So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


27. ❥Needed Trip

  "Niaaalll," I groan in my sleep clutching my stomach. I am almost positive my period is coming, but I am having early cramps and feel as if I could puke any minute now.

  He groans and shifts in his sleep before opening his eyes. "What's the matter baby?" He sighs while rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

  "C..cramps." I almost whisper to embarrassed to admit that my period is coming to Niall. Although I shouldn't be, but when it comes to this kind of stuff I feel a bit out of place telling him that I need him to wake up stop being a grouch and go get me medicine.

  "I am going.." Niall says with annoyance in his voice. He flips the covers off of himself and rolls out of bed trudging into the bathroom to get my pills.

  I am still surprised the dean hasn't done a dorm check and caught us together. But then again I am beyond grateful the he hasn't because that means Niall doesn't have to spend unnecessary money on a hotel room for two weeks and we get to share my tiny bunk bed together even though there is no space I could care less because he has me wrapped up in his arms all night.

  Just the thought of Niall pulling me close when we couldn't get any closer makes me smile no matter how much pain I am in right now.

  "Is this it?" He is frowning, clearly not pleased that he has been awoken from his sleep at half past three in the morning.

  "No, Niall it is the blue bottle! Those are my vitamins!" I whine.

  "Sorry babe.." He looses the exasperation trailed along in his voice, and goes back into the bathroom to grab the right bottle.

  "This it?" He huffs and I nod. As he starts walking back to bed I stop him, "But I need water Ni.." I say in the most innocent voice knowing he will not be able to pass me up.

  "Baby.." He whines. I frown and he eventually gives in just like I knew he would and leaves the room and comes back with a nice cold water.

  "Here babe open up," He takes the water and pills from me and does it for me. He places the pill on my tongue and puts the water up to my mouth for me to drink. Once it is down I already start to feel a bit better.

  "Come 'ere." He nearly whispers bringing me as close to him as possible. I sigh and lay on his chest taking in his morning voice that still to this day drives me crazy as he sweetly talks to me. "I don't like seeing my baby girl this way.." Niall says playing with my hair, soothing me.

  "Well your baby girl definitely does not like feeling this way!" I giggle lightly making sure not to hurt my stomach.

  "You should be better in time for Christmas though," He mentions. Christmas. Shit Christmas is a week from today! Luckily Niall and I have already agreed on having it at my dads house this year instead of his like always.

  It's these types of moments that make me grateful that Niall has always been my neighbor. We don't have to worry about traveling to see each other for Holidays and I love it that way.

  "Hopefully. I dread having a terrible Christmas this year. I just want everything to go nice and smooth like always, and I definitely do not want to be the highlight of Christmas just because I am sick so I am going to make a doctors appointment in the morning!" I state.

  Niall slowly rubs circles into my back instantly soothing me all over again. It feels extremely nice to be able to fall asleep is his arms again I've missed it and became foreign to the feeling, but now it is back and I never want to loose it again.


  "Baby.. Syd.. wake up." I hear Niall call my name and shake my shoulder lightly to wake me. I open my eyes and as soon as the bright light coming from the windows hits my eyes I feel even worse than I did last night.

  "Niall.." I grumble, "I am much worse than I was last night,"

  "I can see it on your face baby, and that is why you have a doctors appointment at  two. It is already twelve thirty so it would be best to get up now." He gently talks to me.

  Wow, Niall is the absolute best. I can already smell the croissants he brought back from my favorite bakery and coffee. I roll out of bed and walk into the kitchen area of my dorm and grab my breakfast. 

  "I figured you would like something nice before you have to go to the doctors." He grins. Whenever Niall is feeling sorry for me one of the many things he does is get me something that I love, and in this case it's croissants and a nice coffee to try and sooth my aching stomach. But not only that he knows how I feel about doctors offices.

  I have always despised them even when I was a little kid. I would always cling to my dads leg instead of being like all of the other kids and leaving their parents alone to fill out paper work and go play with blocks.

  "Thank you so much. I love you." I softly kiss Niall on his lips making sure not to make to much contact just incase I do have a bad case of the flu or something..

  Before I know it I'm all showered and ready to go by one. When I come out of the bathroom to my surprise Shelby is back. "Hey! I missed you so much I haven't seen you since the party.. are you ok?" She worriedly asks.

  I weakly smile and nod, "I am fine.. I think I just have a stomach bug or something of that sort. I've been feeling terrible for the past couple of days," I tell her sighing.

  "Oh gosh! I'm sorry I haven't been around I have kind of been with Tyler. He made things official.." She mentions and squeals excitedly.

  "So does that mean you are going to be staying in his dorm since it is co-ed?" I ask because if that is the case Niall and I will have more much needed private time together.

  "Yes definitely!" She says and I mentally am thanking god for her answer. "I want you to have as much alone time with Niall as possible while he is here. I mean, I know you are going to get to spend Christmas and all with him but it would be rude of me not to do that for you," Shelby rubs my shoulder and says.

  I can't believe she is being so considerate of Niall and I right now. I know for sure she is a huge fan I mean our walls are obvious of that, but she is going completely out of her way for Niall and I and I couldn't be anymore thankful.

  "Thank you a ton!" I say pulling her into a hug. "No problem! I'm just going to shower and pack a bag then I'll be off!" She says.

  "Oh no take your time! I actually have a doctors appointment at two so Niall and I won't be here much longer. Take as long as you need." I tell her smiling and walking off to go and find Niall.

  "Hey you all ready?" He is sitting on the couch watching football. "Yes it's one thirty so we should go now it is going to take another 20 minutes to get there and I don't want to be late!" I tell him.

  "Alrighty lets go," Niall lifts himself up from the couch and grabs his car keys from the key rack beside the door.

  He holds my hand as we walk down the hall and into the elevator together getting multiple stares from many different people. My guess is they are surprised that I am with 'the Niall Horan' or it could also be that he is with me because I know I look like death right now.

  My hair is in the messiest bun to where it isn't even cute anymore and I definitely did not bother to put on any makeup. In the state that I am in right now I could care less about my looks.

  As the elevator starts going down to the first floor I start to feel sick, sick as in throw up. My eyes grow wide and I slap my hand over my mouth. As soon as the elevator opens I throw my hand out of Nialls and run to the downstairs bathroom.

  And I am guessing whatever I have doesn't mix with moving objects to well. I hold my hair as I finish puking my brains out and quickly run over to the sink to wash my hands and get a stick of mint gum from my purse.

  "Baby, are you ok?" Niall worriedly asks as I walk out of the bathroom. "I'm fine we just need to go I have already made myself late we are behind five minutes." I groan shooing Niall towards the car.

  My hormones are changing like crazy and I hate that part of my period. I don't intentionally mean to say hurtful things and get all pissy at the smallest things, but I can't help it.

  "Come on Syd," Niall opens the car door for me and I sit down waiting for him to get in and turn the heat up so that I am no longer freezing my ass off and as soon as he does so off we go to the doctor.



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