So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


5. ❥You & I

Nialls POV

  That morning i woke up determined and ready to go until I remembered what I had to do today. Sydney had just come into the life of knowing someone in a world famous boy band, and with that comes having to leave for periods of time.

  For the two years we've been doing this I honestly hadn't felt this nervous since our first ever show on tour, but this kind of nervous was different.

  Its going to kill me to tell Sydney this. Yeah, we have been friends for a year and a half now, but nothing can change how I feel about her and that feeling its indescribable. "Morning mum!" I said in the raspiest morning voice while kissing her cheek.

  "Good morning honey. Looking forward to tonight?" She asked while mixing the muffins.

  "Yes and no actually.."

  "And why is that?" 

  "I mean, we're going on tour again, and that's definitely a plus. But i'm having to leave Sydney mum." Just thinking about it made me sick to my stomach.

  "You'll be ok Niall I know you can do it!" She said walking over to me and wrapping me in her caring arms.

  "I hope so," I mumbled just enough so she could hear.

  "How does a nice hot breakfast to take your mind off of everything for a while sound?" She inquired pulling out of the hug and looking down at me smiling, "Amazing!" I retorted. 

  "Good come on lets eat." She took the muffins out, and fixed my plate like I remember her doing when I was 7. "So what time is this dinner again?" I asked. "Niall, let's talk about something else remember?" I sulked. "That's kinda hard when she's the only thing on my mind!"

  She let that sink in for a moment before answering me again, "It sounds like you have feelings for Sydney if you ask me." She said before taking a bite out of a piece of bacon.

  "I do not!" 

  "Hmm i'd rethink that.." My mum said before getting up and putting her dishes in the sink, and walking out of the kitchen.

  Did i honestly have feelings for my best friend? We told each other just yesterday that we loved each other, and that was a big step in our friendship, but was I really feeling more than being 'best friends' with Sydney?

  When i'm not with her i'm weaker. She makes me strong, and confident, and she's type of person that cherishes every single moment, and i've learned a lot from her because of that.

  Even if I did have feelings for her she wouldn't date me after what i'm going to tell her tonight. I actually think she's going to hate my guts for not telling her sooner, and I hate to say it, but I don't want to see her cry for the second time.

  I'm leaving in less than 48 hours and i'm going to have to break the biggest news to my best friend tonight, and not only that, I think i'm falling for her as well. There's no way she'll ever look at me the same after this anyway.


Sydneys POV

   It was 1 in the afternoon and my dad had just mentioned to me that Niall and his family were coming over for dinner tonight. Although Niall and I were best friends his family never came over for 'dinner' unless it was Thanksgiving or Christmas.

  The whole day I felt as if something was being hidden from me. It was odd to think that, but my dad was acting weird and so was Niall when I called to confirm that he really was coming tonight.

  After talking to Niall for an hour and a half I went downstairs to talk to my dad about what was going on. "Daddy," I said sitting beside him on the couch with my feet tucked under me, "Yes sweetheart?" He securely wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

  "Can you tell me why Niall is coming over tonight? Please, this is all just so weird.." I told him.

  "We just decided to have a little get together since we only have one 2 days out of the year Syd! There's nothing to worry about!" He assured me.

  I'm glad Niall and I were getting this time together because for the last week he's been busy with other things he couldn't tell me about for some strange reason.

  I felt like he kept making up excuses as to why we couldn't hang out, but there was no way I was going to accuse my best friend of lying.

  "So, what time is this 'get together' supposed to be?" I asked putting finger quotes around 'get together'. "Around 6," He replied.

  "Oh joy!" I said sarcastically. 

  "What? Your not excited to see Niall? Because I can call his family and tell them never mind!" He implied reaching for his phone. "Shut it dad you know you wouldn't!" I said giggling.

  "Right now how about you go shower and get prepared for tonight."

  "But it's 5 hours away from now!" I whimpered, "Sydney J-" He was just about to say my entire name, meaning he's serious, until i stopped him there. "Ok ok fine!" I said sighing and getting up to get ready for the night.. 5 hours early.


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