Chasing the Sun

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  • Published: 22 Sep 2012
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COMPLETED. Alira Somers. A 19 year old girl who isn't that much of a fan of One Direction. But her best friend, Jenna, won tickets to a little 'promo' about One Direction. Little did they know, One Direction was performing. That's where they lay eyes on both of them for the first time. That's when Alira changed her views on them. That's when 2/5 will fall for her. That's when all hell breaks loose in her life.

**Blurb is misleading, it isn't as good as I thought it would be. Personally, it's not my best but by all means, if you want to read it go ahead! Just let me warn you, it's not as good as the blurb says.


19. Chapter 19: halira date


Chapter 19: Harlia date.

Ali’s POV

‘Ali? Oh, Ali?’ Harry singsonged for me. I rolled my eyes at how he tried to sound like a sweet mother. What a stupid boy.

‘Harry, my dear boy. I’m here’ I sang.

He walked into the living room where i’ve been for the past hour. He wore a blue t-shirt with grey shorts and white converse. He also wore a grey beanie on his head.

‘Are you ready, my lady?’ He bowed in front of me and kissed my hand.

‘Yes, I am, good sir.’ I curtsied.

‘Shall we?’ he said hooking his arm.

‘We shall.’ I grinned and linked my arm with his. Once we got out the door, we both laughed.

‘Okay, that’s weird. Let’s not do it ever again.’ I say, giggling slightly. I don’t usually giggle but Harry brings it out. I’m not myself with him but then again I am. it’s like i have this person in me that I’ve always been but it never really come out.

‘Anything for you, kind lady.’ he says with a smirk.

‘Harry!’ I scolded.

‘Ali!’ he mimicks me. I stopped abruptly and crossed my arms over my chest. I stare at him.

‘Alira Jane Somers. You either walk with me or I carry you.’ I just shook my head at him and never moved.

‘I bet you can’t even carry me.’ I retort.

‘I bet you weigh nothing more than 100 pounds.’

‘How much is that in kilos?’ I asked. I’m never good at converting things and we, Aussies don’t use pounds. We use kilos, they’re way more easier to use.

‘Erm, I think about 40? 45?’

‘Oh, pfft. I weigh more than that.’

‘I beg to differ.’ and he picked me up bridal style. ‘Lighter than a goddamn feather.’

‘You’re lying, Harry. And one mustn’t tell lies.’ I said, quoting Harry Potter.

‘Harry Potter fan?’ he smirked.

‘Don’t make fun of me and being a potterhead. At least I’m not as crazy as your directioners.’ i retaliate.

‘Don’t diss our directioners.’ He says sternly and looked straight into my eyes.

‘Yes, pappa.’ I giggled.

‘Ew, don’t pappa me. It would be weird if I started dating you.’ I started when he said that. Date me? He wants to date me?

‘Rightio, Hazabro.’ i rhymed and brushed off what he said. He moved me and, I honestly don’t know how he did it, I ended up on his back.

‘Okay, how the hell did you do that?’ I ask.

‘Magic.’ He says while moving his arms like a magician.

‘You’re weird, you know that right?’ I say, gripping onto him tightly.

‘Not as much as Lou.’ He chuckles.

Great. Now he just reminded me of Louis. How am I supposed to know if he likes me or not. If he did he would’ve argued with Harry about taking me out. But he didn’t. He just nodded and walked off. It makes me think he doesn’t even like me. But if he didn’t what was up with that kiss? Ugh, he’s making everything so complicated. 

‘Hey, Alira. Are you okay?’ he asks with concern in his voice. He twists his head so he can sort of look at me.

‘Nah, I’m fine.’ I smile at him.

‘Okay, good cause we’re almost there.’ I look ahead and we were headed to a deserted place. Once we hit the treeline I sort of panicked.

‘Harry? Are you sure you know where you’re going? It’s sort of creepy here.’ my tone was dripping with doubt.

‘Of course I do. If i didn’t i wouldn’t be here. This is Australia, y’know. I don’t know many places but someone told me about this and it seemed perfect.’ he smiles and we came to the end of the tree line.

