So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


21. ❥Better Than Words

 Two. Two shows had now passed and I was expecting Niall any minute. Sadly I had classes today so I wasn't able to meet him anywhere whenever he landed in Dublin. Not only that, but I couldn't have my phone because we were having final exam testing today.

  I can't believe my first semester of college was already over! I've accomplished so much, and not only that I found out I made the deans list! My dad was beyond proud of me, and I knew when I told Niall he was going to be as well.

  I was sick and tired of telling him good news over the phone so I decided to wait to tell him in person, and luckily that would be today because I don't know how much longer I can take hiding this from him.

  I quickly finished my english exam, considering that was my second best subject, and turned my test in. Now it was time to wait. I sat tapping my pencil and shaking my foot waiting for the achingly slow time to pass already. 

  Not being able to have my phone was enough torture for one day! 

  "Mrs. Hathaway can Sydney Holland come to the front desk please?" The office lady said over the intercom. Usually when kids got called over the intercom it wasn't good so that lead to everyone lifting their eyes from their tests and watching me walk from the room in a scared state.

  I had not a clue as to what this was about! I had all A's, I made the deans list, I was on time to every single class. I couldn't even point out one mistake i'd made the semester.

  I slowly opened the door to the main entrance of the building and walked around the corner to the front desk when my eyes met him. Niall. He was physically here. Right in front of me.

  I covered my hand over my mouth and instantly started crying. I missed him much more than words could ever explain and now he was actually here again.

  "Don't cry baby girl! I'm here now!" Niall walked up to me and took me into the best hug i'd had in what felt like years. The feeling of being safe and secure in his arms I will never be able to explain.

  By standers walking to the bathroom or taking attendance to the front desk had stopped to watch all of the commotion I was making. I couldn't believe he was back, but not only that he surprised me!

  I stopped sobbing into his chest once he'd lifted my face and wiped away my happy tears. "Stop crying Sydney!" He chuckled at me.

  "You weren't answering your phone so this was the only way I could surprise you today!" Without saying a word I sat there wrapped in his arms not caring who was watching anymore.

  "I was taking a final exam. We couldn't have our phones." I mumbled into his chest.

  "Ah, I should have known. By the way I saw you made the deans list. Words cannot explain how proud of you I am."

  "How did you see that?!" I exclaimed. "I was waiting to tell you in person," I said frowning.

  "I was looking around the school and came across the honor students of the semester and found your name on the deans list!" He chuckled.

  "You've always been smart, and thats why I love you," Niall whispered, holding my face in his hands.


YAAAY! Sydney and Niall are reunited again!!! I love this chapter :) Comment,fan,fav,like!! <33

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