So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


33. ❥Making It

Nialls POV

  We were already forty-five minutes into the drive and Sydney was peacefully sleeping with her head resting on the window. She looked so innocent, so beautiful. I knew if our parents were to have a terrible reaction over the news that she would break down.

  She would be so lost all day long and that is one of my biggest worries for her. It would be Christmas day a day that everyone is supposed to be happy on, but she would be swimming in regrets and I don't want that for her.

  We are going to be alright together soon having a little family of our own just a little earlier than expected, and that's fine with me.

  Without thinking I place a hand on her stomach and slowly slide my thumb up and down it. "Are we there yet?" She groans but soon after simpers.

  "Soon baby, soon." I whisper to her trying to get her to fall back asleep after waking her.

  "I'm hungry," She says with her eyes closed.

  I look at the clock; four fifteen. "We aren't near any restaurants, but we are almost in Mullingar." She nods and slowly dozes off back to sleep.

  "Niall stop staring at me and pay attention to the road," She opens one eye and smiles at me. Jesus, that smile.

  After stopping to get Sydney food a couple minutes later we passed the "Welcome to Mullingar" sign. She sighed and smiled at the familiar sight again. "It seems like forever ago we were here together," She whispers. I nod and lock our fingers together. Driving down the road that lead to our houses was more nerve racking then I thought it was going to be.

  I pulled into Sydney's driveway so that we could greet her parents first since mine were out on their anniversary date tonight. "We're here," She lets out a sigh and looks over at me for comfort.

"Come on we haven't even made it inside yet.. I promise everything is going to go just as planned,"

  We got all of our luggage out of the trunk and walked up the doorstep. "You are ok, we are ok." I reassured her.

  If anything I knew that stress was for sure bad for the baby. I wrapped three times on the door, and after a couple of seconds a smiling Mr. Holland answers the door. 

  "There's my baby girl!" Sydney drops her bags by her sides and wraps up in his arms like it was the first time she had seen him in years.

  "I missed you so much daddy," Was all I made out from the many things she mumbled into his shirt.

  When they finally let go he addressed me, "Horan," He nods, smiling. He has always tried that intimidating dad kind of stuff, but it has never gotten to me because he is shit at it.

  "Well, no need in standing out here in the cold, come in!" Sydney pulls her coat closer tighter onto her body trying to keep warm.

  She is being quieter than normal, and it is scaring me. I know she is scared but she doesn't need to act like it. At least not right now.

  Mr. Holland helps me wheel the bags in and leaves them be by the stairs. Sydney grabs ahold of my arm, resting her head on it, and walks us over to the couch to sit down.

  "Hot chocolate? Just trying to get into the Christmas spirit a bit," He walks over with a platter full of hot chocolate mugs.

  "Thanks dad," Sydney eagerly takes the warm treat and gulps it down as if it wasn't hot.

  "Slow baby," I warn her. She shrugs, "I was craving it so bad!" Sydney whispers following along a giggle. I have found her cravings to be absolutely crazy. When she asked for two cups full of ice at the restaurant we stopped at on the way here I knew that it was just some weird first trimester craving.

  After sitting in front of the fire for long enough watching football, and having to fix Sydney another cup of hot chocolate, we decided to call it a night.

  "Goodnight daddy see you in the morning," Sydney stood on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek and then followed me upstairs.

  "Ugh I am so exhausted." She groans plopping down on her bed. "Well you did have to full cups of hot chocolate look at that belly!" She gapes.

  "Niall Horan are you calling me fat?"

  "Maaaaaybe," I tease. Her eyebrows furrow together in the cutest way and her mouth falls open. "I..I mean no," I scoff, "That is just our baby in there getting bigger and bigger each day,"

  That frown turns into a smile, and I have won her over. "Go to bed loser," She laughs.

  "Undress me?" I poke out my lip and cock my head to the side, winning her over once more.

  She takes off my shirt and pants for me and I slip into bed with just my boxers on. Sydney undresses herself next, and looking at the angle she is standing in her baby bump has gotten slightly bigger.

  She tiredly pulls off her shirt and pants and slips on one of my t-shirts. I pat the empty spot beside me and she slides under the covers tangling our limbs together almost instantly.

  I pull her as close to me as she can possibly get until the bump gets in the way and is now touching my stomach as well. Our baby is snuggled in-between its mummy and daddy, and it is the best feeling. A sense of security comes over me and Sydney and I fall asleep in each others arms, me protecting both of my babies.

Sydneys POV

  I wake up in the middle of the night tangled up in Niall all hot and sweaty. His breathing is steady signaling I have yet to wake him up, and I hope to keep it that way. I sigh forcing myself to get up and get a cup of ice. It has been one of my many cravings recently, and I can not force myself to go a day without it.

  Just thinking of the hot chocolate I had earlier and how hot I am now makes me want something cold even more. I pad into the kitchen and quietly open the freezer, instead of using the ice dispenser, and fill a huge cup full of ice.

  Opening the cupboard was just as much of a mistake as getting up to get ice. In there filled tons of sweets that I knew were a bad idea to even try to eat this late at night. I have never once in my life craved pickles as much as I have now, and I set them down on the counter, along with 3 different boxes of cookie mix.

  I looked at the clock; one thirty. It would not hurt to make one batch and then save the rest for later, so that is what I was going to do.

  "What the hell?" Niall is sat with his arms crossed leaning on the doorframe chuckling at me.

  I slowly turn around with a pickle sitting in my mouth along with guilty written all over my face. "Um..I was craving?" I shrug trying not to make a big deal out of it. But when I really looked at what I had done, I did look crazy.

  "Baby, you can not just come in the kitchen at two in the morning and pull every thing edible out of the cupboard to try and eat!" Niall was full on laughing at me now.

  "Well you try being pregnant Niall!" I whisper yell at him and pout afterwards.

  He sighs and walks over to me, "And since when do you like pickles..?"

  "Since this little peanut inside of me decides to make my hormones crazy all of the time and fuck up my eating along with it!" I giggle.

  "Weeell then, while we are at it, why don't we just make some cookies for the hell of it," He holds up a chocolate chip box and a christmas cookie box, "Mmm chocolate chip!" I practically drool.

  "Girls and their chocolate," He shakes his head.


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