So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


22. ❥Pure Excitement

Once I recovered from Niall surprising me I decided to show him all around the campus. "And last but not least this is the elevator that leads to my floor," Niall held onto my hand the entire time I showed him around. Occasionally letting go whenever he was noticed by a fan and they wanted a picture.

"Go ahead press the button I can't wait too see your dorm!" He said excitedly. This was a new experience for him so he was stoked about going all around the University and checking it out.

While in the elevator Niall mentioned something that pulled at my heart, "I wish I got to experience something this amazing.."

I looked up at him and softly squeezed his hand, "No, Niall don't say that! Think about all of the girls dreams you make come true everyday just by taking a picture or even signing a piece of paper! I was once in the position, but luck just so happened to be on my side the day I met you." I looked up at him and a smile took over both of our faces.

Eventually our faces inched closer and closer together, lips centimeters away from touching, until the elevator opens and I quickly jerk away from Niall looking to see that it was Brittany that had cleared her throat to grasp our attention.

I swiftly grabbed hold of Nialls hand again and dragged him out of the elevator, highly embarrassed might I add.

We actually just almost kissed.. Was this even real life? I couldn't even remember if he leaned in first, or was it me? I stopped at my door before walking in and apologized to Niall.

"I'm sorry." I croaked out. I could feel a blush creep it's way up to my cheeks.

"You don't have to apologize Syd. It was bound to happen sometime, right?" Niall whispered. His grip on my hands tightened and I couldn't help but grin at him.

"Now how about you show me that dorm of yours yeah?" I nodded and turned away from him to unlock the door. After successfully doing so I held out my hand for him to grab again, and walked him into Shelby and I's room.

"This is sick! It looks just like she dorms off of Zoey 101!" He said obviously surprised.

I held up a finger to my mouth signaling for him to be quiet once I noticed Shelby was here doing just what she did every night, listen to Bon Jovi and sit on Tumblr.

My plan was to surprise her since she didn't know Niall was coming today. I walked behind her and threw both hands over her eyes so she could no longer see. "Sydney, I know that's you. What the hell are you doing?!" She grumbled shifting her laptop from her legs to onto the bed and snatching her earbuds from her ears.

"Stop being so grumpy! I have someone I want you to meet.." I looked over at Niall and winked. He stood on my side of the room with his arms crossed and watched this all play out.

I guided Shelby from her bed to the sitting area and sat her down on the couch. "Ugh you know I hate surprises would you get off!" I quietly giggled at Niall and mouthed for him to come over here and stand right in front of Shelby.

"Sydney I'm gonna kill yo-" And before she could finish her sentence I whipped my hands away from her eyes and waited for her reaction, which was priceless might I add.

"Holy shit!" She gasped, "Why wouldn't you warn me that he was coming!?" She turned around to look at me and gave me a death glare.

"My hair looks like a rats nest and not only that I'm wearing a onesie!" Shelby whisper yelled. I knew she was gonna get payback then.

"Oh c'mon Niall doesn't mind! Do you?" I knowingly looked at him.

"Nope, not at all! I've actually seen Sydney at her worst plenty of times let me tell you!" I rolled my eyes and playfully stuck my tongue out at him, "That is the biggest lie ever Niall Horan!!"

He threw his hands up in defense and chuckled getting a giggle out of Shelby as well.

She cleared her throat, "Well then, I guess I'll be heading out. I'll let you two have some alone time," She got up and gathered her laptop, phone, charger, and earbuds. "If you need be I'll just be at the coffee lounge bye guys!" She waved before leaving Niall and I alone for the night.


Thanks for reading!! I wrote this chapter on my phone and it's a lot harder than typing on a computer xD anyways don't forget to comment,fan,fav,like!!! I love you guys! :D xx

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