So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


2. ❥Misunderstanding

Sydneys POV

  I sat in my car looking dumbfounded by what just happened. As i wiped away at my clothes with the napkins Niall gave me i noticed something odd on one of them. I took a good look at what was scrawled across the paper then gasped. 

   Niall James Horan from One Direction gave me his number!! I tried to keep my cool because he was probably still watching me from inside the building.

  Mind you he's in the BIGGEST boy band in the world for gods sake! This couldn't be happening right now. It had to be a total misunderstanding. How could someone so famous go for a normal street girl like me?

  Well that's beside the point. Let me introduce myself. My name is Sydney Holland and i'm 17. My parents got divorced earlier this summer and it's been hard traveling from London to America but i'm coping.

  Ever since i could remember my parents were always fighting. They fought over little things like who was going to pick me up from preschool on Monday's and who would take me to school in the mornings. Ever since i was a little girl i'd always known they weren't going to grow old together.

  My mums a terrible alcoholic and she has a tendency of going crazy when she's drunk so it was better off for me to stay with my dad and visit her when ever i could. Your probably wondering why my mum is english and living in America yeah?

  Well, for starters, she told my dad she wasn't interested in him anymore, and she likes American men better anyway. So she's there now.

  Any who back to Niall.

  I don't know why he gave me his number. He could have any girl in the world but out of everyone me? Although i sometimes have been mistaken for a Victorias Secret model. Beats me. 

  But to be honest there was something there when he looked me in the eyes. Something that felt.. right. My mum always used to tell me don't go out looking for love let love find you, and I've always taken her word on that and never really gone fishing for love, but now has love found me?

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