So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


31. ❥Coming Close

"Good morning baby," Niall whispers moving tiny strands of hair from my face. "Ni," I whine, "It's to early."

"Stop being so grouchy and get up with me. Please?" He pokes out his lip and there's no way I can say no now. "What's gotten you into such a good mood? God knows you aren't a morning person." I giggle.

"Christmas is in two days which means we can tell our patents about the baby, start going baby shopping, and while doing so I get to show off my beautiful girlfriend," Niall moves my hair and kisses my neck.

"Don't you have somewhere to be today?" I tease. Niall nibbles on my tender skin causing me to moan.

"Niall, my hormones are so crazy," I pull at his hair as he continues to kiss my neck knowing what he is doing to me.

"Shh relax." I sigh in defeat and let him continue. His hands travel to my breasts and he moves on top of me leaving my neck and finding my lips.

I arch my back to give him better access to unclasp my bra and let it fall down my arms. I start to take my t-shirt off but Niall stops me.

"Don't," He grabs my wrists and pins them above my head. "My shirt looks so incredibly sexy on you and it is turning me on." He says in a low raspy morning voice.

I smile and follow his request to leave the shirt on while he lets go of my wrists and makes his way back to my breasts again.

They have definitely gotten bigger that's for sure. Niall slides his hands up my shirt and when his fingers come in contact with my skin I close my eyes and take in all of the pleasure that he is giving me.





Niall says sucking on me and stopping to say each word making a popping noise. He kisses down my stomach all the way to the lining of my panties, and I am soaked.

"You naughty girl already so wet for me," A moan comes deep from his throat as I gasp at the sudden contact his fingers give me through my underwear.

"N..Niall, stop teasing," I beg as he continuously runs one finger up and down me. "Please."

I have longed for him and with everything that has been going on we haven't gotten any alone time in a while.

"I have never tried this, but don't worry it is going to make you feel amazing babe." He says as he starts to take my panties off and my cheeks flush at his words.

Niall trying new things and experimenting with my body somehow turns me on even more which I didn't even know was possible.

I know he thinks I am fragile and doesn't want to hurt me so I'm not surprised that he came up with another way to pleasure me that we haven't tried before.

Before I know it his mouth comes in contact with me and my eyes flutter close at the distinctive feeling.

His tongue swirls around me and I pull at his hair. Niall looks up at me and smiles. "Open your eyes, look up at me," He orders.

I comply and once I meet his eyes I feel the pit of my stomach tighten and ride out my high.

Niall and I both try to catch out breaths as he wipes me clean with my underwear. "That..that was.." I am hardly able to speak after what Niall just did to me.

He smirks and climbs from between my legs and back up to cuddle with me. "But, but your hard." I bite my lip and whisper. I know I have nothing to be embarrassed about yet I act shy talking dirty to Niall.

"This was about you, not me. I could tell you needed it. You have been stressed so I knew it would be good for you to relieve some of it," He whispers.

"How about a shower then?" I turn over and smile at him. "Sounds good to me!" He chuckles picking me up bridal style and carrying me all the way to the bathroom.


"Okay, so two days until Christmas and I still haven't gotten anyone presents." I tell Niall as I look through a Toys R Us magazine for Kodie.

"I could just get the boys to sign a poster for Kodie instead of you buying a present. I doubt she will like some Barbie over a signed poster anyway," Niall chuckles and sets my tea down in front of me.

I flip him off and continue to look through the paper. "Hey, they're having a baby sale. All items 50% off throughout December!" I tell him.

"Before we start piling up on baby things we need to get you out of this dorm." I frown. Everything is happening so soon, and I am really gonna miss Shelby. Speaking of Shelby she doesn't even know that I am leaving soon.

"Not only that, but telling everyone first. Then we can go apartment finding and start the baby shopping," He smiles and I do my best to return it.

After Christmas break thank god the boys get three months off to go on Holidays, see family, and prepare for their third tour. But for Niall and I these three months are going to be filled with preparing for a baby and it is still surreal just thinking about it.


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