So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


23. ❥Sweet Confessions

Sydneys POV

"Thank you for surprising me today," Niall and I were sat on the couch watching Miley Cyrus's new movie LOL. It was quite girly, but cute at the same time. How I convinced Niall to watch it with me, I don't know.

  "You're welcome Syd. This feels just like old times. Only now we're in your dorm." He smiled down at me. My head rested on his lap while he softly played with my hair.

  Anytime Niall did this I was bound to go to sleep. I rolled off of my side and onto my back looking up at him now, "Niall?" I started, "Hm?" He replied. "Where do you see, us, in 10 years?"

  He sighed and picked up the remote to pause the movie. "Well, hopefully the band in still going strong, and i've found someone that I would like to be with for the rest of my life.." He continued. 'Hopefully that girl is me.' I said to myself.

  "And how could I forget you? I know we'll still be together in 10 years!" He nodded and smiled that bright charming smile that got me every time.

  But was I just friend zoned? "Niall I-"

Nialls POV

  I cut her off there by crashing my lips into hers as hard as I could. When she kissed me back, and our lips started moving in sync, is when I knew this was meant to be. I knew Sydney and I were made to be more than friends.

  "Sydney," I pulled out of the kiss we were both heavily breathing, "I can't hold this feeling in anymore. I can't be scared about what's going to happened if I tell you. I've got to overcome my feelings, and stop being so damn scared about everything between you and I,"

  "Sydney.. It's our destiny to be together. I just know it. We care so much about each other its crazy, for the entire day i've been holding my stupid feelings in, and I can't take it anymore."

I'd come as close as I could to her, and lifted her chin so that she had no other choice but to stare me in the eyes.

  "Its insane how much you mean to me, but I know this feeling will never change Sydney." I swear I saw sparks in her eyes at that moment.

  "Sydney, I-I want to be with you for forever. No matter how long i'm leaving. Sydney I love you, and i'm not saying that as a 'best friend' way anymore. I mean it as in will you be my girlfriend? Love me, and call me every morning? And as soon as we get back from being on tour I can't wait to wake up to you by my side every morning, and to spend my entire day with you. Your perfect, your my angel, my princess, the love of my life. We're inseparable, and I know we can make it to the end Syd."

   She sat staring at me with the widest eyes. "Why do you always amaze me with what you say?" She wiped away a tear that almost escaped from the corner of her eye, and hugged me as tight as she possibly could.

  "But I will definitely be your girlfriend Niall." She whispered into my ear.


  Sydney left me with that for the rest of the afternoon. My ultimate dream had come true, besides being in a boy band of course, my best friend was now my girlfriend and I honestly don't know how I got so lucky each time something like this happened. I've fallen in love and I honestly couldn't ask for anything better.

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