So Close Yet So Far

"With all of the struggles and everything in between, I know we can overcome it all and prove anyone that ever doubted us, wrong."


34. ❥Almost There

Sydneys POV

  December twenty fourth. One day until Niall and I planned on telling everyone the big news. I continuously wondered if my dad could already tell. Only because he knew me like the back of his hand, and could always tell when something was not right with me, and or I was gaining or losing weight. 

  He only did those things because I have never really had a motherly figure in my life to do so, and I liked that he would ask if I needed tampons or Midol to stop cramping without being awkward about it.

  I drowsily opened my eyes not even remembering going back to bed last night, but I without a doubt felt ten times fatter than yesterday. I knew I had to gain weight, which was essentially a girls biggest fear, but it was apart of being pregnant, and it had to be done for the baby.

  From then on I promised myself to eat much healthier. I was going to tell Niall to keep me from eating junk food on top of junk food for snacks, and instead making me fruit smoothies or something of that sort which I started to crave just thinking about.

  I felt the emptiness in my bed without even having to feel around for him. Niall was not in bed and his spot was replaced with a cold sheet and pillow. I blinked adjusting my eyes to the sunlight before seeing a chicken scratched note to take his place telling me to text him when I woke up because he was going to be at his parents house.

Just as I had gotten out of the shower my phone buzzed. It was from Niall.

Good morning princess, you should be awake now, if not get your sexy ass up!  I smiled at my phone and hurriedly got dressed. 

I am awake! Stop harassing me ;)

Come over for breakfast? 

  I knew I smelt the breakfast that my dad cooked downstairs, and I had just gotten back yesterday, so I did not necessarily want to leave him.

  I carefully walked downstairs making sure not to accidentally skip a step and have a heart attack. "Morning daddy!"

  "Good morning baby girl. I made breakfast," He said as he flipped through the morning paper.

  "Well, I kind of wanted to go over to Niall's for breakfast..?" I asked more as a question than a statement.

  He scoffs, "Sydney, you just got back yesterday," 

  "I know, but they invited me.. We can do lunch?" He sighs. "Fine lunch, but just the two of us!" My dad pointed back and forth with his index finger.

  "Sure thing. Thanks daddy, love you," I kiss his cheek and walk to Nialls.

  Just as I expected they were having breakfast in their backyard on the deck. It was set up nicely though. Orange juice placed in the middle of the table, sausages, pancakes, and all kinds of fruits circled around it. Along with the neatly placed place mats.

  This was like pregnant girl heaven! But I knew I had to be orderly and show my manners.

  Mrs. Maura had not always been this way, but since she had gotten remarried her husband, Richard, had brought an entire knew list of 'rules' along with him.

  Niall must have quickly caught on to them because as I slid the door open there he sat with a napkin in his lap. I laughed at the thought of my boyfriend becoming that precise in the way he eats.

  Niall was the messiest and fastest eater I knew and I knew him having to calm it down a bit now was bothering him, but he didn't say anything because he has never been one to want to disappoint his mother. The boy did not have a filter on what he said thats for sure.

  "Sydney!" Maura placed her napkin on the table before sliding out of her seat to come and give me a squeezing hug. I was for sure my belly had gotten into the way and felt like a rock against hers, but I guess she hadn't noticed.

  Niall sat there tensed up, but as soon as she let go of me he let out a breath of air he was holding in.

  "Come on, grab a plate, and get as much food as you like," Maura walked back to her seat and sat down. I picked up a white plate and put one of everything on it. Niall was laughing at me oblivious to the fact that I could see him out of the corner of my eye.

  "Something funny?" I egged him on. If he wanted everyone to know I was pregnant now, fine with me. He shook his head and wiped his mouth with his napkin, "That's what I thought," I smiled at Richard before taking my seat.

  He didn't like me I could see it written all over his face. As he watched Niall and I act like little kids together I could tell he was one to get annoyed easily.

  "This looks delicious Maura!" I said, taking a bite out of the best Irish sausage. 

  "You can thank the boys. They got up extra early to prepare this amazing breakfast. Niall even came over to surprise us!" She patted Richards thigh and dabbed her mouth with the napkin.

  "That was sweet of you," I whispered. He leaned over and kissed my forehead.

  "So, Sydney what are you at college studying at the moment?" Richard asked.

  I was the tensed one now. I had forgotten all about college until he brought it up. Niall has done all he could for me not to worry and it worked until now. Until I couldn't come up with an answer for him because I just wasn't in the mood to talk about it knowing they would soon find out that I was not going to be going back to the University.

  "I..I um.." He looked at me questionably. "I think it is time for us to go. Thank you so much for everything. Love you mum," Niall threw his napkin down on the table and took my hand pulling me out of my seat making my napkin fall onto the ground. He kissed his mums cheek and then dragged me into the house.

  "What the hell was that?" He whispered closing the curtain that covered the sliding door so that they could not see inside.

  "What was what Niall? You dragging me inside just to scold me for not coming up with a decent answer for your mister perfect stepdad? Huh?" 

  He sighed, "I'm sorry."

  I put my head in my hands shaking my head. This was going to be harder than I thought. "No, you know what, I'm sorry. I am so sorry for screwing up your life Niall. I know how disappointed your mum is going to be in you, and I am sorry for that. I am sorry that I even got pregnant in the first place. I am such a dumb asshole who only thinks about herself!" I stomp my foot like a two year old would.

  "Stop it!" He grabs onto my wrists now.

  Tears threaten to spill from my eyes any moment. They are burning and I am fighting to hold them back but my hormones are saying other wise. I know that is what is causing me to act this way right now. My stupid fucked up hormones.

  "Don't you ever say that again." He says more softly this time, and I know he is serious.

  I wipe my eyes and calm myself down from my mini temper tantrum, and then go home.

  "How was breakfast?" My dad asks.


  "Where is Niall?" He pushes me for more answers as to why I am back home so early.

  "His house." I say in a monotone.

  "Told you you should have eaten breakfast here!" He sing songs while still flipping through that damned paper, and if I wasn't a crazy pregnant person at the moment I would have replied with more than a "Shut up dad" before going up to my room and locking myself inside.

  Tomorrow was the day and I just needed time to myself to sort all of this out before hand.


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