So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


1. ❥How It All Started


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Sydney's POV

   I jogged back into my house from my morning run. It felt nice outside and you can never go wrong with a little run in the morning right? I took my ear buds out and sat my iPhone down on the counter. I went over to the fridge and opened it scanning for the orange juice. Once i laid eyes on it i picked up the carton and started gulping it down.

  "Syd What have i told you about drinking out of the carton? Get a cup!" My dad nagged at me. "Gah sorry dad!" I turned away rolling my eyes. "I'm going to Starbucks want anything?" I asked him.

  "No i'm good. I'm gonna be home late tonight so here's some money for dinner," he sat a 20 down on the counter. I sighed, "Ok Thanks." I grabbed my phone then ran upstairs to get a quick shower before leaving. 


  After my quick hot shower i jumped out and put some non-frizzing serum on my some what tamed hair. I threw on my bra and underwear then scrambled into my closet to pick out something comfy to wear for the day.

  I chose a Victorias Secret warm up suit then put my damp hair into a pony tail. I grabbed my phone and keys from my dresser then headed down the stairs. "DAD I'M LEAVING NOW!" I yelled standing with my hand on the doorknob.

  "Ok be careful!" He replied from upstairs. I left the house getting to Starbucks in no time thanks to barely any traffic. I walked in and ordered the usual. "Hello, can i get a medium cotton candy frappe with extra whipped cream please?" I asked the man with the name of Josh.

  "And your name please?" He politely asked. "Sydney," I replied. Josh wrote my name on the cup then left the front counter to go and make my frappe. I opened my Vera Bradley wristlet and pulled out a 10 i had folded in there. "Here you are," he handed it to me along with a straw. "Have a nice day!" I handed him the money and he gathered my change.

  "Thanks, you too!" As i was walking out of the building i tried putting my change back into my wristlet at the same time. Fail. I bumped into someone spilling my coffee all over my  sweats. "Shit!" i looked down at my now stained pink clothes. "Great.. this is just great!" I said throwing my hands up in the air.

Nialls POV

  "I am so sorry!"I trailed off when she started mumbling profanities. "Hellooo?" She waved her hands in front of my face knocking me from my daze. "Wha- what? Sorry i wasn't paying attention." i stammered.

"Well thats pretty obvio-" She paused mid sentence and knitted her eyebrows together. Great here it comes.. "Y-your Niall Horan!" i quickly covered my ears to block out the shrieking i was about to encounter. 

  "I wasn't going to scream," she giggled biting her lip. "Oh, thank god!" I put my hand on my chest and took a deep breath. "Well, i should leave now. This is embarrassing.." She said looking down at her wet clothes, then turned to walk away.

  "No! I-i mean wait here!" I ran into the building and grabbed some napkins for her. "Can i get a pen?" The cashier nodded and handed one over. i quickly scribbled my number down on one of them and then grabbed a couple more to give to her.

  I jogged back out into the parking lot, "Here you go," Then handed her the napkins panting from trying to hurry. "Thanks." she said barely above a whisper, and turned a crimson.

  "I'm gonna get goin' i should have been back with coffees for 4 grumpy boys by now!" i managed to get a laugh out of her. Atleast now i know she doesn't full on hate me! "Well i should get going as well. It was actually nice meeting you!" She smiled showing her pearly whites.

  "You too." she grabbed her keys from the ground then walked back to her car. I smiled at the sight of a normal fan (i guess) for once. If only i had have gotten her name right then.

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