‘You do realise, you carried me for two thirds of the journey?’ I say.

‘Yep. And I don’t mind. You really don’t weigh a thing.’ he shrugs his shoulders. I look up to find us in a clearing.

‘There was a small playground in the middle of the massive clearing. The playground had everything I’ve always loved and it looked brand new. The grass was a very rich green and there were colours of flowers planted everywhere in the ground. There was trees surrounding the whole place and a small pathway directly in front of us. I hop off harry’s back and admire the place. All the flowers were growing and there was tons of my favourite ones. Daisies, dandelions and sunflowers. I picked each one of them that were sprouted under my feet. I smile as I breathe in their scents.

‘This is beautiful, Harry!’ I say, grinning. I stood on tiptoe and kissed his cheek. I hear the birds twitter and smiled even bigger.

‘I’m glad you like it, babe.’ He smiles back.

‘This is the perfect definition of why I love spring.’

‘It is. The flowers, the birds, the sun.’ he says dreamily.

‘Picture time!’ I scream and i took my iphone out.

‘Make sure you get the flowers and all.’ he winks and i nod.

I put the front camera on and made sure the flowers were showing. I smiled big and Harry’s head was on my shoulder as he hugged me from behind. The flowers in the background made the picture look so beautiful.

‘Do you mind if I put it on twitter?’ I ask, unsure.

‘Yeah, sure.’

So, i put it up on twitter and said:

@CallMeAlira: A beautiful day out in spring with @Harry_Styles. What a perfect day! xx.

His phone beeps and he smiles at the photo.

‘That is such a good photo!’ he says while he stared at it in awe.

‘It is, isn’t it?’ I smile the biggest smile i’ve ever put on.

‘Race you to the swing.’ I wink and I bolted.

‘I’m ready for you this time.’ He says and he was close behind me. I sprinted and he was still near me. But i got to the swing first.

‘Okay, what’s your secret? How do you run so fast?’ he says as he panted. I smile and I wasn’t breathing heavily at all.

‘I used to do athletics a lot when I was in school.’ I remember the thrill of it. I was good at long distance runs, shot put and long jump. I remember coming first every year at school and state competitions.

‘That’s such a surprise, you know. You seem more of a dancing type of girl.’

‘Nope. Well, I used to but i started to hate it. So I became an athlete, a netballer, a swimmer and i did some soccer for a bit. I hate soccer, dribbling a ball is not my thing. I quit after a year.’

‘Wow, you did a lot of sport.’

‘Yeah, but i don’t want something to do with it. I want to be a photographer.’

‘That’s why I saw tons of photos on your walls in your room. They were really good. i thought you just put it up for the design of it.’

‘Nope, they’re my photos. I should’ve gone to uni to specialise in photography but i don’t really want to. It’s like a two year course or something and honestly I already know everything I need to. So, I’m not going to go uni. Neither is Jenna. She wants to become a designer.’

‘Well, I would say go to uni but i wouldn’t be able to see much of you. Those photos on your walls is talent. You’re amazing at it. Can you take a photo now so i can see your photography skills?’

‘Sure, the iphone cameras are pretty good. That’s why i love iphones.’ I smile. 

I sat down on the ground and looked around me until I saw the perfect image. There were blue birds in a patch of bright yellow dandelions. The sun hit the spot perfectly and it made the birds’ feathers shine. I snapped the photo and it looked beautiful. I smiled and turned to Harry. I handed him my phone and he looked at the photo in awe.

‘You are one talented person.’ he whispers.

‘Thank you.’ i say. He handed my phone back and took my hand.

‘Come on. The food awaits.’ he dragged me to a little picnic rug a few metres away from the little playground. There was a basket of food and a few bits and pieces laying around. There was a frisbee on the corner and portable ipod speakers.

‘This looks so cliché! I love it!’ I laugh and hugged him.

'Im glad you love it, babe.' He smiles at me. He leads me towards the rug and sits me down. I watch him as he plugs his phone to the speakers and plays the music. He took out the food from the basket. There was lots of fruit and there was bread rolls and there was some salad and a few sandwiches. Honestly, this is my ideal perfect date!

