So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


35. ❥It's Time

  My phone repeatedly vibrating had woken me up this morning. The mani texts I had gotten from Niall also reminded me that today was Christmas.

  I took my time getting up and ready for the nerve racking day Niall and I had ahead. Spilling the news we had in store for our parents would be a Christmas present they would never forget.

  I was eager to find out how Niall's stepdad would react, considering he hardly new him. If he were to for a second judge Niall I would jump down his throat and I'm past sure Niall would do the same for me. But as for our parents, it is going to be a whole different story.

  The reaction I was expecting from my dad would definitely be shock, disappointment, and many more variations of the same things. Considering the fact that I would always talk to him about how amazing college was, and that it was the best decision I could have ever made, I was expecting the worst.

  As I'm curling my hair in walks Niall. "Baby," He runs over and attacks me with a hug. I take in his scent and stay content in his arms.

  "You do know I'm sorry for yesterday, don't you?" I nod in response. He pulls out of the hug and smirks, "What?" I stifle a grin knowing he is laughing at my half curled half straight hair.

  I sit back on the ground in front of my mirror to finish my hair. Niall joins, sitting behind me. I lean into his chest to give my back support. "How did you sleep last night?" He asks while watching me do my hair.

  "Terrible." I say bluntly. "My back was killing me, and I just couldn't get comfortable," I pout.

  "Don't tell me that," He moves his hands down my waist lightly squeezing and massaging the skin as he goes. "I regret not sleeping over now." He moves my head to the side and peppers kisses all across my neck.

  "Hmm," I hum and sigh with my eyes closed. Niall has always known how to relieve me of stress, "If you keep this up I will never finish my hair," I smile.

  "Just trying to make up for my absence last night. I feel bad," He continues to slowly kiss and massage me moving his hands to my belly and running his hands over it.

  "It's getting so much bigger," He says, fascinated by how fast I've grown. "I know, I have a doctors appointment next week and the one after that we will be able to find out the gender of the baby," He smiles and lifts my shirt up, "Your belly button is the cutest thing ever babe!" He gapes.

  "Yeah, it starts to poke out as I get bigger," I find it funny that Niall is almost clueless when it comes to pregnancy, but yet he is always by my side. "I'm getting more and more familiar with everything. I even went out and bought a pregnancy book," He says obviously proud of himself.

  "Good job, baby!" I place my hand over his as he mindlessly traces random things into my belly. Silence overtakes my room for what feels like forever before Niall finally says something.

  "A..are you nervous at all?" He stutters. I answer with a nod and relax myself some more, not caring to think about what we will have to tell our parents in a mere twenty minutes or less.

  "Look," I hold out my shaking hands and laugh. Niall grabs ahold of them and softly rubs his thumbs up and down them. "Don't be," He kisses my knuckle and helps me stand up.

 Niall takes in my appearance and smiles down at me, "I hadn't noticed how beautiful you looked.. Merry Christmas to me." He twirls me around having my curls flowing with me.

  "You ready?" I place my hands on his chest, "As ready as I'll ever be." He kisses my forehead and leads me out of my room. Niall has also been just as cautious, when it came to me walking down the stairs, so he walked behind me holding my hips just in case 'I fell'.

  When we arrived downstairs my dad, Niall's parents, and.. Kodie? KODIE! "Oh my god!" I ran over and attacked her with the biggest hug yet. We hadn't seen each other in ages. I promised her the next time I would see her was Thanksgiving, but that never happened because the weather was bad and many flights had gotten delayed and or canceled.

  Laughter filled the room at my reaction to her actually sitting here right now. But that had to mean one thing.. my mum. Just as I pulled out of our hug in walked my mum with a couple suitcases and her boyfriend.

  Hopefully this wouldn't become to awkward considering my dad currently doesn't have a girlfriend. My mum and dad politely said hello to one another, and I was grateful that they could still have a proper conversation with out death glares, tension, and hatred fuming in the air.

  I turned around to Niall. He sat with his arms folded with the widest grin spread across his face, "You knew?! YOU KNEW!" I ran over and playfully slapped his arm. "Hey now," He raised his hands in defense. "I couldn't help but keep it from you. Look at how happy you are!" I engulfed him in a hug and whispered, "I love you, so much," Niall rubbed my back and I swear we sat like that for hours. I was so happy all thanks to him.

