So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


24. ❥Party Hard ** WARNING: 16+**

Sydney's POV

After Niall confessed his feelings to me, just like I knew, nothing was awkward between the two of us. I mean, yes we obviously kissed more than normal now, but I didn't mind.

We finished watching the movie and in perfect timing Shelby came back. "Hey gu- am I interrupting something here..?" She raised her eyebrows and pointed back and forth between Niall and I.

I bit my lip and looked down at our intertwined hands. "Well.. Niall and I are kind of a couple now," I met eyes with Shelby and her mouth formed an 'o'.

"OH MY GOD IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!" She squealed and ran over and tackled us both into a bone crushing hug.

"And this is perfect timing!! I know you're always studying and what not Sydney,"

"Gee, thanks." I giggled. "So I figured since I got invited to go out you two should come along!"

I looked over at Niall and he shrugged his shoulders so I was interpreting that he didn't care and looked back at Shelby, "Sure, Why not!" I told her.

  "Great! Just be ready by 8 then," She informed us then left the room again.

  "You think the boys would wanna come too?" Niall asked right after Shelby shut the door. I sighed, "Well.. knowing Liam and Louis I know they wouldn't pass up the offer to come, but its going to be a bunch of college kids. Do you think they really want to get themselves into all of that?" I questioned Niall.

  "I'm gonna be there though," He replied. "Yeah, you are, but if all five of you come then you won't be able to normally party.. it'll be full of taking pictures, and a ton of flirty drunk girls,"

  "That is true. I guess we can leave them out of it this time." He smirked and planted a kiss on my forehead. "You hungry? I would kill for either pasta or macaroni right now," I giggled at his common hungriness all of the time.

  My stomach growled signaling that I actually was hungry and Niall chuckled and picked me up bridal style taking me over to our mini kitchen area and setting me down on the counter. "Hmm.. now what to eat?" He opened up the pantry and sat rubbing his chin looking at all of our food choices.

  After scanning the food for a while he came across Chicken Alfredo and quickly whipped it up before we got ready to go.


  A few hours passed and it was 6 o'clock already. Thank god today was a Thursday and I had no Friday classes so I could actually go partying without waking up and regretting my actions from the night before.

  "Thanks for cooking Ni. I'll wash up the dishes before I start getting ready," Niall came over and kissed the tip of my nose hanging his arms loosely around my waist, just above my bum.

  "Ok princess," Just hearing him call me his princess made me want to faint, "I'm gonna go back to the hotel and get ready since I didn't bring any bags here with me." I nodded and hugged him adding in one more kiss just before he left.

  "Text me babe!" He yelled before shutting the door and leaving me alone in the dorm. I slumped onto the couch and sighed already missing Niall. Lately i've realized just how much I love this boy, and I couldn't ask for it any other way.

  He was perfect in every aspect. His laugh, those breathtaking eyes, and not to mention his blonde hair that he always runs his fingers through when its flat on his head. I personally liked his hair without the quiff better. He looked like plain old Niall, not One Direction Niall.

  After sitting on the couch for what felt like forever and gathering my thoughts I hadn't even heard Shelby come in. "Hey! You alright?" She asked worry written all over her face.

  "Y-yeah!" I giggled, "Just thinking s'all,"

  "About Niallll?" She said in a sing song voice getting a smile out of me. "Duh, who else?"

  "Well, don't worry about going out and getting a dress because," Right then Shelby whipped two sexy black dresses from behind her back.

  "Holy shit! Where'd you get these?!" I gasped taking the one she held out for me and admiring it. "They're both brand spanking new tags still on them. They sat in my closet for the longest time back home only because I had no where to wear them so I figured I'd just pack them and bring them here for partying purposes, and thankfully I did!" Shelby explained.

  "Y-yes thank god you did! Niall is going to drool over me when he see's this!" I squealed in excitement.

~An hour later~

  "Aaand you're done!" Shelby smiled curling the last piece of my hair.

  I sat with my back turned towards the mirror in our desk chair. "Now i'm gonna turn you around. 3," I tightly closed my eyes and bit my lip. "2," I could already picture Niall keeping me by his side, and away from all of those scummy college guys, all night long because of how sexy I was going to look. "1," Shelby started to slowly turn me around and once I figured I was facing the mirror I opened my eyes and jesus christ I looked nothing like my normal straight brunette haired self.

  "Oh. My. God." I whispered. "H-how did you e-even..?" I was at a loss for words. My makeup was done perfectly, and I mean p e r f e c t l y, and my hair was teased a bit at the top and curled into loose extremely sexy looking curls.

