So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


11. ❥America Pt. 1

*A week later*

Sydneys POV

  I woke up the next morning with my dad cuddling me in his warm arms. Today was the last day i got to spend with him before my flight to America later on tonight so i wanted to do anything and everything with him. I shook him awake, "Daddy wake up, todays my last day and i'm in dire need of an amazing breakfast!" I said giggling afterwards.

  "Its morning already?" I said groggily, "Yes dad! You obviously lost last night!" I laughed. Last night we stayed up watching as many movies as we could to see who would go to sleep first. I obviously won meaning my dad was the loser this time.

  Every other time i'd always be so tired because I would occasionally go out with a couple of friends for the day and then have to go and see my mum the next day, but this time I was well rested and ready to win.

  "Alright, Alright I guess that deserves a nice breakfast before you leave me!" He joked.

  "Good. Now, chop chop! There better be chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream on the top and strawberries to top it all off when I get out of the shower!" I kidded.

  "So demanding aren't we?" I nodded and hugged him before getting up to prepare myself for the day that was ahead of me.


  "Chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream on the top and strawberries to top it all off for m'lady?"

 "Oh my gosh dad thank you so much! Your a lifesaver!" I quickly kissed and hugged him before sitting back down to eat my amazing breakfast.

 While doing so I decided to see what Niall was up to for today.

 "Hey! How are you guys?" Seconds later he replied meaning he wasn't to busy at the moment.

  "Great!! Just got done rehearsing for the show tonight. I'm so excited to be back in Ireland! Wish you could've made the show tonight.."

  I frowned, "I'm sorry Nialler.. you know i'm going to visit my mum today right?"

  "Oh yeah, I totally forgot. That's gonna be a hell of a flight to and from America!" He replied.

  "I know… i'm so not ready, but she just insists on seeing me before uni. :/"

  "Well, she is your mother, and at least she's trying to make an effort to see you yeah?"

  "I guess I could think about it that way. Any who guess what i'm having for breakfast this morning?!"

  "No.Way." I could just picture his face right now. Since the first time he's tried my dads chocolate chip pancakes he goes crazy whenever I have them without him.

  "Yes way!!"

  "You promised to never have them without me there with you! :("

  "Sowwie I couldn't resist!! I'm leaving my dad for a week and a half and i'm gonna miss his cooking as it is. I'm pretty sure your keen to that feeling just as well as I am!" Niall always complains about how much he misses home cooking and I don't blame him.

  I would hate to have to eat out so much, and to have to eat someone else's food but my families. Although my mum is my mum I never have her food on a regular basis so it's always been weird eating dinner with her.

  "I guess i'll let you slide this time! What time is your flight?" He asked.

  "In about an hour so I better let you go. Love you i'll call you when I land… or not because you'll most likely be sleeping." That's the one thing that's gonna suck about being in America. The huge time zone difference.

  I'm going to have to remember to call my dad and Niall way earlier than i'm used to obviously , and i'll most likely forget where I am and call them just as I'm waking up and they're going to sleep.

  I wasn't looking forward to this trip to America, but nonetheless I was still being forced to go.

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