Chasing the Sun

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  • Published: 22 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 20 Jun 2013
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COMPLETED. Alira Somers. A 19 year old girl who isn't that much of a fan of One Direction. But her best friend, Jenna, won tickets to a little 'promo' about One Direction. Little did they know, One Direction was performing. That's where they lay eyes on both of them for the first time. That's when Alira changed her views on them. That's when 2/5 will fall for her. That's when all hell breaks loose in her life.

**Blurb is misleading, it isn't as good as I thought it would be. Personally, it's not my best but by all means, if you want to read it go ahead! Just let me warn you, it's not as good as the blurb says.


15. Chapter 15: happy to sad, great

Chapter 15: happy to sad, great.


Louis’ POV


Matt? Who the hell is Matt? I thought she was single. Damn! I really thought I had a chance with her. Now, I’m pissed. She led me one. I looked at her, she still had a few tears in her eyes but she was smiling. Her beautiful eyes looked over at me and she smiled even wider. I shook my head and walked off. I shouldn’t have done that. I heard her footsteps come closer to me and I turned around.

‘Hey.’ she said, her smile dropping. I can feel my face in an angry expression.

‘Hey.’ i grunted and turning around again. She grabbed onto my wrist.

‘What did i do?’ and I can hear the concern in her voice. I sighed and fixed my expression. She’s the only one with this effect on me.

‘You led me on. You could’ve told me you had a boyfriend.’ I said quietly, not being able to look at her in the eye. Then, she started laughing. I looked up with my head cocked to the side.

‘You-you think Matt’s my boyfriend? Hahahaha!!’ she started cracking up. Now, I’m really confused. 

‘What do you mean? Can you please explain?’ i finally said.

‘Matt is mine and Jenna’s best friend. Well, at first I wished he was my boyfriend. He was like the hottest guy in the school. But then I realised I can never have him.’

‘Why can’t you?’ I asked.

‘Wait until you meet him. You’ll understand.’ she winked and grabbed my hand. 

We walked towards the beach. Everyone else was already there. The bonfire was blazing and Niall had his guitar. He was strumming it and Jenna was next to a guy that I’ve never seen before. And Zayn was glaring daggers at him. 

‘Howdy, mate!’ I screamed in my best southern country accent. Alira cracked up laughing and so did Niall. I rolled my eyes at Niall because he always laughed at what I said.

‘Louis! This is Jake.’ Jenna walked over to me, introducing him.

‘Hey there, ma name is Louis lad.’ i put on my best Aussie accent all the slang words they said. He laughed a deep throaty laugh and Jenna looked at him with adoring eyes. Damn, she’s like a little puppy.

‘Eshays, lad. My name is Jake. It’s so cool, i’m chilling with the One Direction boys!’ we shook hands and I ended up laughing with him because I had a feeling he was one of those guys who hated those words. I sat down beside Ali and we just ate chocolate.

‘I’m bored.’ I whined.

‘Then, go back to the house.’ Ali retorted.

‘Noooo, let’s play a game. Ooh, truth or dare!’ I suggested.

‘Fine.’ everyone groaned.

‘What’s wrong with truth or dare? Just because you guys have no balls!’ 

‘I bet you don’t have any either.’ Alira muttered. I stared at her.

‘We’re not friends anymore. Leave.’ I pointed towards the road.

‘But Lou! I love you, don’t make me leave. I don’t want to leave you.’ She cried dramatically.

‘No. Ali, it’s over. If you don’t think I have balls then we can’t be together anymore.’

‘But Louis, you don’t have balls and you know that!’ 

‘Harry! She hurt my feelings!’ I fake cried into his shoulder.

‘Boobear, it’s okay. I love you and I’m pretty sure you have balls.’ he played along into my ear.

‘But she said I don’t.’ i cried some more.

‘Take that back, Alira Jane Somers. Or else you won’t be able to live in our sexy presence anymore!’ he yelled at her.

‘Oh no, that can’t happen. Okay, I take it back.’

‘Yay! We’re best friends again!’ i grinned and hugged her tightly.

‘I love you, Hazza!’ I screamed and gave hi a boobear hug.

‘I love you too, boobear!’ he screamed back.

Then, we suddenly hear squealing and we all turned to Jenna who was clutching her heart.

‘Oh my god! Larry Stylinson. Omg, my Larry heart. I can’t deal with this. Oh my god. I can’t breathe.’ She was breathing in and out heavily and she looked like she was about to cry.

