So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


17. ❥Big Day

~2 weeks later~

Sydneys POV

  "Syd wake up it's time to go and check in today!" My dad said coming into my room and loudly waking me up. I rolled over and took a glimpse at my alarm clock, and when I saw the time I groaned and rolled back over.

 "Daad its 7 in the morning! Registration doesn't start until 10!" I whined.

 "Yes, but its an hour and a half drive to Dublin, and I still have to find the University when we get there!" He acknowledged.

 "Ugh ok fine! Just let me get ready without you standing at the door to make sure i've gotten out of bed please?" I pleaded with him.

 "Fine, but when I come back up here in 15 minutes you better be ready! Breakfast is waiting on you downstairs by the way," He mentioned.

 "Ok, now leave!" I said throwing a pillow at him just before he could make it out of the room. I climbed out of bed and trudged over to my closet to pick out what I was going to wear for the day.

 I couldn't wait to send pictures to Niall of my new dorm, and roommate, not to mention all of the new people i'd meet. I wonder if they'd treat me normally not like 'the girl thats best friends with famous boy band member Niall Horan'.

  Although Niall and I had gotten treated normally sometimes it would be even better to go to a Uni where people treated he and I normally ALL of the time. Especially whenever he visited I know he'd love that.

  It would be nice for him to come down after a long time of being on tour and just chill out with me and my roommate.

  After picking out my outfit I went and took a quick shower considering I only had 15 minutes to get ready and be downstairs.

  Before going to eat I had my dad come and take a picture of me so I could send it to Niall, "Thanks dad!"

  "Welcome sweetie. You look wonderful and i'm sure Niall will think the same!" He said winking. I smiled and took my phone from him to send the picture.

   "Uni registration today! Missing you wish you were here to experience this with me!! Love you <3"








     Afterwards I joined my dad downstairs for breakfast. While we were eating Niall texted back, "Gorgeous love! So excited for you can't wait to come and visit! x" I smiled and my nerves were calmed a little knowing that Niall was just as excited for me as I was.

  Once I finished eating I grabbed my backpack with all of my registration information in it along with earphones, makeup just so I could touch myself up during the day, and snacks. Then we took off to a brand new chapter of my life.


New chapter!! I cant wait for the WWA Tour its going to be sick! My mom surprised me with section D tickets on Thanksgiving and since then i've been off the walls!! Thanks for reading my loves :D x Comment, like, fan, fav <333

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