  "Thank you so much Shelby! You did so much better then I could have EVER done!" I jumped out of the chair and hugged her so tight I thought our bodies would become one.

  "No problem! Hair and makeup are definitely my specialties when it comes to going partying!" She laughed and picked up my phone, "Here, be hot, sexy, seductive all that jazz. Make Niall want you Sydney!" She smirked and snapped a picture of me posing for Niall.

  "Boy is he gonna love this.." I took my phone and looked at the picture smiling. "I can't wait to see his reaction." I smirked while shaking my head.

  Shelby had eventually done her hair and makeup as well, and now alls that was left was for us to put on our dresses.

  I slipped on my dress and Shelby zipped the back for me. I grabbed my clutch and heels and waited out on the couch for her to get done, and for Niall to text me back. I wouldn't be surprised if he came in grumpy because I was being such a tease already.

  Nialls POV

  It was about a 15 minute drive to the party and we were all taking a couple shots in the van. When I got back to Sydney and Shelby's dorm I did have a few choice words to say only because of how fucking sexy Sydney looked tonight.

  I will forever thank Shelby for this. I couldn't believe I was taking out such a beautiful girl tonight, and I could definitely clarify myself as the luckiest man in the world right now. We finally arrived and I took Sydneys hand then hopped out of the van. She was smiling and laughing and everybody was just having a good time. 

  This was a private party at a club for college students only so we walked up to the entrance and Shelby's date told the guard his name and said we were all with him. He let us through and as soon as we walked in the music started blaring in our ears. Sydney pulled me over to the bar and the bartender asked, "What can I get you two tonight?" I went with something light. 

  "I'll have a pint.. and as for her a water." I said pointing at Sydney. "Niall what the hell!?" Sydney said hitting my chest. "Babe, I don't want you to have anything else for a while! You drank enough shots in the van!" I came close to her and whispered into her ear. "Ugh your such a party pooper Nialler!" She said turning away from me.

Sydneys POV

  I knew I was already slightly drunk, but couldn't help myself. Once Shelby told me how much fun it could be after we partied I knew Niall and I both had to get drunk tonight.

  Niall grabbed onto my arm and just like I knew he would, he wouldn't let me leave his side, "Babeee just let me have 1!" I pleaded with him. 

  "Fine, but only because I love you." Niall said rolling his eyes. "Yay! Thanks I love you!" I said placing a sloppy kiss on his cheek. That 1 drink turned into 4, 5, and 6 more for both of us. I was so drunk i couldn't even see straight. 

  I saw Shelby and Tyler walk up to us and say we were leaving in a couple hours. I nodded and pulled Niall onto the dance floor with me. He was behind me and I was grinding on him in front. He whispered in my ear, "I want you now!" And started to pull up my dress from the bottom. "Niall, we aren't at home yet!" I told him and giggled at his touch. "Who cares no ones watching baby!" He growled into my ear.

  But I knew he was just talking crazy because I talked him into having more drinks than he intended tonight.

  Hours passed and it was finally time to go. Shelby, Tyler and another one of their friends that was with us tonight, Courtney, practically had to drag us out of the club.  Courtney and Lance didn't drink much at all. Neither did Hannah or Zack, but Niall, Tyler, Shelby, and I went crazy tonight! 

  Every step I took I stumbled until i finally made my way into the van. Niall slapped my ass and bit his lip behind me. I loved the drunk Niall.. don't get me wrong i loved the other Niall too, its just that this Niall was a lot of fun if you know what I mean. He was so much more care free than he already was, which was in fact a major turn on.

Nialls POV

  I couldn't wait until we got back to the dorm. Tonight was by far the best night i've ever had with Sydney and she was such a turn on. Ever since I met her i've only seen her shy side, but tonight I really saw her wild side! We were making out in the van along with Courtney and Lance. I started to slide a finger up under her dress, but she quickly stopped me. "Nuh uh.. you can wait Mr. Horan!" She brought her head up to my ear and whispered.

  Shelby and Tyler calmed down a bit, but not enough to matter. Once we finally got back I picked Sydney up bridal style, and carried her inside. She giggled all the way upstairs. Once we got to her dorm room, I unlocked it, shut the door with my foot, and she started to take my shirt off. "Oh no you don't princess, not so fast!" I slammed her down onto her bed and attacked her neck instantaneously finding her sweet spot.

  "Niall, i'm ready." Lust took over her instantly. I looked into her eyes and could see, even though she was drunk out of her mind, that she was really ready to do this. "Are you sure?" I wanted her to confirm it. "Babe, I need you!" She begged.