'Um this is very awkward for me to say but is this a date?' I ask very nervously. Harry looked at me with a small smile tugging at his lips. 

'Only if you want it to be.' He says. 

'Honestly, this is actually the perfect date. I've always wanted a picnic date with a playground and flowers everywhere.' I say, looking around the clearing. It really is beautiful here. I snapped another photo with my phone. 

'Then it's a date.' He says quietly. I turned to look at him, he was looking down with a big smile and red cheeks. I beamed at him. 

'I wish bought my camera.' I whisper taking a photo of him just there. 

'Can I see that?' He asks. 

'Yeah, sure.' I handed him my phone.

'You really are talented. You see things that no one really can. It's beautiful.' He says in a mesmerized voice. 

'Thank you. I really do want to go professional but I can only do that if I went uni. But I really don't.'

'If you don't then don't. They should take you for your talent not for your degree.'

'Yeah, but most of the time they want proof that I do have talent. If only there's a job out there where I don't need to go to uni for.'

'Want to be out photographer?'

'What?' I was shocked he asked that. 

'Do you want to be our photographer?' He grinned at me. 

'Do you really mean it?' 

'I would love to! But you would have to clear it up with someone. I'll use two cameras. My Polaroid and my Nikon. I am so happy you asked, Harry! You're truly amazing!' I say, giving him a hug around the neck. 

'Yeah, i'll show them your photos. How many cameras do you own?' He says, curiously.

'Well, a lot.' I laugh a bit. 

'You really do have a beautiful laugh.' He caressed my cheek. I blush like mad and look down at my lap. 

'Thank you.' I whisper. He chuckles and took his hand away from my face. 

'So, what would you like? Fruit, salad or sandwich?' He asks me. 

'Erm, i'll have fruit and a sandwich.' I answered. 

‘Here ya go.’ He handed me a ham and cheese sandwich with a container of fruit. There was rockmelon, watermelon, grapes, strawberries, kiwi fruit and some banana.

‘These are legit my favourite fruit! This has to go on tumblr!’ I snapped a photo of the fruit and uploaded it on tumblr. It instantly got notes and I felt so proud. I have 3,000 people following me because of my photography and all. 

‘You have tumblr?’ He asks me while taking a bite of his sandwich.

‘Yup. My url is sunflo-wers. With a dash in between the o and w.’ I tell him. (A/N that’s my tumblr guys, follow me if you want to :3)

I have tumblr, y’know. It’s like a personal blog.’ He says. I raised my eyebrows at him.

‘Deadset? How many followers?’ This is legit brand new information.

‘Yeah, I have like 500 and something no one really knows it’s me so don’t go around tweeting it.’ 

‘Chill. I never tweet things about people unless i’m allowed to.’

‘You really are the nicest person in the world, you know.’

‘Thanks?’ I say, giggling a bit. I finished my sandwich by then and I began picking through the fruit.

‘You know, kiwi fruit isn’t grown in the UK. So it’s my first time eating it.’ He laughs a bit. I felt my eyes grow wide.

‘You have got to be kidding me! Kiwi fruit is legit my favourite. Here try one.’ I stabbed a kiwi fruit with my fork and put it in his face. He looks at it wearily as if he was doubting the goodness of it or judging it’s looks.

‘Are the seeds edible?’ He asks with so much doubt.

‘Yeah. They’re like the seeds on strawberries.’ I say putting it a bit more closer to his face. He shrugs and puts it in his mouth. I watched as his eyes widen.

‘So...?’ I ask him for his opinion.

‘This is the most beautiful fruit in the world!’ He says happily and he reached for another one from my container. I pull away and stare at him angrily.

‘No one takes my kiwi fruit. You’re lucky I even gave you one.’ I hug my container protectively and began to eat my fruit. He rolls his eyes at me and took his own container from the basket. As he did so Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran began to play. It probably is an awkward time for the song to play but I honestly don’t care. Music is music.

‘I love Ed Sheeran. I’d do anything to meet him.’ I say, absentmindedly.