  "How about we get to opening some presents now!" Maura cheered. Niall and I ran over and sat in on the ground, in front of the tree, with Kodie, letting the adults take the couches. We sat for hours on end opening countless presents that I was forever grateful for. Getting to have both of my parents here for something so special, together or not, made me so happy. I couldn't ask for anything better than this.

  After opening countless presents from everyone it was time for our traditional Christmas dinner. It was going to be a little weird having everyone but Maura, my dad, and Niall here considering there were a bunch of new editions to the family.

  I was sat showing Kodie how to set up her new Macbook when Niall called me to the side, "Syd, can we talk for a minute?" My eyes widened and I immediately became concerned.

  What if he had to leave and go somewhere with the band today? What if he had interviews on top of interviews later? What if-

  "When are we going to tell them.." I let out a breath that I had been holding in and breathed in and out. "Is everything ok?" He asked worriedly looking into my eyes. He pulled my chin up to meet my gaze, but I just couldn't look at him.

  "You nearly gave me a heart attack, Niall. I thought you were about to tell me you had stuff to do with the band," He knitted his eyebrows together and looked at me in confusion,"On Christmas day? Never." I nodded.

  "I guess I am just a bit paranoid about everything," He pulled me close,"I'm so stressed out, Niall," I began to sob. This day had been going perfectly, why did my hormones have to come and screw it up for me?

  "Hey, hey, stop it," Niall wipes away the hot tears and helps calm me down. "Stop that right now. You are ok, we are ok." His hands run up and down my arms for comfort. "We don't even have to tell everyone today if you don't want to. If this is to much for you we will wait, and that's final. Either way they will all find out, and it doesn't have to be today, baby." He tells me.

  "No, it does. Keeping this from them is what is stressing me out. I already have so much on my plate, and I need to get it off. I'm just going to tell them at dinner."

  "Dinner?" Niall asks in disbelief. I knew he was thinking that that was the worst possible time. I was asking for my dad to choke on his food and go on a rampage. "Yes, dinner," My decision reminded me of the time Niall had to tell me that he would be leaving me until this day.

  "Are you positively sure that is what you want?" He asks just to reassure my decision once more, and I nod.

  "Ok then," He takes my hand and guides me into the kitchen. "Kodie, dinner!" Her dad calls. "Coming," She groans, obviously not interested in food at the moment.

  Everyone sits in silence, the only thing that can be heard are the forks that click onto the plates as someone picks up some food, and Kodie's smacking of course. I giggle and give her a wink.

  "So," She speaks up getting everyones attention. "I got the lead role in the Nutcracker, Sydney, and my play is after Christmas break, do you think you will be able to make it?" She asks with hope filling her eyes.

  I sigh and set down my fork giving her a small smile. "Hmm.. we will just have to see about that. What do you say Niall?" She gasps, "It's a possibility.." He says to her.

  "REALLY?" She gapes. We nod in unison and she jumps around in her chair. "Daddy did you hear it? Sydney and Niall might be able to come!" She sounds ecstatic I would hate to let her down.

  "Thank you guys, really. This is such a big deal to her, and I am going to be going out of town the day of the play, so she will be delighted to have you two come to watch her." Her dad says to us.

  "Oh, no problem. I'm sure we can make arrangements," Niall tells him. Afterwards it becomes quiet again, besides the adults talking about nonsense every once in a while. I grab Niall's hand under the table and slowly remove my napkin from my lap. 

  Niall gives me a reassuring nod knowing exactly what I am about to do. I clear my throat and stand up, "So, I," I stutter over my words, "Niall and I.. have something to say," Everyones attention is on us, but they're still casually eating, meaning they don't have a clue as to what I am about to spill.

  But once I meet my dads eyes everything changes. He sets down his fork and wipes his mouth with his napkin, "Go on," He instructs us.

  "I..I.." There is no going back now, "I'm pregnant,"


Sorry to leave you guys on a cliff hanger ;) x



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