So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


19. ❥Worries

 Later that day, after setting up my side of the dorm, my dad and I went out to dinner since it was the last night I was going to spend with him before becoming a college student.

  "I saw the way you were looking in your dorm Syd.." He mentioned after taking a sip of his beer. "Yeah, very very freaked out, scared, worried.. the list goes on. What do you think Niall is going to do?" I asked while looking through the menu.

  "Personally I think he's gonna take it well. He's a reasonable lad and he'll understand that you share a room with a fan.. I mean you should have expected it. Not only 12 year olds like the band Sydney,"

  I have to admit, he did have a point there. "But what if he just wants to be normal for once dad? What if he changes his mind on coming to visit me?" I frowned.

  "Sydney, listen at yourself! Niall wouldn't dare pass up any chance he got to come and see you! It's been months now and i'm pretty sure he won't mind going through a couple crazy fans just to see you again my love."

  Ugh I hate my dad he's always right! "And you haven't even gotten to know Shelby. She could be totally normal for all you know, and if she's not, well then I guess you're going to have to set some ground rules for when Niall comes to visit. You can start out slow like you did with Kodie. Tell her how you guys met or whatever, and then introduce them on Skype! It'll all work out I promise," My dad stated reaching over to grab my hand.

  I always tended to over think things like this and I have not a clue why. I'm sure Shelby would be cool about me knowing Niall even though she seemed like the biggest Directioner out there, and needless to say I was kind of excited to tell her all about Niall and I. Just thinking about it had me smiling.




  "Thank you!" before leaving the restaurant I left a tip for the sweet waitress that had served us for the night. I was becoming more and more independent and I loved it!

  When we arrived back at the University my dad told me his goodbyes and I love you's and hugged my so tight I thought the buttons on my shirt would pop right off.

  "Ok dad I love you too!" I groaned saying it for the fifteenth time already. "I'll call you as soon as I wake up tomorrow drive safe!" I ushered him out of the room and peeked my head out to wave at him one more time before he reached the elevator.

  Once he was out of sight I sighed and walked back into the main area of our dorm. "So what do you plan on doing tonight?" Shelby asked. Although I hardly knew her she seemed cool.. I guess.

  "Well I-" I'd gotten interrupted by a Skype call and immediately froze. I knew it was Niall it had to be. I'd told him to call me when I was settled in my dorm, and that's exactly what he did.

  Stupid me I should've known he wouldn't forget. "Someone's calling you.." Shelby knocked me back into reality and I slowly walked over to my computer.

  "Is something wrong..?" She asked concern written all over her face. "No!" I took a deep breath, "Not at all,"

  I bent down to the level of my computer and pressed the answer button.

 "SYDNEY WE'VE MISSED YOU LOVE!" Low and behold all five boys were sat in front of Niall's computer.

  "H-hi boys," I whispered. A wide eyed Shelby slowly walked towards me obviously not believing her ears right now.

  "Whats with all of the posters?" Niall chuckled, "Missing us that much?"

  "Well they're actually my roommates. She's right here, and a huge fan," I turned the laptop towards Shelby and she covered her eyes with her hands.

  "Oh my fucking god. Y-you know One Directon?!" She asked stunned. As a response I shrugged and motioned for her to come and join me while I talked with them.

  "Hello Shelby!" The boys said in unison. She waved ever so slowly back at them still thinking that this was a dream.

  "This is not real. No, this can't be real life!" Tears were welling up in her eyes and I took her into a hug. "Don't cry! Harry's watching you!" I whispered knowing he had something up his sleeve.

  "So you two how's the Uni life?" Louis asked the both of us.

  "It's great! There are so many nice and friendly people here I can't wait for you guys to come and visit!" Shelby's eyes grew even bigger this time.

  "O-ONE D-D-DIRECTION IN O-OUR DORM?!" She squealed.

  I nodded and she took off out of our room screaming and yelling. "NO SHELBY DON'T TELL ANYONE YE-" But before I could finish my sentence the door had slammed shut.

  "Great.. now you guys won't ever get to come here and just be normal like I planned." I sighed now that my entire plan was ruined.

  "There's no guarantee she's going to tell anyone Syd. After all she is a new student there just like you! How many people could she possibly know already? And whether we get to be normal people or not, we would never skip a chance to see you."

  It's like they'd taken the words right out of my dads mouth. This is what I loved about the boys, and I couldn't wait for them to join me on my new journey of becoming a college student.


What would you do if the boys had surprised you at home, school, work, uni, any place like that? I always imagine them surprising me during school and saving me from my misery xD If only I could come home from school and they would be waiting for me on the couch.. oh the things I imagine haha xD Don't forget to comment, fan, fav, like!!! I LOVE YOU ALL <33333

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