really comfortable with him. Like two best friends who secretly like each other.

‘But you’re still a baby, G.’ He whined. I heard Louis clear his throat and Jake turned his attention back to us.

‘Oh yeah, Georgia this is Jenna, Alira, Harry, Louis, Liam, Janelle, Niall and Zayn. Guys, this is my little sister.’ He introduced us all and I heard Jenna give out a sigh of relief. Her face broke out into a smile.

‘Hello Georgia.’ Jenna smiled. Jake wrapped his arm around her waist and Georgia raised her eyebrow.

‘Georgia, this is my beautiful girlfriend.’ He smiled so big. I can tell he’s really happy to call her his. 

‘Nice to meet you, Jenna. I can see that you make Jensen happy.’ She laughed.

‘Jensen?’ Jenna asked, confused.

‘It’s my middle name. Georgia likes to use Jensen because she thinks it’s better.’ Jake sighed and he glared at Georgia.

‘Oh...’ Jenna replied.

‘Hi, Georgia. I’m Alira.’ I smile and gave her a hug.

‘Oooh, I like your name. It’s really pretty.’ 

‘Thank you.’

‘So you guys are... Hold up. You’re One Direction.’ The realisation hit her.

‘Hi!’ Louis said.

‘Hello.’ Zayn followed up.

‘Hello.’ Niall smiled.

‘Hi.’ Liam chirped.

Hiii.’ And Harry singsonged.

‘And I’m Janelle.’ She laughed.

‘Well, hello One Direction and Janelle. I’m Georgia.’ 

‘Okay, boys. That was the most retardedest thing in the world.’ I pointed out.

‘You’re the retardedest thing because you said retardedest.’ Louis retorted.

‘Don’t even get me started Lou.’ I rolled my eyes at him.

The relationship I have with Louis is more of a best friend one. But I like him a lot. And the relationship I have with Harry is a sweet one, a real one. I just don’t know who to choose at all.

‘Okay, you guys stick together and don’t get lost. And don’t you dare get arrested. I know how crazy you get. Ali and I are going to go shopping. You can both if you’d like.’ Jenna pointed to Georgia and Janelle.

‘Yeah, sure. It’s better than shopping alone.’ Georgia smiled.

‘Oh, it’s okay. I’ll shop by myself.’ She smiled a small smile and kissed Niall on the cheek. ‘Bye boys.’ She waved to them and walked off.

‘So, Niall. Are you together?’ I ask.

‘Well, sort of. I haven’t formally asked her yet because I’m sort of scared you two might be mad at me, given your history and all.’ He says nervously and he rubs his hand on the back of his neck.

‘Oh, it’s okay Nialler. You can date her if you want.’ Jenna smiles at him. He nods and we started to walk away.

‘WAIT!’ Louis screams causing everyone to stare at him.

‘What?’ I said impatiently.

‘We need a photo!’ Louis says happily. Literally everyone rolls their eyes at him.

‘Okay, who’s going to take it?’ Jenna asks.

‘Oh, I’l do it.’ Georgia offered.

‘You sure? Cause you could be in it if you want.’ Jake asks.

‘Nah, it’s okay. I barged in on you guys anyway.’ Georgia brushed off what Jake said. ‘Smile, guys!’ And we all smiled hugely while georgia snapped the photo.

‘Oooh, send it to me!’ ‘Me too.’ ‘And me.’ and they all badgered me or the photo.

‘Okay, chill guys. I’ll upload it on twitter and you can just get it off there.’ I said already putting it up.

@CallMeAlira: shopping at manly! @JennaBanana @zaynmalik @Louis_Tomlinson @Niallofficial @Harry_Styles @Real_Liam_Payne @itsJakemate and photography by @GeorgieWorgie

‘Okay, done.’ I say. If you’re all wondering how I got Jake’s and Georgia’s twitter names, I asked them. Chill guys, i don’t read peoples’ minds. 

Everyone’s phone beeped and they all uploaded the photo. My phone beeped 7 times as every single one of them mentioned me in their tweet. Then it beeped even more. I checked my phone to see my twitter blowing up with mentions.

@OneDirectionForver: @CallMeAlira @JennaBanana ew, you guys look fake.

@Niallersprincess: @CallMeAlira you are so ugly. you don’t deserve to be with one direction.

@Louissexyass: @CallMeAlira @JennaBanana you guys are so pretty! and so lucky, how did you meet them?

@Harryscurls: @CallMeAlira @JennaBanana you’re so lucky to be shopping with them!

I forgot people give hate to others but I brushed it off, anyway. I replied to a few of them.

@CallMeAlira: @OneDirectionForever i’m pretty sure i’m real though. My heart is beating and all. xx

@CallMeAlira: @Niallersprincess thanks darl, good luck at getting the boys to like you. they don’t particularly like people who give others hate. :)

@CallMeAlira: @Louissexyass it’s a long story, darl. and thanks for calling me pretty, i’m sure you’re beautiful inside and out. xx.

@CallMeAlira: @Harryscurls maybe you’ll get a chance as well ;)

I looked up to find everyone laughing at me.

‘Witty comebacks. I like you.’ Zayn laughed and winked.

‘Legendary!’ Niall did his famous laugh.

‘“My heart is beating and all” great one!’ Louis winked.

‘You really don’t care about what people say, don’t you?’ Harry smiled.

‘You remind me of Miley Cyrus.’ Liam laughed.

‘Okay, guys. Let’s get shopping.’ I laughed and we all went in different directions.

‘Let’s go in here!’ Jenna said leading us into Temt. We were in the store for ages. Jenna was looking for a dress for her date tonight. While she was trying on things I got a text of Louis.

From: LouBoo;)

Buy a dress for our date tonight! xx.

‘Look like I have a date tonight.’ I grinned at Georgia and Jenna ripped the curtain away and she had the biggest smile on her face.


Louis’ POV


I admit, I sort of overheard Ali’s and Jenna’s conversation in their room when I went to go grab my wallet. I heard that their date was perfect. I heard what he did for her and I heard that he told her his real feelings. I heard that she liked both of us and I heard that sparks flew with both kisses. And I heard that I never really took her on a date. I feel bad because it was true. Yeah, I did save her life and yes, we did kiss but I should’ve taken her on a proper date. I have to clear it up with Harry though, he did ask me if he was allowed to take her out today. 

‘Hey, Haz...’ I started.

‘Yes, Lou?’ He turns to face me.

‘Would you mind if I took Ali out tonight?’ I asked, rubbing the back of my neck with my hand.

‘Yeah, i took her out today. It’s only fair if you took her out too.’ He nods his head and turns back to looking at clothes. We were in some store called Factorie, it’s pretty good in here. It’s for both guys and girls. We’ve only been spotted twice which is a good thing since there are tons of teenagers here.

‘Thanks, Harry.’ I smile and took out my phone to text her.

To: AliBaby:3

Buy a dress for our date tonight! xx.

I sent the text then I realised how lame it was to text a girl that we have a date tonight. But i brushed it off. Alira is such a down to earth girl, she lets nothing get to her. Like when she was tweeting those people giving her hate. She didn’t give a fuck and I loved that about her.

From: AliBaby:3

Casual or fancy? xx.

I deliberated on that for a bit. And then, boom. Scene in my head. I’m going to have to make a few calls for this to happen.

To: AliBaby:3

Fancy but don’t wear heels that are too high. xx.

This date has to be perfect. I need it to be perfect.






New character, yay! I hope this chapter wasn’t too bad. I had sort of writers’ block and I sort of needed a Louira date.

So, Louira or Halira?


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