We all burst out laughing. I’ve never seen a fan go crazy about Harry and i before. It’s quite intriguing.

‘Breathe, Jenna, breathe.’ Ali said, trying to help her. ‘What? She does this everyday.’ and we all ended up in hysterics.

‘Okay, guys. Truth or dare!’ i said, clapping my hands. ‘I call going first! Okay, Jenna. Truth or dare?’

‘Truth’ she said confidently.

‘Who’s your favourite out of One Direction?’ 

She blushed scarlet and looked down. ‘You.’ she mumbled.

‘Guys! Did you hear that!? I’m her favourite!’ i screamed, beaming at her.

‘Okay, my turn. Erm, Harry. Truth or Dare?’ 

‘Dare!’ he screamed.

‘Go and get naked.’ 

‘Okay!’ He started taking off his pants. I covered his lower region, pretending to play the whole ‘Larry Stylinson’ thing.

‘No, Hazza!! That’s only for my eyes!’

‘It’s okay, boobear. I’ll keep my underwear on just for you.’ he smiled, playing along. Everyone laughed. To be honest, this whole Larry Stylinson is very disturbing, yet the most funniest thing ever.

‘Okay, my turn! Ali, truth or dare?’ He said, after he took off his pants. I sort of tensed up. I know he likes Ali and he knows I like her too. I hope he doesn’t do anything to make our bromance die.

‘Truth.’ she whispered. Now, i got scared. 

‘If i ever asked you out, what would you say?’ my head whipped around to Harry and i glared at him. 

‘Harry!’ i screamed at him.

‘What? It was just a question.’

‘Don’t talk like that. We all know what it means.’

‘No. It was just a harmless question, I didn’t mean anything. I swear.’

‘Bullshit. We all know you like her. And you know I like her. I thought we discussed this. Don’t act like you didn’t mean anything.’ I yelled at him. I hate how everything poured out just then. I was just so mad at Harry right now. I wasn’t thinking straight. I’ve never yelled at him like this, he’s my best friend.

‘Stop! both of you!’ we both turned to find Ali in tears. I instantly wrapped my arms around her shoulders but she shrugged it off. That’s when I actually knew fighting is never good for her. She’s like a little kid. She got up and ran off. We both stared at her in shock.

‘Her parents used to fight everyday when she was younger. Ever since then she hates watching people fight.’ Jenna blurted out. I felt my heart tightened and Harry and I looked at each other. He was frozen so I got up and walked off to find her.


Alira’s POV


‘If I ever asked you out, what would you say?’ Harry asked. I was shocked. I didn’t expect that.

‘Harry!’ Louis screamed at him. I turned to look at him and he was glaring at his best friend. What the hell is going on?

‘What? It was just a question.’ Harry answered back.

‘Don’t talk like that. We all know what it means.’ Lou answered seriously. Does that mean Harry likes me?

‘No. It was just a harmless question, i didn’t mean anything. I swear.’ i felt my stomach drop. I never liked harry like that, right? i don’t even know anymore.

‘Bullshit. We all know you like her. And you know I like her. I thought we discussed this. Don’t act like you didn’t mean anything.’ Louis yelled. I was shocked. Both of them like me? That’s not humanely possible. And I can never date anyone especially with all my dating history. I couldn’t do it anymore. Hearing all these fights reminded me of when I was younger. When my parents would just yell at each other everyday. I couldn’t do it. I felt the tears fall down my cheeks and into my lap.

‘Stop! Both of you!’ I yell out. 

They both turned to me and Louis’ arms went around my shoulders. i couldn’t deal with him right now, so I shrugged it off and left. I walked towards the road where there was a small café open. I walked into it with the tears still streaming down my face. I sat in a booth and just stayed there. I cried silently.

‘Hey, hun. You okay?’ A waitress walked over to me. I gave her a smile and nodded.

‘Would you like anything, babe?’ she asked, i shook my head no. She nodded and gave me warm smile then left.

I just sat there. I hate watching people fight especially over me. It’s why I don’t fight at school, it’s why I don’t try to get involved with Janelle. It just reminds me of all those days my parents fought. The days where they yelled non-stop about little things and big things. They did it for 5 years straight. I hated it. Me and my older brother would usually just hide out in our rooms and never went home. It was the worst, knowing you can’t be normal.

