So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


3. ❥We Meet Again?

Sydneys POV

  "What the hell happened?" My dad confronted me as soon as i walked through the door. I should've expected this. "I was walking out of Starbucks and bumped into a really hot gu-" He stopped me there. "Just get to the point Sydney." I sighed and told him everything that happened.

  "No. No boyfriends. You need to keep your focus on going to a university in a couple months!" I laughed at is misunderstanding. "Dad.. it's Niall Horan, one of the most famous people in the world right now, for gods sake! It's not like i'm gonna become his girlfriend or something. Thats insane!" He nodded.

  "Your right. Well, i gotta run i'm about to be late. See you tonight." He quickly kissed my temple then rushed out of the door.

  I kept looking at the soggy napkin puzzled as to why he gave me, of all people, his number. "Should i text him?" I asked myself. I looked at my black iPhone screen. "I guess i should.. No i can't! Although he's probably waiting for me to.." I said noticing i was talking to myself aloud.

  I decided to leave off the texting part and go clean myself up. "What are the chances he'll actually text back anyway?" I thought to myself.

Nialls POV

 The entire day I waited for my phone to go off. I'd check twitter and then quickly switch back to my messages to see if it'd say she was typing. "Why do you look so.. off today?" Liam questioned me. He'd just come back from his workout session with Mark. "Its nothing mate," I whispered.

  "Does Nialler have a new girl in his life?" Liam gasped like your typical gossip girl. "No!" I quickly shot back at him. "Your lying!" He smirked and pointed at me while walking into the kitchen to get is hot coffee i brought him. "I am not.." My eyes widened and i gave him a serious face.

  He took a drink off his coffee before saying, "We'll see about that." Then once again smirking at me and walking off. I decided i needed a bit of fresh air for the moment so i walked outside and let my feet guide me to wherever they were designated to go.

  After ending up in Grove Park i took a seat on a bench closest to the lake that stood steady in the middle of the park. My mind yet again drifted off to this mysterious girl and i checked my phone once again to see if she'd text me yet; still no messages. It was 7pm and i was slowly giving up. I've never really known why i took chances at finding 'that girl'. 

  The one person that you could go to about anything and everything. Come home to at night and spill your problems out too. The one person that you could count on to be there with you through thick and thin, and wake up to every morning. The love of your life. Your definition of perfect.

  I'd always questioned myself about these kinds of things. Would my time ever come to where i could actually settle down and have my own little family? Thats just one of the many questions i could never truly answer about myself.

  I sat there in thought for what felt like forever until i faintly heard her voice again, but this time it was calling my name. "Niall..?" Was this real or was i going crazy and hallucinating? I blinked a couple of times, and then, i saw her. The girl i gave my number to. "I-its you." I looked up at her astonished. Was this fate?

  "Y-yeah," She giggled, "Its me again.. I'm not stalking you what so ever!" She said throwing her hands up in defense while getting a chuckle out of me. "Well, i know that! This is one of the very few places no one knows i even come to."

  She sat beside me and slipped her hands into her jacket pockets. "I'm sorry, but i never caught your name the other day?" I implied. She soon replied with, "Sydney. My names Sydney."

  And thats the day Sydney and I became inseparable. 

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