Sydneys POV

  His hands were trailing up and down my body. He soon found my bum and I continued to grind hard against him. I could feel his boner growing on my thigh. Niall's tongue continued to explore my mouth.

  Soon after his lips found my collarbone and he started kissing up and down my chest pulling down my dress the farther down he went. He trailed back up to my neck kissing my sweet spot once again.

  Before I could blink his hands were tugging at the bottom of my dress. He pulled it down roughly and smirked looking me straight in the eyes. He ran a finger over me slowly through my underwear. "Damn. Your so wet." He growled into my ear.

  I nodded and bit my lip. I felt my heartbeat increase when he gently rubbed his finger against my clit through my panties. He was teasing me like there was no tomorrow. Niall opened my legs wider and slid my panties to one side blowing cold air onto my aching sex while admiring me.

  "Stop teasing!" I pleaded. I wanted him so badly and I couldn't take this any longer. Before I knew it he slid a finger into me. I threw my head back in pleasure while Niall felt around for my g-spot, quickly finding it. "What did you say?" He asked.

  "Stop teasing me!" He began moving his fingers around in a 'come hither' motion and soon after he stuck a second one in. "Oh god, wait, Niall!" I couldn't control the moans, or the slight screams from the pain, that escaped my throat each time he came across my g-spot. All to soon he pulled them out.

  "Baby, you might not be ready. If two fingers hurt, then this might not be a good idea right now," He whispered.

  "But, Niall!" I whined, "I know i'll be ok. I want to do this with you! I'm ready, but not only that. I. love. you." I said kissing his lips with every word.

  He sighed and rubbed his forehead, "I just don't like the idea of me hurting you princess." He moved tiny strands of hair from in front of my face and held onto my face with both hands.

  "I promise if it hurts to bad i'll let you know. Niall, please." I begged once again.

  He complied and slid off my underwear throwing them to the side bringing his head down to my heat. Once I felt his hot breath right over my clit I went crazy. His tongue lightly flicked over me countless times and all to soon I had a tight feeling in my stomach. "I-i'm gonna cum Ni!" I moaned.

  Niall stopped and I pushed him off of me, and abruptly started to take his pants off. "Don't you dare tease!" He growled his voice almost scary. I ran my thumb over his tip. "Why not? You sure as hell did tease me!" I bit my lip and a smirk appeared on my face before taking his length into my mouth.

  "Sydney." He moaned loud and deep. His body started to jerk, but I kept going. He tensed up and I could tell he was almost there. I stopped soon after. He groaned, "Come 'ere baby," He took over again. His body was once again hovering mine and he positioned himself to go inside of me.

  "I'm so sorry if this hurts you. I'll take it easy." He grabbed hold of my hand and told me to squeeze when it hurt to bad. He slowly slid his length into me and I winced at the pain I started to encounter.

  "N-Niall.." I squeezed his hand so tight his knuckles were turning white. I hissed and let a tear fall down my cheek, trying my best to keep Niall from seeing, but that didn't happen, and he pulled out.

  "I can't do this. Its killing me Syd." He said looking down at my weak state. Even though the pain was excruciating I still wanted to have sex with him. This was going to happen tonight no matter what I had to do to convince him of it.

  "Niall go!" He sighed and positioned himself again staying in one spot so I could get use to the feeling of him inside of me. "Ok i'm ready," He then began to slowly thrust into me. I wanted to scream the pain was so bad, and I was sure this wasn't going to start to feel any better.

  "Niall.." I shut my eyes tight and squeezed his hand as hard as I could. Sooner or later the pain surprisingly turned to pleasure, and I started to get used to him inside of me.

  "Are you ok?" He asked through our heavy breathing. I nodded and he began to thrust a bit faster. "Ni... i'm so close." I breathed heavily onto his neck. He found my lips and started kissing them again to hold back the moans that so badly wanted to escape from my throat.

  His thrusts got deeper and faster as he went on and I couldn't take it any longer. I ran the hand he wasn't holding through his rough hair and moaned his name as loud as I could. "Damn it Sydney!" He groaned into my ear. As his thrusts grew sloppier he screwed his eyes shut and started to slow down. "Go ahead. Let go baby girl," I was reaching my climax and with every thrust he continued to jab into my g-spot.

  He slowed down and sooner than I wanted it to be, it was over. Niall rolled over with a tight grip still on my hand. "You did so good princess." His breathing was heavy and he swept my messy hair out of my face.

  "I'm sure that was the worst sex you've ever had." My face grew red. "By far the best. I'm glad I got to do it with you." He smiled. "I love you Niall." I whispered into his ear. "I love you more, Sydney."

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