So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


9. ❥Taking Time

  Later that night as I was getting ready for bed my computer starting going  off signaling that someone was Skyping me.

 I stopped brushing my teeth and ran into my room to see that Niall was calling!

  "Niall! You should be in bed Mr! Why are you calling me so late?" I whispered.

 "You know i've got to tell you all about our first show on the Take Me Home Tour Syd!"

 "Right, I don't know how I forgot.." As he began to tell me everything that went on that night I proceeded to finish brushing my teeth. 

  "And as always we finished it all off with What Makes You Beautiful which was amazing might I add!" His excitement and joy over their first gig made me laugh. He was stoked and it was entirely to cute.

  "It was so awesome Syd! Felt so great to be back onstage with the lads." I smiled.

  "I'm so proud of you Niall. Just seeing how much you've missed performing for everyone makes me happy that you guys are back on the road again."

  "Thanks baby girl. I can't believe we have 133 shows left! Thats sick isn't it?"

  "Hell yeah it is! And as soon as I can i'll be at one of them ok?"

  "And I can't wait until that day comes!" He grinned.

  "Well I know your tired so you should get some rest. Your eyes look heavy Niall!"

  "It has been a long day… i'll send you pictures and everything tomorrow love."

  "Alright goodnight Nialler."

  "Night Syd."

  And with that he ended the call, and for the second night I was sat thinking of nothing but Niall and Niall only.


  The next day my dad let me know that I had to start working on my college resumes and things like that so thats what we did for the entire day. I found what college I wanted to go to, which was near by, and sent in my resume.

  Once I told Niall he said that he was beyond proud of me and that he's glad that I get to experience the college life. Niall was such an incredible best friend, and I couldn't ever thank him enough for being by my side with everything I do.

  "So Trinity College of Dublin, are you sure thats where you want to study?" My dad asked.

  "Positive! Niall said that's where he planned on going if the whole One Direction thing hadn't worked out, but that's not why I want to go there. You know i've always wanted to attend a University in Dublin!" I thought about meeting Niall at college instead of Starbucks. 

  I imagined our relationship just the same as it is now. Only he's just a normal person. No fame or fortune just Niall Horan coming to study Music Engineering.

  That's what he for sure wanted to do if he wasn't in the band right now. No matter what he always wanted something to do with music and that's what made me most proud of him.

  Niall's never given up on his dream, and look where he is now! Touring the entire world on a headline tour visiting 134 places at that!

  "So I sent off the resume dad they should respond to tell me if i've gotten accepted or not in 5-7 week days," I told him.

  "That's great Syd! I know you'll get accepted love you've got it all when it comes to your studies." I smiled and tackled him into a great big hug.

  "Thank you for everything dad. Really, I mean it! Without you I don't know what i'd do." He quietly chuckled, "You know before school starts you have to visit your mum right?" I groaned just at the thought of her.

  "Yeah, yeah, yeah I know.." He looked down at me with a 'hey now don't go about that way' look on his face.

  "So when do I leave?"

  "She wants you there a week before you start because she has a business trip to go on the week before," I sighed and looked up at my dad, "Daddy you know I don't like going to see her in the states.. I just feel out of place! Especially if she's started her own family. That's definitely going to be weird!"
  He agreed, "I know Sydney, but do it for her. At least she's trying to have a relationship with you. Most mothers don't even want anything to do with their daughters!"

  My mum and dad were teenage parents, and that's why I was an only child. After my mum got pregnant at 16 she was supposedly to scared to go through with another pregnancy because of how young she was at the time.

  So I have no other siblings and having Niall has taken place of the brother i've never had. "Why'd she have to go off to America anyway, and since when did she stop drinking to get a good enough job?" I questioned.

  "Syd don't talk about your mother that way!"

  "Like what way Dad?!"

  He gave me a knowing look and I put my hands up in defense, "Ok fine, but I still don't know how she's gotten her life together. That's the whole reason why i'm with you and not her!"

  My mum and I had always gotten along until it came down to her drinking. That's when everything went downhill. I'd gotten abused and sexually assaulted by her boyfriends at such a young age so I had to force myself to forget everything and move on with my life at the age of 10.

  No 10 year old should ever have to go through what I had to experience that young, and from then on I promised myself that whenever I had a child it would be my number one pride and joy.

  "She's been to rehab and all that Sydney. I really think this one time you're with her before University will be good for the both of you whether she has her own family or not."

  "I guess, but I wish Niall could be there with me. I'd feel much safer around her." I whispered the last part.

  "You'll be just fine honey." He said rubbing my back reassuringly.


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