So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


14. ❥Learning More

  Once I got off of the phone with Niall I decided it would be best to get ready for the day and see what it brings.

  I picked my outfit out which consisted of my favourite blue jean shorts, an ombre tank top, and my new sandals Niall got me from Forever 21 as his going away present.

  After getting dressed I took a look in the mirror and frowned when I saw my hair that looked like a rats nest! Just as I was about to get started on my hair and makeup a girl burst into my room.

  "Ok da-" She stopped mid sentence and nearly jumped out of her slippers when she saw me sitting on the hardwood floor in front of the mirror.

  "W-who are you?!" She said with her hand over her chest breathing heavily.

  "Sydney.. that must be your dad down there," I figured.

  "And that must be your mum," She replied.

  "Correct! So we're stepsisters. I don't have any siblings, so this should be fun." I said the last part to myself aloud then continued to do my makeup.

  "I was just coming in here to get some of my clothes that can't fit into my closet in my room. I wasn't informed we were going to be having guests sorry.." She apologized.

  "So that explains why there were jeans and shirts that definitely didn't look like anyone's I knew in that closet," I giggled, "They're still in there I just separated them from my things."

  "Oh ok well I'm just gonna grab some clothes.." She hesitantly came closer towards me slowly walking into the room.

  "Don't be shy I don't bite I mean unless you want me to," I joked.

  The girl laughed and went into her closet to pick out the clothes I was guessing she would be wearing for the day. But just before leaving she stopped at the door, "Hey Sydney?"

  I stopped putting on mascara and looked up at her, "Yes?"

  "Can you do my hair..? Yours looks really good!" She said admiring my Katniss braid.

  "Sure! I'll be in your room just after I finish my makeup." I replied smiling at her.

  She left shutting the door behind her. I was surprised to know that there was another girl in the house, and we seemed to get along pretty well so that was a plus. 




   I finished making myself up and went down the hall to her room just as I promised, and as soon as I walked in I was definitely in for a surprise.. well I kinda should've known, but she was for sure a Directioner!

  She didn't look like the type that would be in love with the best 5 boys on earth so that caught me by surprise. Wait until I tell her who my best friend is. I smirked just at the thought of it.

  "Hey girlie, you ready?" I smiled walking over to her vanity where she sat brushing out her matted hair.

  "Yep! I prepped myself up a bit," She giggled before handing me the brush so I could start on her hair.

  While finishing the brushing for her I asked her simple questions, "So I never got your name..?"

  "Oh sorry! You scared it out of me!" She laughed, "But my names Kodie."

  "I love that name! Its so.. you!" I felt stupid after saying that, but who could blame me? I was new at this kind of stuff!

  "And its pretty obvious that your a major 1D fan yeah?" I questioned although I for sure knew that answer.

  "Absolutely! They are so amazing and they've changed my life. I may only be 14, but its true! They've inspired me to keep going for my dreams no matter what happens."

  As soon as Kodie said that Niall immediately came to my mind. It made me proud that I knew him, and for a 14 year old to say that about a 20 year old made me realize just how big the boys were.

  "Well Kodie.. I think this is a coincidence," I egged on while finishing up her hair.

  "What? How?" She turned around in her chair to look up at me.

  "What if I told you I knew a special someone from One Direction?" Kodies eyes widened and she put her hand over her mouth shaking her head in disbelief.

  "N-no y-your lying!" She stammered.

  I took my phone from my pocket and scrolled though my contacts until I came upon his name, 'Nialler! :D' and showed it to her.

  "T-thats not r-r-real...."

  "Indeed it is my love!" I laughed at her reaction. "Here, hold the end of your braid while I go and grab a hair tie and my laptop so that we can Skype him and the boys! They're on tour and most likely still awake from jet lag so they should all be awake!" I smiled and left the room.

  I went into my room grabbed what I needed and went back into Kodies. She was still sat in the same position shaking her head with her hands still over her mouth.

  "C'mere Kodes," I said giving her a little nickname on the spot.

