So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


18. ❥New Life, New Me

"Syd," My dad shook my shoulder, "Sydney wake up, we're here!" I cracked my eyes open just a bit so they could adjust to the sunlight. "Oh my god.." I whispered. As we were finding a parking spot in the parking garage there were tons of people standing around at different tables and such.

  Not to mention the huge University that stood right in the middle of a couple of trees and a long pathway. "You excited yet?" My dad looked over and smiled.

  I scoffed, "More like nervous as hell!" He glared, "Language.." Then sighed and got out of the car.

  Before getting out I stuffed my phone and earphones into my bag then ran and caught uo to my dad. "I'm not your little girl anymore daddy! Look around, i'm actually at a University!" I giggled doing spins and turns with my arms flaring around with me.

  "At this rate you're surely acting like and little kid, and most certainly are not going to have anyone come up and try to be friends with you!" He chuckled at my actions. I playfully stuck my tongue out at him and crossed my arms over my chest.

  "Hello welcome to Trinity College of Dublin! I'm Tracy and if I could get your name and date of birth I can show you where to go first!" She said in what sounded like a south side Dublin accent.

  "Sydney Ann Holland," She nodded for me to continue as she wrote on her clipboard, "September 30, 1994." I then told her my birthday. Tracy guided us over to a table that held brochures and other important information about the college.

  "At this table you will need to pick up these 3 papers," She pointed at more papers that I would have to fill out about myself, "And if you want, there are also a couple of brochures that you can pick up as well. They just give you an overall insight about the University." She informed us both.

  "Great thank you so much!" I replied gathering the things I needed, and left my dad to pick up the brochures if he wanted.

  "No problem! Now if you could just fill those papers out then go and give them to Brittney, she's sitting over at that table, and she will give you your room key and a map of the entire campus!" Tracy enlightened us with a smile.





  After filling everything out and taking them over to Brittney she then gave me my room key and just like Tracy said, a map of the campus. Everyone here was so nice and generous so far, and they certainly made me feel comfortable.

  I was already excited for the four years I was going to spend here. "And if you continue to walk this way here is the lunch room." Brittney stopped to show me the most important parts of the school. "Its quite big, but there are over 2,000 students that attend the University every year," As we continued to walk I looked over at my dad and mouthed 'wow'.

  "Now this is the elevator you will always take to get to your floor. What room are you?" Brittney asked.

  "208," I replied. "Oh good you're only on the second floor so you don't have to worry about waking up extremely early just to get ready for classes like the higher floors do," She smiled, "After you," Brittney stepped aside and let us into the elevator.

  Once it dinged and opened my stomach instantly turned flips. All this time i've been thinking about everything else but my roommate! I totally forgot about that.

  We continued to walk until Brittney stopped at my room and instructed me to open it with my key. "It looks like your roommate has already settled in!" As I walked into the room I couldn't believe my eyes.

  One Direction posters were plastered left and right across one wall that she had rudely claimed without even knowing who she was going to room with.

  Our dorm looked just like the ones from Zoey 101 and that was the best part! "If you need anything else let me know! I'll always be around campus so if you can't find me just go to the front desk and they'll ring for me!" Brittney said cheerfully before leaving our room.

  As I looked around the room to be honest to kind of freaked me out. Walking in and seeing Niall on my wall everyday was going to be entirely weird. 

  I sat my bag down on the empty desk and noticed a girl sitting on her bed, that was cornered, listening to music and on her computer.

  She looked up and noticed me with a polite grin on her face, "Hi! You must be my new roommate, I'm Shelby!" She introduced herself.

  "I'm Sydney," I replied with a smile as well. "And this is my dad.." He waved and nudged my side. I knew he could tell how uncomfortable I was knowing that there was One Direction everything that covered her side of the room.

  Not to mention that I had also forgot that I was hiding a big secret like that. Could I even trust this girl? I knew I was going to have to talk this whole thing over with Niall. Maybe he wanted me knowing him to be secret around here. What if he just wanted to be able to come here and see me without anyone knowing?

  Who knows because as of now I had not a clue as to what I should do.


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