Someone dropped into the seat across from me. I looked up, expecting Jenna or Niall or Louis or Harry but it was none of the above. It was a face I’ve never seen before. She wore all black and she had packed on make up. She had blonde hair and green eyes. She looked to be around my age which is 19.

‘Um, who are you?’ I asked. Thank the lord the tears stopped streaming down.

‘Sick hello.’ she snorted, her voice was high-pitched. It didn’t exactly suit her.

‘Hi?’ I said, making it sound like a question.

‘Hello to you too.’ she replied in a very snobby voice.

‘Back to my earlier question, who are you?’ i asked with the same bitchy tone.

‘My name is Sam.’ she said, making it sound like i know her.

‘Do I know you? Be cause I’m pretty sure i don’t know a Sam.’ 

‘Oh, you don’t. But I’m pretty sure you know my boyfriend.’

‘So, what? You’re here to tell me to lay off your boyfriend? Well, sorry darl. I haven’t been hanging around a guy who isn’t famous lately.’

‘Just shut up, okay? I know you know my boyfriend. You and you’re “boyfriend” put him in jail.’ 

My eyes widened. Blake had a girlfriend?

‘What? You’re Blake’s girlfriend? He’s not good for you. He’s not good for anyone. He abuses people and he can kill anyone. He was a about to kill me that’s why I put him in jail. Don’t date him, Sam. He’s not goo-’ she cut me off.

‘Save me the pep talk. I love him, okay. I don’t give a fuck if he hurt people because i hurt people too. That’s we’re meant for each other. You and your dumbass Louis Tomlinson put him in there and I will get you back so hard.’

‘How do you know who Louis is? How do you even know I know him? And how the hell do you know that i’m even here?’ I shot the questions at her.

‘Those are the kind of things I never tell.’ she said with a smirk on her face. 

That was when I got really pissed. My anger towards Blake, my scared side of Janelle and my annoyed side of Harry and Louis fighting came bursting out.

‘Just tell me, bitch. Because I deserve to know these things. I deserve to know that I have a stalker. I need to know how the fuck you found out shit about me. And i most definitely don’t need those fucking death threats you’ve been giving me. I did nothing but save practically everyone. You shouldn’t even be dating you! You shouldn’t even be hurting others. Don’t be a selfish bitch, Sam.’ I yelled at her. Then she made a fast movement and I felt a sting on my cheek. I stared back at her.

‘What the fuck!?’ I heard someone yell. We both turned to find Louis standing a few metres away from the booth. 

‘Oh, hello, Louis. Remember me?’ she had a smile on her lips. I looked at Lou in confusion.

‘Sam. Don’t hurt her. Just hurt me instead, she did nothing.’ I got even more confused when he said that. How does he know her?

‘Okay, what the hell is going on?’ the tears started swim in my eyes. My cheek still stung and I can feel all the stares coming from everyone in the café.

‘You never told her? Naughty, Louis. Tell her before the breaks down crying.’ she said and walked away. I looked at him and he avoided eye contact.

‘Spit it out.’ I said seriously.

‘I found out you were getting death threats. Then straight after she came to our hotel door and told me who she was a punched me in the face.’ he said, still looking away. I felt my anger boil up.

‘And when was this?’ i said through clenched teeth.

‘Yesterday.’ he whispered.

‘Why the fuck didn’t I know about this?’ I screamed.

‘Because... you seemed so happy this morning. I didn’t want to ruin that for you!’ he tried to cool it down.

‘Ugh. I can’t fucking deal with this. I’m leaving tonight.’ I said, walking up and getting out of the booth.

He ran after me and grabbed my wrist. Everyone was still staring, I can feel it all. But I acted like it was nothing. I looked up at him and he had tears in his eyes. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. I can tell I’m hurting him bad but I just can’t do it. We just stood there, staring into each others eyes. Both with tears spilling out. Then, he closed his eyes and leaned in. And his lips touched mine. I kissed him back. It was a passionate kiss, I can feel the sparks and the butterflies in my stomach. That’s when I realised, I do like Louis. I like him a lot. And I don’t want anything to hurt him. But he will get hurt because of me. Sam is going to hurt him one day and it’s going to be all my fault. 





Ugh, I’m so sorry for swearing so much. It just fit into the bit and all. This is the longest chapter in book, hope you guys enjoyed it. And it has all the Larry Stylinson stuff. And there’s Sam coming in. And there’s a bit of Ali’s past. And Ali and Louis kissed! AAAAAH!! Lol, fangirling over my own words. I’m so lame. Anyway, i hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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