So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


38. ❥Only Time Will Tell

Nialls POV

  I don't recall Sydney and I falling asleep together, but with our limbs tangled together like so, I remember the foreign feeling, and smile. Today is her two month checkup and thinking about how close we are to seeing our little one gives me butterflies.

  The next appointment will finally be her ultrasound and I get a chill just thinking about it which in turn wakes Sydney up. "You ok?" She giggles at my sudden movement. I nod, "Just thinking about finally getting to see him or her," She sighs.

  "I know. I don't care what happens as long as he or she is healthy," With that being said she sits up on my lap and furrows her eyebrows, "How did we get all tangled up last night? We haven't slept like that in ages, it feels like,"

  I grab her from behind and start to tickle her sides and attack her neck with kisses. All the while she squirms with fits of laughter to try and get out of my hold. "We all know it is only because you can't resist me while awake nor asleep!" She gasps for air and her face becomes to red for my liking so I stop. 

  "Oh, yeah, stop when I am dying already," She giggles again and I jerk my hands forward pretending I am going for her sides again. She squeals and grabs my hands but resides when she notices that I was kidding.

  "Alright missy time to get up, shower, and get ready for your appointment." I get up and clap my hands together and pull her up with me. "But Niall!" Sydney whines, "I'm tired," I sigh and struggle to pull her up with her pulling the rest of her weight down. "Me too baby, but I will be cooking you a nice warm breakfast to look forward to when you are all done. How does that sound?" She smiles and I know I've won her over.

  "You THINK you know how to bribe me," Damn it. "and you do." I crack a smile. "So, just as you said, a nice warm delicious amazing chef Niall the wonderful Hora-" She has her eyes closed while saying all of this and I know she is imagining the food being in front of her right this moment. 

  I cup my hand over her mouth and her eyes pop open with confusion, "You sitting here is not going to make the food suddenly appear my love," I chuckle. She nods, "Right, I am going,"


"Breakfast was amazing, as always, thank you." Sydney says as she puts her hair into a some up some down Ariana Grande type hairstyle, curled and all.

I kiss her cheek and slip on my shoes, "We are going to be late if you take any longer.." She turns around and scolds me. "Never rush a woman, Niall. It only makes them want to go slower," I playfully stick my tongue out at her and she rolls her eyes.

"Seems as if you are more excited then I am," She says as she puts in her earrings and then sprays one of the perfumes I got her on her wrist then rubs them together.

"Maybe so. I swear it's a boy I can just feel it. I'm already imagining teaching him how to play football and everything," I sigh.

Sydney shakes her head and picks up her purse, "Don't get your hopes up. I have this mothers instinct thing and I seriously feel like this ones a girl. Now let's go,"

We arrive at the appointment five minutes late due to traffic and rush inside to sign Sydney in. There are little kids and pregnant women all around, and I don't think I've ever been more uncomfortable in my life. Being the only man in the room doesn't help either.

"You don't think this is a teen pregnancy clinic do you?" I whisper to Sydney. "You set up the appointment, you idiot, I have no idea!" She whispers back.

Finally she gets called back and we confirm from her doctor that luckily this isn't a teen pregnancy clinic. Doctor Watts asks her how everything is going are there any abnormalities the usual, and then tells her to lay back.

After writing a couple of things down on his notepad he looks up at us as if he is about to deliver bad news. Sydney and I glance at each other and wait for him to speak.

"Don't be worried," He chuckles. "It actually looks as if you're far enough along to see the gender of the baby today!"

She tightens her grip on my hand turning my knuckles white, "Are you serious? I..I didn't think I would be..." Tears brim her eyes and I run my thumb along her hand.

"Your baby is doing so well. I didn't think we would be able to today, but everything you told me sounds tremendously well, so let's do it!"

She vigorously nods her head and I question whether or not this is real life at the moment. He rolls over with a tube of blue gel like liquid and squirts it on her stomach.

He then grabs the ultrasound machine and rolls it around on her belly. We look on the monitor and she squeals when he comes across the head and eventually it's parts.

"Well ms. Holland it looks as if.." He rolls his chair closer to the monitor to get a better look, "you will be having a little baby girl!"


Thanks for reading!! In the past version of this story Sydney originally has a girl anyway so nothing's changed :) don't forget to please comment, like, fav, and fan it's greatly appreciated! Love you guys ❤️


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