‘Well, Ed happens to be my mate. I can take you to meet him?’ He offers.

‘Oh my god! I would love you forever and ever!’ I took the offer. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have said that i would love him because this is a date and it’s awkward to say something like that. I was beginning to regret my words until Harry laughed. I smile hoping it really isn’t weird to say something like that.

‘Anything for you, honey.’ He winked. I laughed at him. 

Once we finished our fruit, Enchanted by Taylor Swift played. Harry stood up and held out his hand.

‘Come dance with me.’ He smiled.

‘This is so cliché and so romantic!’ I comment but I took his hand anyway. We moved a bit away from the rug and his arms went on my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and we began to sway to the song. I began to sing along to the song.

Your eyes whispered, ‘have we met?’

Across the room, your silhouette

Starts to make its way to me

‘You have a beautiful voice, you know. You can really sing.’ He looks at me in the eyes and  his green eyes looked soothing.

‘I used to be in choirs and all. Not like those church choirs but something like Glee. I did love singing but someone told me I wasn’t good so I stopped and rarely sang to people. I normally sing in the shower and when I’m alone.’ I gushed out. I’ve told Harry almost everything about my past.

‘Whoever told you that is deaf and they don’t know what talent is. You are such a talented person, photography and singing. I bet you can dance too.’ He looks at me knowingly.

‘Well, yeah I did do dancing but I doubt I’m a good one. It started to bore me when I was doing it at the studio.’ I say. We were still swaying and it was almost the end of the song.

‘Show me some moves.’ He winks. He let go of me and made his way to the speakers. He scrolled down a bit until he found the right song. He looked at me with a smirk and the music began to play. Glad You Came by The Wanted started to blare through the speakers and I shook my head. I started to bob my head to the beat and soon enough my whole body was moving. I let the music engulf me while I dance. I danced until the song ended. I forgot that Harry was there until he started to clap. I panted and I blushed.

‘I forgot you were there.’ I mumbled, looking down at my feet. I heard him get up an move towards me. He cupped my chin and forced me to look up. His green eyes found mine.

‘That was beautiful.’ He whispered and he leaned in. 

His lips touched mine and fireworks exploded. Our mouths were in sync and we continued to kiss. It was a nice passionate kiss. The fireworks kept going off, my heart began to race and the butterflies flew around in my stomach. It was so similar to the way i felt when i kissed Louis. And now, I realised I like Harry as well. I don’t want to lose him. But I don’t want to lose Harry either. What the hell am I going to do?

We broke off and he pulled back. We just grinned at each other. 

‘I’d hate to end this date but it’s almost 2 so we better get going if we want to spend the afternoon with the rest of them.’ He said and he took my hand.

‘What about the rug and all?’ I say, looking back at it.

‘It’s okay. I sort of paid someone to set it up and pack it up.’

‘Oh, okay.’ 

‘Okay, hop onto my back.’ He said as he bent down.

‘No, it’s okay. I can walk you know.’

‘It wasn’t an offer.’ He says. He grabbed my arms and wrapped them around his neck and he lifter me off the ground. I was sort of forced to wrap my legs around his waist so I didn’t choke him.

‘You’re so persistent, Harry.’ I laugh.

‘Thanks, babe!’ He says over his shoulder.

‘That was such a great date. You really do know how to swoon a girl.’ I smiled and kissed his cheek.

‘That was the first ever date I really put effort in. But it was all worth it for the perfect girl.’

‘I’m not perfect, Hazzatron.’

‘To me, you are, Alibear.’ I laughed at the nickname he gave me and he continued to walk home with me on his back.

That was such a beautiful date. But what the hell am I supposed to do about Louis? He probably doesn’t even like me. But that kiss! Ugh. But then there’s Harry. He really did show me he liked me. And that kiss was as good as the one with Louis. What the hell am I supposed to do? I wish my mum wasn’t in America, she would help me. But at least I have Jenna. I really need to talk to someone right now. 



Ugh, the cutest date ever!!! And the longest chapter ever. Now I have no clue which guys to choose. Help meeee!! Who would you choose? Louira or Halira?

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