  I sat my laptop down on the edge of her bed and opened it up then clicked on Niall's Skype name and called him.

  "This is n-not real life no your joking he's not gonna answer theres some perv pretending to be him!!!" Kodie looked shocked her hands were shaking like mad.

  Seconds later it stopped ringing and Niall answered. His voice boomed though my laptop and I looked over at Kodie. She had tears in her eyes and I engulfed her into a big hug.

  "Don't cry! He's real!" I giggled rubbing her back to calm her down. Her heart was beating so fast I never thought a heart rate that quick was possible!

  "Syd whats going on?!" He smiled. "Hey Ni this is my sister.." It sounded weird just saying that, "Sister? What do you mean?"

  "Well, my step sister. We met this morning and she's a maajor fan if you can't already tell," I stroked her hair to try and calm her, but that didn't exactly work considering the tears kept coming.

  "Whats her name?" He mouthed. "Kodie," I mouthed back.

  "Hi Kodie you ok love?" He asked.

   Kodie tore out of my arms and instantly wiped her face, "YES OH MY GOD HI NIALL!" She squealed.

  "Where are the other boys?!" Kodie questioned.

  "I think they're back there playing Xbox," He pointed towards their game room on the tour bus.

  "C-could I say hi?" She asked.

  "Yeah hang on a minute," Niall got out of his bunk and carried his laptop to the back of the bus so that Kodie could see them.

  He was to sweet. "Boys," He tried interrupting their game. "Boys...." He started becoming impatient after they wouldn't take their eyes off of the game to acknowledge him.

  "BOYS!" Niall walked in front of the tele making Louis go crazy.

  "Oi! NIALL GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY LIAM'S GONNA SCORE ON ME!" He stood there blocking his view when Liam scored causing him to win and Louis to lose apparently for the 3rd time.

  "Guys, no cursing little ears over here!" I pointed at Kodie and covered her ears. That got their attention.

  "Syd!! Hey! We miss you! But you guys made me lose to liam.. for the third time.." He scolded.

  "Oh well you'll live!" I giggled. Same old Louis he hasn't changed a bit.

  "Boys, there's someone i'd like you to meet," Niall said that silencing the room.

  "This is Sydneys sister Kodie, and she's a massive fan!" Niall told them.

  I turned the computer on her and she blushed and waved as if she were the shyest person ever. "C'mon Kodes show them your room! Don't act all shy now!" I said tickling her sides a bit to help her overcome her sudden nervousness.

  "Hi Kodie! Don't be afraid we're just normal lads!" Harry chimed in. Next was Liam, "Hi babe how are you good?"

  "Y-yes thanks Liam. Oh my god Sydney this feels like a dream!" She wrapped me in a tight hug and thanked me over and over again.

  "Just wait until I tell daddy about this!" She squealed and ran out of her room in a blink of an eye.

  Thats when Niall sat the computer down and the lads came in view along with him to ask me questions I was expecting them to ask, "Since when do you have a sister?" Louis asked with a confused look on his face.

  "Correction she's my step-sister, but we're getting along so well already! If Niall hasn't already told you my mum got married a while back, and her dad brought her along." I said answering his question.

  "Aw that's so cute. Your great with kids Syd I thought you'd be the more stubborn and annoying type," Niall winked.

  "Gee, thanks Niall!"

  "So you're in America Syd? For how long?" Zayn asked.

  "Just a few more days. I'm down here until my mum goes off on some business trip again, then I go back home and get ready to register for Uni! I'm so excited." I said overjoyed.

  "Thats great.. I'm so proud of you love!" The boy's aww'ed and oohh'ed at Niall's attempt at a sentimental moment. I laughed and the boys told me that they were glad to meet Kodie, and goodnight because it'd been a long day.

  "Night boys!"

  "Goodmorning Sydney!" They all replied.


  ER MA GERD THIS IS SUCH A LONG CHAPTER THANK ME LATER! Anyway i really like how this one turned out!! Thank you so much for reading and don't forget to drop a comment, like, fan, and fav <33 love you guys to the moon and back :D x

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