So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


30. ❥The Start Of A Long Journey

Nialls POV

  "Christmas day," Is all I tell her. She has worry lines in her forehead and a small frown that won't disappear from her face.

  "Niall.. Don't you think that will be a little.. much for Christmas?" She says just above a whisper. Then when the hell else are we going to tell them? My subconscious mocks me, but I don't want to upset Sydney anymore than she already is so I stick to saying something more pleasant to my hormonal girlfriend.

  "That would be the best day. It could be like a Christmas present, from us to them," She bites her lip and I can tell by her expression that she is just as concerned as I am. I was supposed to come here, see Sydney, Hang around Dublin leading up to Christmas day, and then drive the both of us to Mullingar for the Holidays.

  But in the midst of it all, I got her pregnant. Of all things of course I fuck up like this.




  Everything is happening so quickly, and Sydney's stomach is only getting bigger. Now we have to include finding an apartment and or house if Sydney would feel comfortable alone while I am gone but not only that we would have to start buying things for this baby in less than two weeks time.

  After we break the news my hope is that our parents pitch in and buy things too. I know once my mum is over the shocked and confused phase she will, but would Sydney's dad comply is the question.

  "I still have to tell Shelby you know." She speaks of her distant roommate. Telling her doesn't seem like much of a problem to me. "And? She is barely around anyway.. Her having a different person to room with is not going to be a problem. The semester just started anyway there are probably more than enough transfers on the list looking for dorms," I hate to break it to her that way, but she is pregnant with my baby. I do not want her around a bunch of different people everyday in the state that she is in now.

  Sydney is just overcoming morning sickness and I need to be there to take care of her that is why she is moving college aside for the time being and we are both going back to Mullingar.

  "You just don't know how selfish you sound right now," She scoffs. "Sydney, your pregnant face it."




Sydneys POV

  "Sydney, your pregnant face it." Niall says to me. Ouch. If I had have known he was going to be this bitchy I would have gotten out of the car and gone back to my dorm long ago.

  "You don't say!" My eyes start to uncontrollably water and my vision blurs. I know Niall is just as stressed as I am about all of this.. trust me I do, but for his own sake he shouldn't take it out on me. Not right now.

  "We are soon going to be parents Niall. You can't just keep talking to me however you like! Some things hurt my feelings too and for fucks sake there is nothing I can do about this!" I point down at my enlarged belly and a tear that falls stains my shirt.

  "Baby.." He tries to calm me down but instead of listening to what he has to say I get out of his stupid car and get to my dorm as fast as I possibly can knowing that he is on my heels.

  "Sydney, please," He grabs ahold of my wrist but I jerk it away. "What? What do you have to say Niall? Because I am pretty sure everything you are planning to say is so irrelevant right now-" He cuts me off by crashing his lips down onto mine.

  His fingers rake up and down my back and I can't help but be soothed and calm now. This is what he does to me.. this is the kind of effect he has on me. I should be yelling at him and making arrangements for him to stay in a hotel tonight, but instead I kiss him. I kiss him like I have never kissed him before and somehow I feel so.. so connected with him. As if we are one now. My lips start to burn from his touch and Niall pulls my body as close to his as possible before my stomach gets in the way of closing the space between us and as he pulls away and we are both gasping for air we look down at the gap in-between us and can't help but smile.

  Niall placed his hands on my belly and whispered, "Even when I am on tour the only thing I am going to be thinking about is you and mummy. Daddy will always be here for you." He drew hearts into my belly with one finger and then gave it a cute kiss.

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